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[L4D2]Arcade Edition[MOD]

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Left 4 Dead
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    Mod designed for experienced players! Old school campaigners will feel right at home!
    Old 02-28-2019 , 14:37   [L4D2]Arcade Edition[MOD]
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    The Ultimate Cooperative Campaign Experience
    The Ultimate Cooperative Campaign Experience

    Created in 2010 to make Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 campaign / coop more fun / challenging using www.sourcemod.net mods and plugins and VALVe convars.

    This is a great mod to play with your friends to pit their FPS mettle against a more dynamic / challenging A.I. Director, with stronger, faster, special infected.
    Demonstration here
    More videos here
    L4D2 Arcade Edition Full Download (latest version 10.15.20)
    L4D2 Arcade Edition 2021 Apocalypse Weapon & Character Skin Pack! (3.13.2021) Skins as seen from the Demo 2020 Video + new additions (Pistol, Desert Eagle, SPAS Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, & More!) (All credit goes to their respective creators.)
    Stripper:Source L4D2 Arcade Edition Maps Download (11.1.20)
    Right now only a Linux version is available (server side) but windows, linux, etc clients. can play it.
    Also, if you are having trouble finding a linux dedicated server provider to use this mod, http://www.eoreality.net/ is good and the one I use. <3
    Let me know if there are any bugs in the full download and I'll get to fixing it right away!
    Installation instructions in the zip file titled ReadME_InstallationGuide.txt

    Steam Group
    Feel free to join us and set your server up with the group if its using the l4d2 arcade modifications or if you want to try the mod with us!

    L4D2Arcade Mod Updates
    • Updated to be Compatible with L4D2 The Last Stand Update!!!
    • Added in SG552 and Steryr Scout to Special Infected death drop tables. Added in Thirdperson Shotgun Sound Fixes, Fixed l4d2 survivors not working on l4d1 maps, fixed characters switching models on map change.
    • Fixed AWP(Barrett M95) Skin to be Right-Handed instead of Left-Handed. In the "L4D2 Arcade Edition 2020 Apocalypse Weapon & Character Skin Pack!"
    • 11.6.2020 Changed SMG Silenced Skin to be a H&K UMP45 (Silenced SMG) Hi-Definition Skin, changed MP5 Skin to be a Hi-Definition MP5 Skin in the "L4D2 Arcade Edition 2020 Apocalypse Weapon & Character Skin Pack!"
    • 11.1.2020 Stripper:Source Download: All VALVe Campaigns except The Passing, and The Last Stand, have had their safe area spawns updated with AWP, Stery Scout, and SG552 Weapon Spawns, and 8 m60s and grenade launchers.
    • L4D2 Arcade Edition Coming Mod Updates & Additions: 6/26/2021
    • Improved A.I. Director
    • Special Infected Bot Spawner now works alongside A.I. Director allowing for more deployed Special Infected Bots in the game and if you can survive the onslaught the A.I. Director will pause the Bot Spawning when it enters the Relax Phase (doesnt happen in finales or panic events). And will resume the onslaught when it enters the Build Up Phase.

    • Left 4 Dead 2 Style Counter-Strike Esque Weapon Select Menu!
    • Now you can select any weapon in the entire game using the commands !spw and !ssw to select any primary or secondary weapon in the game of Left 4 Dead 2 once a round in the game!
    • All Left 4 Dead 2 Primary and Secondary Ranged Weapons Balanced to Tier 2 Level!
    • Now all Tier 2 Weapons are buffed and more aggressive and fill a role from one another - each weapon has varying / slight differences from another - play with your favorite! You can see the changes to each Tier 2 weapon and what role they fill here: L4D2 Arcade Edition MOTD
    • L4D2 Arcade Edition Demo 2021 #2 with Chet Faliszek from VALVe writer of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2! & some old friends i met back in the original Left 4 Dead!
    • + Fixes like Health Pack bug on map change & more! Latest features of the mod here: L4D2 Arcade Edition MOTD


    A good arcade setup for public / friend servers especially those that want a guide or gauge to properly have their adrenaline fueled server fun and loving:

    Recommend Easy or Normal difficulty, have Special infected at 4spawn at once, 8max (Maximum special infected allowed out at once) in the l4d2_autoIS config. Which is in the sourcemod folder in the cfg folder. The commands you want to edit are:

    l4d2_ais_limit "4" change 4 to 8 save the file.
    l4d2_ais_spawn_size "4" leave at 4.

