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[TF2] Frontline Respawns

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Tom Fyuri
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    Spectate ally, press E, respawn. That simple!
    Old 08-31-2019 , 06:36   [TF2] Frontline Respawns
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    This plugin allows you to respawn not just in a spawn room, but on any ally, that is undamaged or unhurt for about at least 3 seconds (~3-4). However, if your entire team is wiped out, you have to wait about 15 seconds (default time, there is convar for that one).
    This in turn makes following points:
    • You must have at least 2 persons in teams at all times alive to respawn fast. Otherwise the team is punished for dying together.
    • There's a sound effect played every time front-line respawn is utilized. If you hear it right around a corner and you know it's not your allies there, brace yourself.
    • If you are seen by the enemy, you can't spawn allies for a short amount of time.
    • A disguised spy can't spawn allies, for that matter it also denies enemy front-line spawns just as well by being in line of sight.
    • A sentry gun is the only engineer building that denies frontline spawning for the enemy as well.
    • If you get hurt by the enemy (not self inflicted damage) you can't spawn allies for a short amount of time.
    • Lastly, if you don't care where to spawn but any ally will do, just say !respawn once and it will toggle that option for you. Otherwise spectate ally and press E (Medic!), and it will tell you, if it's not okay to respawn there or spawn you right away. Also dispenser counts as ally player, so it is valid spawn point.

    I play tested this with 24 bots. I had quite an amount of situations where I felt like in circus and ~10 clowns could exit a car at any moment. (by car I mean the enemy bot who turned around the corner and left my line of sight for 3 seconds, heh)
    In ctf_2fort I had a moment or two, where I killed about 70 enemies in one place by having a medic heal me and picking up ammunition from dead enemies. The swarm is real.
    I recommend installing a plugin that restricts suicide (because as long as allies are nearby, losing ammo or health is not an issue that much). And maybe one to have engineers build multiple buildings, because turtling is much less useful and is a lot harder, depending on player count. Teleports itself are near useless with this. You might also want to either disable freeze cam or shorten the time out of it, so players may immediately proceed to select nearest ally to spawn at.

    This is basically proof of concept. I scripted this in about 2 hours just by looking at about other 3-4 plugins on this forum.
    Because of the nature of this plugin, it may naturally conflict with any other respawn management system, so if you enable this one, disable the other ones.

    sm_fr_enabled - Default 0 - Respawn disabled/enabled cvar.
    sm_fr_time_red - Default 15.0 - Respawn time for Red team.
    sm_fr_time_blue - Default 15.0 - Respawn time for Blue team.

    1. frontline_respawns.smx goes to addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.
    2. extract archive contents to tf folder, it doesn't replace anything, but adds resources this plugin currently utilizes.
    3. change map (or load plugin) and sm_fr_enabled 1, have fun.

    Current Issues/Notes:
    • I personally don't like that you can suicide and get fresh health and ammo. But I'm not sure how to prevent that.
    • With this plugin sometimes I feel like point capture times, if there are a lot of players, are ridiculous. No clue how to slow them down.
    • Naturally if there is less than 2 players in each team... this plugin doesn't exactly "work" with that right now.
    • Dispenser counts as ally player, however you will get stuck inside your own dispenser, I don't know how to solve that yet.
    • Also I might add more convars...

    0.0.1 - Literally first public version. Initial release so to say.

    Sadly I couldn't manage to play test this on normal server with actual amount of people. Guess I am 10 years too late for this game.
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    Old 10-08-2019 , 05:25   Re: [TF2] Frontline Respawns
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    Would it be possible to releases a working fast respawn plugin?

    old ones no longer work
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    Tom Fyuri
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    Old 10-08-2019 , 05:33   Re: [TF2] Frontline Respawns
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    Hmm, I thought this thread was dead on arrival.

    Considering I was pretty much inspired by at least two of the plugins you have linked. I'm surprised they don't work. Though maybe it has to do with certain maps?

    I have played Team Fortress 2 for about 1 day and I haven't found anyone to play with on non normal servers - I have instantly lost appeal to the game at all. You might have more luck with asking original authors of respective plugins.

    And just to be clear - this (my) plugin has a bit different goal from just respawning at your base - this is meant to respawn you near your allies on the front line.

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