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[CS:GO] Zombie Swarm + GunXP + Flags

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    Old 04-14-2019 , 16:28   [CS:GO] Zombie Swarm + GunXP + Flags
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    Zombie Swarm

    Original author xbatista (https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=35716)

    GitHub information

    Zombie Swarm Description
    Game is usually runs on DE, CS maps (E.G.: de_dust2) or maybe someone wants to make custom maps for it with zs_ prefix? . Unlike other mods, this modification doesn’t have infection mod. Thats why kill or be killed. Play as team, on this gamemod teamwork is key. Zombies gets random classes with special abilities. Humans must to level up in order to get better weapons It is possible to get various upgrades from shop items but sacrificing your own weapon xp (typing command ul). When human dies he respawns in 30-60, so humans must to survive during that time, zombie respawns in few seconds. Classes pretty much like Left4Dead, it has tank who spawns over some time and is superior to other zombies, this is also key for zombies to win. Humans must survive until 0:00. This whole gamemode up to server owner creativity for example blockbuilder could be used to build custom map places. New classes and new gun unlock shop items makes server more lively.

    GunXp mod (recommended)
    Humans gain xp for killing zombies, winning a round. People starts with glocks or however server is configurated and climbs on levels which makes a bit addictable server. There are ideas to expand level system even more (like reset tiers and getting rewards for it like new zombie class). This part is good for having players something to do and keep progressing.

    Flags (optional)
    There is optional flag mod, where you capture the flag and trying to protect it from other team. Flags are optional and still needs to be tested

    Zombie swarm has currently these classes (pretty much Left4dead):

    Boomer – Explodes after death, makes some damage also blinds nearby humans.
    Classical zombie – No special abilities
    Fury (Tank) – Spawns after some time, this zombie is key to victory.
    Hunter –This zombie can make really crazy jumps
    Phantom – Possibility to make himself full invisible
    Smoker – Can drag person with his tongue. Makes smoke effect after death.

    Humans level up in order to get better weapon, get better upgrades. How do they get xp? Makes damage to zombies and gets some xp.

    Server commands
    !ul – Upgrades menu
    !guns – Reopens guns menu if closed by mistake
    !top10 – Can see top 10 players by level and xp
    !level – Can see own level and xp (edited)

    How to install
    Download latest version of Zombie Swarm, compile plugins you want, put them to addons/sourcemod/plugins/swarm. Rest of the package upload like it is packed.
    All plugins goes to /plugins/swarm
    For GunXP mod you need database add entry "gum" to databases.cfg (best if mysql)
    Check out the server.cfg we suggest for recommended gameplay https://github.com/Prefix/zombieswar...ter/server.cfg

    Where to download
    Download is on GitHub page (compile the source). If people grows interest in this modification I might make a build website.

    Thank you everyone who contribute to this modification:
    Original author xbatista (https://forums.alliedmods.net/member.php?u=35716)

    Discord server

    Keep up to date, get fast help on Discord: https://discord.gg/WYm8xhX

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    Old 04-14-2019 , 16:29   Re: [CS:GO] Zombie Swarm + GunXP + Flags
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    API for Developers
    Zombie Swarm - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Pr...ombieswarm.inc
    Gun Unlocks Mod (a.k.a. Gun XP Mod) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Pr...nclude/gum.inc
    [WIP] Gun Unlocks Mod (a.k.a. Gun XP Mod) SHOP https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Pr...e/gum_shop.inc
    Prestige (For GUM) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Pr...e/prestige.inc

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