    Also some useful commands if you are admin of the server:
    sm_qcvar l4d2_ais_spawn_size 4
    sm_qcvar l4d2_ais_limit 28
    sm_csc - change another players character.
    sm_addbot - adds a survivor bot that a player can gain control of.
    Basically you can set the spawn size from 1 - 28 or limit from 1 - 28. Very useful!
    Left 4 Dead 2 Arcade Edition main attraction modifications are found in the server.cfg file and in cfg folder sourcemod folder!
    Mod comes with lootdrop, character select menu, pro infected bot spawner, and more!
    Make sure you keep the server.cfg file intact as it houses most of the A.I. Director and Special Infected changes & modifications!

    l4d2_autoIS, l4d2csm00, are main cfg files you should check out to tune the mod to your liking after you set your server up!

    Useful commands for any player:
    sm_csm - change your players character from 1 - 8 Survivors!
    Bill, Zoey, Francis, Louis, Nick, Rochelle, Coach, Ellis!
    type !join in chat if you get stuck in spectator and you will take control of an available Survivor Bot! Type !join multiple times to cycle through available Survivor Bots if stuck in spectator!

    This mod scales well with all player skill levels feel free to play on Easy, Normal, Advanced, Expert Campaign or Realism mode! Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Also feel free to Add/Modify to your liking and show us your server with the mod running with your mods in addition going!

    Uses Stripper:Source to add on weapons, dynamic spawns, etc. to various campaigns throughout the game! All Tier 2 weapons and Grenade Launchers and M60s can be found on various campaigns in the game! Special Infected can drop items and weapons! I will update the Stripper Config files over time to finish adding in Tier 2 & 3 weapons / spawns / fixes / etc. to many campaigns to come!

    Some plugins source code like l4d2csm00 , l4d2_autoIS , l4d2_lootdrop, l4d2additemsbots are
    slightly modified from their original to be better tailored for the gameplay in this mod.

    Example, the L4d2_autoIS has removed the leap away feature from the Hunter in the source code so the hunter will STILL ALWAYS leap away as in the base game of left 4 dead 2 if it is shot
    when fast response is set to 1 or 0. With the leap away set to 0 in the source code it made the hunter way too easy to kill with fast response set to 1 when in addition it made smoker and boomer have no delay on their vomit and tongue attack on normal and easy difficulties, which was not modified.

    l4d2_lootdrop adds all weapons to the lootdrop table except a few CSS weapons, however it has the AWP in there you will need to give it dice roll number on the infected if you want to see it drop in the game. The rest of the CSS weapons associated with l4d2 can be manually added if you properly inspect the code in the game and put their name in the loot tables.

    l4d2additemsbots adds a simple bot spawner on command: sm_addbot and you can modify the entity counts of the items in game. Example: health packs are at 8 per stack and
    so is the standard melee spawn. Since this mod can go up to 8 players.
    l4d2csm00 is the old school csm except all 8 survivors are working with 0 problems under linux, and a admin command (sm_csc) to switch the model of another players character is in the plugin.

    Installation Guide:

    CFG files go into CFG folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg
    Server.cfg and Sourcemod folder with the .cfg files inside of it go into cfg folder as stated above.

    Metamod.vdf, Stripper, Sourcemod, Pounce_Damage_Uncap, Metamod, l4dtoolz, go into addons folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons

    Don't forget to add at least yourself to admin in sourcemod\configs admins_simple.ini

    Restart/Start your server after all files are uploaded.

    You are finished.

    Have Fun!

    Plugins used in this Mod:
    l4d_qcvartest (quiet convar changer)
    [L4D2] Hunter Pounce Damage
    [L4D & L4D2] Tongue Damage
    L4D2 Karma Charge
    L4D2 Weapon Cleaner
    Tools CvarList
    L4D2 Block Idle Exploit
    [L4D & L4D2] Survivor Bot Select
    [L4D2] Defib using Bots (Updated 06-24-2015)
    [L4D & L4D2]Witch fixes[Left 4 Fix]
    [L4D2] Survivor Animation Fix Pack
    [L4D/L4D2]ThirdPersonShoulder_Detect(1.5.3 - 08/06/2020)
    [L4D/L4D2] Thirdpersonshoulder Shotgun Sound Fix
    Experimental dynamic detour support
    [L4D & L4D2] Left 4 DHooks Direct (1.27) [05-Oct-2020]

    Server.cfg file
    Uber A.I. Director, Uber Special Infected, Infinite Ammo on Tier 1 & Tier 2 Weapons, No Friendly Fire, Better A.I. Survivors, & more!

