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[TF2] Simple Jetpack

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Fun Stuff
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Team Fortress 2
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    A simplistic Jetpack plugin
    Old 10-19-2018 , 23:05   [TF2] Simple Jetpack
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    Small Note: This is my first plugin and unfortunately i don't know how to code on new syntax.

    A very simplistic jetpack plugin i made in 2 and a half hours as my first plugin to be released.
    When enabled, press SPACE for flying.

    sm_jetpack_version - Plugin Version.
    sm_jetpack_enabled - Defines if the plugin is enabled, default: 1
    sm_jetpack_soundfile - The sound file of the jetpack, default: "ambient/sawblade.wav".
    sm_jetpack_fallspeed - Falling speed, the higher the value, the faster you will fall, default: 3.0
    sm_jetpack_jumpheight - Jetpack force/jumping height value, the higher the value, the higher it goes, default: 4.0
    sm_jetpack_downlimit - Limits the falling speed while jetpack is active, default: 150.0
    sm_jetpack_soundvolume - Volume of the Jetpack sounds, default: 0.3
    sm_jetpack_soundpitch - Pitch of the Jetpack sounds, default: 140
    sm_jetpack_particle - Spawns a Teleporter Glow particle while flying, default: 1
    sm_jetpack_disableondeath- Disables Jetpack on Death, default: 1

    sm_jetpack - Opens Jetpack menu.
    +jetpack - Jetpack Trigger (Enable).
    -jetpack - Jetpack Trigger (Disable).


    * Requires More Colors

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    File Type: smx simple-jetpack.smx (15.3 KB, 360 views)

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    Old 10-20-2018 , 02:52   Re: [TF2] Simple Jetpack
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    Nice release!
    Over-engineering is underrated.


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    Old 11-01-2018 , 10:40   Re: [TF2] Simple Jetpack
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    Ok, this is probably the last update (Until someone finds a problem on it or make a suggestion).
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    Old 11-01-2018 , 12:15   Re: [TF2] Simple Jetpack
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    Works good!

    A fantastic map to use this on is my favorite map called pl_freeupward (link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=1181402542 ). The map is a remake of Upward with very high ceilings and most of the invisible walls removed. It's a great map to use with super jumping, Uber Upgrades, or this jetpack plugin.
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