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[TF2] Golden Ages - Old Stats

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Team Fortress 2
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Play with a weapon's best older stats!
Old 12-28-2018 , 16:14   [TF2] Golden Ages - Old Stats
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It's time to clean the dust out from your old Strange Cleaver you used to combo with the Sandman, because it's handy again!
This plugin attempts to revert old weapon stats that were usually considered better or just more balanced in the past, includes a total of 27 weapons changed for now, here's the weapon list and it's respective versions: Link
You can also check the stats of your equipped weapons with !checkstats, have fun!

sm_ga_version - Plugin version, don't change it.
sm_ga_enabled - Toggle Golden Ages. 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.
sm_ga_gamedesc - Toggle auto-setting game description to "[TF2] Golden Ages v(version)". 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.
sm_ga_updater - Toggle Auto-updating. 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.

sm_ga_enable - Enables the plugin, automatically set to ADMFLAG_CONVARS.
sm_ga_disable - Disables the plugin, automatically set to ADMFLAG_CONVARS.
sm_checkstats - Opens a menu that displays the changes made in your currently equipped weapons.

1. Install TF2Items and TF2Attributes
OPTIONAL: Install Updater if you want the plugin to Auto-update

2. Extract the zip file in the folder of your server

3. Restart your server

4. Enjoy!

Me for the plugin
My friend Coronel RedGuard, to put this plugin on his server for a betatest.
The respective authors of some small code pieces i ripped (Game Description and Sandman-Stun Particles)

To Do:
- Improve compatibility with other Gamemodes (x10, Randomizer, VSH)
- Add More weapons
- Make a Config file where you can set which version of the weapon should be used
- Make a Command (and a Cvar to enable it) where you can choose to either stay with the original weapons or if your weapons are gonna change (?)

Github or the Attached file


Thank you for checking out my plugin and i hope you like it! Please make suggestions on how could i improve it or tell me about bugs.
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Old 02-23-2023 , 10:27   Re: [TF2] Golden Ages - Old Stats
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Someone please, finish this. I love how OP brought back the set bonus effect for the Saharan Spy set. Would love to see the rest like Scout's Milkman +25 hp bonus.

A bug i noticed: When going to the resupply locker after drinking the Crit-a-cola, the speed buff goes away but not the mini-crit buff. So it stays with the Scout seemingly forever.

This is quite unique from the reverts plugin because it brings back the release version of Baby face's blaster, while the other only reverts it to the pre-gunmettle stats (no boost loss on damage, only -25% on jump).
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