    PHP Code:
    // Name of Server
    hostname "L4D2 Arcade Edition Public Server"

    // Server Entrance Password
    // sv_password ""
    rcon_password ""
    sv_rcon_banpenalty 60 // Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon authentication.
    sv_rcon_maxfailures 10 // Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned.
    sv_rcon_minfailures 5 // Number of times a user can fail rcon authentication in sv_rcon_minfailuretime before being banned.
    sv_rcon_minfailuretime 45 // Number of seconds to track failed rcon authentications.

    // General Settings Cvars
    sv_minrate 5000
    sv_maxrate 30000
    // these should reduce/eliminate Special Infected lag when they spawn in
    sm_cvar sv_maxupdaterate 100 
    sm_cvar sv_maxcmdrate 100 
    sm_cvar fps_max 150 
    sm_cvar net_splitpacket_maxrate 30000    
    // Set Value to: Tickrate * 1000
    sm_cvar net_maxcleartime 0.00001 //bypasses the rate limits
    sm_cvar net_splitrate 2
    // end
    sv_downloadurl ""
    sv_alltalk 0
    sv_pausable 0
    sv_cheats 0
    sv_consistency 1
    sv_voiceenable 1
    sv_pure 2
    sv_pure_kick_clients 1
    sv_lan 0
    sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

    // Server logging cvars
    log off
    sv_logbans 0
    sv_logecho 0
    sv_logfile 1
    sv_log_onefile 1
    log 0


    // sv_search_key - Server can be found via matchmaking, but only by people with a matching sv_search_key.

    // sv_search_key "L4DModTest1.0"

    // Region Codes: 0 - US East coast, 1 - US West coast, 2 - South America, 3 - Europe, 4 - Asia, 5 - Australia, 6 - Middle East, 7 - Africa, 255 - world

    // load ban files
    exec listip.cfg
    exec banned

    // Left4Dead2 Modification
    // A.I. Director

    sm_cvar z_common_limit 30
    sm_cvar z_mob_recharge_rate 0.015
    sm_cvar z_mega_mob_size 50
    sm_cvar z_mega_mob_spawn_min_interval 5
    sm_cvar z_mega_mob_spawn_max_interval 180
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_min_size 10
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_max_size 30
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_min_interval_easy 5
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_max_interval_easy 60
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_min_interval_normal 5
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_max_interval_normal 60
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_min_interval_hard 5
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_max_interval_hard 60
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_min_interval_expert 5
    sm_cvar z_mob_spawn_max_interval_expert 60
    sm_cvar z_spawn_mobs_behind_chance 50
    sm_cvar director_intensity_relax_allow_wanderers_threshold 0.8
    sm_cvar director_intensity_relax_allow_wanderers_threshold_hard 0.8
    sm_cvar director_special_initial_spawn_delay_min 1
    sm_cvar director_special_initial_spawn_delay_max 2
    sm_cvar director_special_initial_spawn_delay_max_extra 3
    sm_cvar director_special_respawn_interval 1
    sm_cvar z_director_special_spawn_delay 1
    sm_cvar z_special_spawn_interval 1
    sm_cvar director_special_battlefield_respawn_interval 1
    sm_cvar director_build_up_min_interval 30
    sm_cvar director_relax_min_interval 60
    sm_cvar director_relax_max_interval 180
    sm_cvar director_relax_max_flow_travel 1500
    sm_cvar director_tank_bypass_max_flow_travel 100 
    sm_cvar director_intensity_threshold 1.0
    sm_cvar director_intensity_relax_threshold 1.0
    sm_cvar intensity_factor 0.12
    sm_cvar intensity_decay_time 15
    sm_cvar intensity_averaged_following_decay 10
    sm_cvar director_per_map_weapon_upgrade_chance 0.75
    // sm_cvar director_afk_timeout 15
    sm_cvar z_minion_limit 4

