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Left 4 Dead
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    Replicates the clientside cheat z_boomer_gibs
    Old 05-07-2020 , 14:55   [L4D2]boomer_gibs_restore
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    Hello, this plugin replicates the clientside cheat z_boomer_gibs this is something i'v personally wanted to create for along time and is not as simple as you think .

    Demo is exaggerated.

    You can change max fleshy parts (not head or arms) editing "MAX_FLESH_PARTS" define and recompile.


    Dropped L4D1 support since only alternative method to push gibs causes a flash effect.
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    Last edited by Lux; 05-07-2020 at 20:48. Reason: uploaded wrong version duh
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    Old 05-07-2020 , 20:54   Re: [L4D2]boomer_gibs_restore
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    Updated bit more polish 1.0.2

    Added random amount of flesh chunks

    Gibs should be more consistent on a poor performing server.
    Reduced network overhead by using a more simple entity.
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    Old 05-07-2020 , 21:30   Re: [L4D2]boomer_gibs_restore
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    Boomer body effect?


    Last edited by login101; 05-07-2020 at 21:33.
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    Old 05-08-2020 , 17:14   Re: [L4D2]boomer_gibs_restore
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    Originally Posted by login101 View Post
    Boomer body effect?
    I do not understand is the effect missing?
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