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[TF2]TFGO Nades 29/12/2018

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Fun Stuff
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Team Fortress 2
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    decoy , flash, smoke nade using special attack key a nice simulation of nades from csgo
    Old 12-29-2018 , 09:06   [TF2]TFGO Nades 29/12/2018
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    [TF2]TFGO Nades


    Using Special attack button (attack3 by default) you can shoot decoy , flash, smoke nades based on weapon slot like:
    Primary Slot = Decoy Nade
    Secondary Slot = Flash Nade
    Melee Slot = Smoke Nade

    TFGO_enabled 1 Def 1 "Enable TFGO nades?"
    TFGO_smoke_color_mode 0 Def 0, 0 grey, 1 random, 2 teamcolor
    TFGO_ammo 6 Def 6 , number of TFGONades aviable
    TFGO_dist 1000.0 def 1000.0, Distance from Flashbang to get flashed

    Dependencies :
    TF2ITEMS MAIN https://builds.limetech.org/?p=tf2items

    Change Logs:

    Version 1.0 initial release

    Minibombs script
    Attached Files
    File Type: smx tfgo_nades.smx (14.9 KB, 139 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (tfgo_nades.sp - 155 views - 18.6 KB)

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