    // sm_cvar z_hunter_limit 1
    // sm_cvar z_smoker_limit 1
    // sm_cvar z_boomer_limit 1
    // sm_cvar z_jockey_limit 1
    // sm_cvar z_charger_limit 1
    // sm_cvar z_spitter_limit 1

    // Survivor Damage Modifiers

    sm_cvar z_non_head_damage_factor_easy 0.5
    sm_cvar z_non_head_damage_factor_normal 0.5
    sm_cvar z_non_head_damage_factor_hard 0.5
    sm_cvar z_non_head_damage_factor_expert 0.5

    // Survivor Reserve Ammunition

    sm_cvar ammo_smg_max -2
    sm_cvar ammo_assaultrifle_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_huntingrifle_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_sniperrifle_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_shotgun_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_autoshotgun_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_grenadelauncher_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_chainsaw_max 
    sm_cvar ammo_m60_max 

    // Grenade Launcher Friendly Fire Damage

    sm_cvar grenadelauncher_ff_scale 0.0
    sm_cvar grenadelauncher_ff_scale_self 0.0

    // Survivor Health, Accuracy, Friendly Fire Variables/Modifiers

    sm_cvar survivor_revive_health 39
    sm_cvar survivor_incapacitated_accuracy_penalty 0
    sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_easy 0
    sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_easy 0
    sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_normal 0
    sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_normal 0
    sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_hard 0
    sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_hard 0
    sm_cvar survivor_friendly_fire_factor_expert 0
    sm_cvar survivor_burn_factor_expert 0

    // Common Infected[All] Special Infected[lunge_push only]

    sm_cvar z_zombie_lunge_push 1
    sm_cvar z_hit_from_behind_factor 1.0
    sm_cvar z_hit_incap_factor_easy 1.0
    sm_cvar z_hit_incap_factor_normal 1.0
    sm_cvar z_hit_incap_factor_hard 1.0
    sm_cvar z_hit_incap_factor_expert 1.0

    // Tank Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_tank_throw_force 1000
    sm_cvar z_tank_speed 250
    sm_cvar z_tank_attack_interval 0.5
    sm_cvar tank_swing_interval 0.5
    sm_cvar tank_throw_aim_error 0
    // sm_cvar tank_throw_min_interval 5

    // Hunter Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_hunter_health 450
    sm_cvar z_hunter_lunge_distance 1500
    sm_cvar z_lunge_power 750
    sm_cvar z_lunge_interval 0
    sm_cvar z_lunge_cooldown 0
    sm_cvar hunter_leap_away_give_up_range 1000
    sm_cvar hunter_pounce_ready_range 0
    sm_cvar hunter_committed_attack_range 75
    sm_cvar hunter_pz_claw_dmg 10
    sm_cvar z_pounce_damage_delay 0
    sm_cvar z_pounce_crouch_delay 0
    sm_cvar z_pounce_damage_interrupt 0
    sm_cvar z_pounce_stumble_radius 100    
    // Jockey too
    sm_cvar z_pounce_shake_radius 100    // Jockey too
    sm_cvar z_pounce_shake_duration 1.5    // Jockey too
    sm_cvar z_pounce_stumble_force 5    // Jockey too
    sm_cvar z_pounce_shake_amplitude 4    // Jockey too
    sm_cvar z_max_hunter_pounce_stagger_duration 0.5
    sm_cvar z_pounce_damage_range_min 0
    sm_cvar z_pounce_damage_range_max 1000
    sm_cvar z_hunter_max_pounce_bonus_damage 30

    // Smoker Special Infected

    // sm_cvar Smoker_escape_range 0
    sm_cvar tongue_health 180
    sm_cvar tongue_break_from_damage_amount 180
    sm_cvar tongue_choke_damage_amount 5
    sm_cvar tongue_choke_damage_interval 0.5
    sm_cvar tongue_miss_delay 5
    sm_cvar tongue_hit_delay 5
    sm_cvar tongue_fly_speed 1500
    sm_cvar tongue_range 1500
    sm_cvar tongue_victim_max_speed 350
    sm_cvar tongue_allow_voluntary_release 1

    // Boomer Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_vomit_velocity 3400
    sm_cvar z_vomit_range 600
    sm_cvar z_vomit_target_range 600
    sm_cvar z_vomit_maxdamagedist 650.0
    sm_cvar z_vomit_interval 3

