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Double Chat in TF2?

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Old 08-13-2019 , 17:23   Double Chat in TF2?
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So, I'm extremely new to server owning. I've been trying to setup my first trade server and have finally seemed to get things working besides now I have double chat.

https://imgur.com/a/TdQz561 is a screenshot of the issue. I can't seem to link it down to anything either.

Here's a list of my active plugins on the server,
01 "Basic Chat" ( by AlliedModders LLC
02 "Admin Menu" ( by AlliedModders LLC
03 "Simple AllTalk Manager" (1.4.$Rev: 22 $) by Simple Plugins
04 "Basic Comm Control" ( by AlliedModders LLC
05 "Client Preferences" ( by AlliedModders LLC
06 "CallAdmin" (0.1. by Impact, dordnung
07 "Simple Chat Responses" (1.0.0) by Simple Plugins
08 "[TF2] TF2Attributes" (1.2.1) by FlaminSarge
09 "Simple Chat Processor" (1.0.2) by Simple Plugins
10 "Nextmap" ( by AlliedModders LLC
11 "Basic Ban Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
12 "Simple AutoScrambler" (0.1.$Rev: 121 $) by Simple Plugins
13 "Reserved Slots" ( by AlliedModders LLC
14 <Failed> "Simple Donation Benefits" (1.0.$Revision: 9 $) by Antithasys
15 <Failed> "Simple Spectate" (1.2.1.$Rev: 70 $) by Simple Plugins
16 "Simple Chat Me" (1.0.0) by Simple Plugins
17 "Basic Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
18 "[TF2] Thirdperson" (2.1.0) by DarthNinja
19 "Fun Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
20 "Admin Help" ( by AlliedModders LLC
21 "Simple Message Suppression" (1.1.$Rev: 19 $) by FlyingMongoose, psychonic
22 "Simple Plugins Core Plugin" (1.1.$Rev: 58 $) by Simple Plugins
23 "Player Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
24 "Simple Chat Colors" (1.3.0) by Simple Plugins
25 "CallAdmin: Steam module" (0.1. by Impact, dordnung
26 "Basic Info Triggers" ( by AlliedModders LLC
27 "Sound Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
28 "Simple Round Immunity" (1.1.$Rev: 4 $) by Simple Plugins
29 "Fun Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
30 "Simple Chat Filter" (1.0.1) by Simple Plugins
31 "Admin File Reader" ( by AlliedModders LLC
32 "Simple Chat All Dead" (0.1.$Rev: 175 $) by Simple Plugins
33 "Basic Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
34 "Resize Players" (1.5.1) by 11530

Any help would be appreciated!
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Old 08-13-2019 , 19:01   Re: Double Chat in TF2?
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Well, the most likely culprit would be Simple Chat Processor, which is pretty old at this point. Simple Chat Processor Redux might fix this issue... not sure.

Edit: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...&postcount=413 has the actual downloads for Redux.
Am I back? Well, we'll see.

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