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[TF2] Projectile Size

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Team Fortress 2
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    Projectile model size changer
    Old 02-17-2020 , 04:13   [TF2] Projectile Size
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    A simple plugin that changes the size of the projectiles your weapon launches (or sandvich medkits)


    sm_projectilesize_healthkits (default: 1)
    - Resize spawned health kits like sandviches

    sm_projectilesize_minsize (default: 0.01)
    - Minimum size ratio

    sm_projectilesize_maxsize (default: 500)
    - Maximum size ratio


    sm_ps [target] (ratio)
    - Sets the projectile size (no target applies to self)
    - Default access flag: b

    Note this only affects the model size and does not affect the collision box and thus is meant to be used to occasionally pester your players with huge models or gather curious players around tiny sandviches.
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    Old 02-19-2020 , 00:57   Re: [TF2] Projectile Size
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    Plugin works good!

    It's a challenge to drop a large sandwich without touching it.
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    Old 03-01-2020 , 18:40   Re: [TF2] Projectile Size
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    It actually increases the size of projectile's hitbox lol, I have a lot of fun surprising people on my server. Good work!
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