    // Spitter Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_spitter_range 1500
    sm_cvar z_spit_range 1500
    sm_cvar z_spit_velocity 1500
    sm_cvar z_spit_interval 0

    // Charger Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_charge_interval 0

    // Jockey Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_leap_power 800
    sm_cvar z_leap_interval 0.5
    sm_cvar z_leap_max_distance 1500.0
    sm_cvar z_leap_interval_post_incap 0.5
    sm_cvar z_leap_interval_post_ride 0.5
    sm_cvar z_jockey_ride_damage_delay 0
    sm_cvar z_jockey_leap_range 1500
    sm_cvar z_jockey_leap_time 0.5
    sm_cvar z_jockey_leap_again_timer 0.5

    // Witch Special Infected

    sm_cvar z_witch_wander_hear_radius 400
    sm_cvar z_witch_flashlight_range 800
    sm_cvar z_witch_allow_change_victim 1
    sm_cvar z_witch_anger_rate 1.0
    sm_cvar z_witch_wander_personal_time 1
    // sm_cvar z_witch_always_kills 1

    // Survivor A.I.

    sm_cvar sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_normal 0
    sm_cvar sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_hard 0
    sm_cvar sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_expert 0
    sm_cvar sb_friend_immobilized_reaction_time_vs 0
    sm_cvar sb_separation_range 100
    sm_cvar sb_separation_danger_min_range 75
    sm_cvar sb_separation_danger_max_range 100
    sm_cvar sb_battlestation_give_up_range_from_human 75
    sm_cvar sb_max_battlestation_range_from_human 100
    sm_cvar sb_max_team_melee_weapons 3
    sm_cvar sb_max_scavenge_separation 500
    // sm_cvar sv_allow_votes 0
    sm_cvar l4d2_wu_awp 1
    sm_cvar l4d2_wu_mp5 1
    sm_cvar l4d2_wu_scout 1
    sm_cvar l4d2_wu_sg552 1
    sm_cvar l4d2_wu_awpboost 485
    sm_cvar l4d2_wu_scoutboost 335
    sm_cvar l4d_splash_damage_damage 30
    sm_cvar l4d_splash_damage_notification 0
    sm_cvar l4d_splash_damage_radius 165
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_allowgrenadereplenish 1
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_allowm60replenish 0
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_assaultammo 
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_autoshotgunammo 
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_explosiveammomulti 2
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_grenadelauncherammo 90
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_huntingrifleammo 
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_incendammomulti 2
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_m60ammo 150
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_shotgunammo 
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_smgammo 
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_sniperrifleammo 
    sm_cvar l4d2_guncontrol_turnGLintoM60chance 0
    // sm_cvar vb_changealltalk z
    // sm_cvar vb_changechapter z
    // sm_cvar vb_changedifficulty z
    // sm_cvar vb_changemission z
    // sm_cvar vb_kick z
    // sm_cvar vb_restartchapter z
    // sm_cvar vb_returntolobby z
    // sm_cvar vb_spectatorvote z
    sm_cvar sv_maxplayers 8
    sm_cvar survivor_limit 8

    sv_removehumanlimit 1
    sv_unlock_sb_add 1
    sv_force_unreserved 1 
    Report any problems/bugs/broken links here and I will see if I can fix it ASAP! Or email me at [email protected]
    All credit goes to their respective plugin creators.

    Have Fun!!!!!

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    Old 03-01-2019 , 07:25   Re: [L4D2]Arcade Edition[MOD]
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    I hate to be "that guy," but this should be a tutorial rather than a plugin release. You're not releasing anything new nor standalone. The zip file contains plugins and extensions of other people with modified config files and custom commands, and you don't even seem to mention/credit those people. I don't really see any indication of your own plugins/extensions in any of the folders.

    I don't mean to come off as rude, but it really would make more sense to make this a tutorial instead since it just comprises of file/config modifications.
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    As said above you shouldn't be releasing with sourcemod and metamod packaged, there are compiled plugins without the source code, stock plugins from sourcemod etc.

    I'd suggest writing the post like a tutorial linking to the plugins, showing the configs/setting changes.

    From a security standpoint I wouldn't trust any of the compiled binaries .DLL/.SO/.SMX.
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    Old 03-01-2019 , 11:12   Re: [L4D2]Arcade Edition[MOD]
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    Roger I'll see if I still can recover the source code. Also is that the only problem you guys have with this? I'm not taking credit for their plugins I've been using this for years and it's a good campaign mod. Did you watch the demo video? This is for people who wanted to try a campaign mod. You can modify the Special Infected and Common Infected in the server.cfg file. The A.I. Director in the server.cfg file, and much more in the server.cfg file. You don't have to tamper with the source code to make the mod work. It's really well done. I've had it for 9 years. All credit goes to their respective plugin creators. Also like I said I will try and recover more of the Source code but I might not have all of it as I put this mod together over 9 years ago then I would play it with friends and update as necessary and try new things to see what works best for a good campaign experience.

    However if that was the only issue and u are interested in this mod I suggest you watch the video and see if you want to install it on your server to give it a shot. Hint: if you are in a rushing team put Special Infected to 1 Special Infected per survivor so that would be 4 Special Infected if you have 4 players with atleast +2 +3 or +4 on l4d2_ais_limit so that would be 6 7 or 8 for a good challenge. If you are playing normally put Special Infected to 4 if on 4 player team in l4d2_ais_spawn_size 4 and l4d2_ais_limit 4.

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    The issue is simply how it's packaged, I think the rules on alliedmods state you shouldn't post the whole sourcemod/metamod installation and .smx without the source code. Full copy paste installations like this never work right from my experience (talking about backing up my previous servers and restoring) and public ones well I would never trust them anyway. Nothing against you, just my two cents.
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    Originally Posted by Silvers View Post
    The issue is simply how it's packaged, I think the rules on alliedmods state you shouldn't post the whole sourcemod/metamod installation and .smx without the source code. Full copy paste installations like this never work right from my experience (talking about backing up my previous servers and restoring) and public ones well I would never trust them anyway. Nothing against you, just my two cents.
    Ah, I'll see how much source code I can recover, I don't have all the source code for all the files though, as the mod as a whole is quite old. I hope that isn't an issue though and gets the thread deleted. As the mod is quite good, you can still find most of the plugins the mod uses on this website (sourcemod.net) however thank you for the tips as it will only make the mod better in the long run!
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    I mean, you shouldn't post the sourcemod/metamod install whatsoever, just the 3rd party plugins and their source code, not the sourcemod plugins.

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    OK I will get all of the source code, If I can't get all of the source code I will let you know. Give me some time though. Thx for the input.
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    Originally Posted by Silvers View Post
    I mean, you shouldn't post the sourcemod/metamod install whatsoever, just the 3rd party plugins and their source code, not the sourcemod plugins.
    **UPDATE** Ok all the Source Code for the plugins is in there and base mods to get what you see in the videos, is working on servers you upload to is available! In addition to a full download from the first download link, to upload the entire l4d2arcade mod playable server is also available with a better set up layout for installing! all source files except qcvartest and cvartest and precacher is available! As I couldn't find the source files for those sorry! But i'm sure they are around www.sourcemod.net somewhere if the source is really that important for those files! They are minor so you shouldn't notice anything as I didn't modify their source. One is a quiet convar changer sm_qcvar instead of just sm_cvar where you see the text printed on your screen. Also cvartest was I believe something that revealed all hidden cvars in the console like if you typed in their name they are no longer hidden. You would have to dig around for it on www.sourcemod.net for its source sorry! Precacher precaches a lot of things so the game doesn't crash on map load. That is all! Let me know if you have any more problems with this set up! Or any questions! Thank you for your time!

    Also I post all that stuff cause its like an actual whole new game to play not really just little plugins to enhance something - its a bunch of plugins and cvar changes to A.I. Director S.I. Survivor, Weapons, Friendly Fire, etc. to make a badazz campaign experience on a whole new level, compared to old campaign - it goes from boring slow standard campaign to arcadey fast paced fun/exhilerating/intense campaign! Hopefully nothing else is the problem! But like I said, if there is, I will fix it right away! So let me know! Peace!
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    You need to tidy this up if you want to distribute it, you need the source corresponding source code for everything GPL-licensed you're distributing. As was suggested before, you should instead link to the existing release threads of the various plugins/extensions you require. If you get this into a state where it isn't a massive pile of copyright violations you can report it for re-approval.
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