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Empires Zombie MOD

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    Empires Zombie MOD
    Old 03-28-2018 , 01:34   Empires Zombie MOD
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    Empires Zombie MOD How to Play

    Objective same as before- kill Enemy CV

    NF (AKA ZOMBIES)advantages Zero ticket loss - as using !zme (emp_sv_debug_reviveself in console for now as dev disabled server side binding) can spawn right away on the spot to kill BE
    NF disadvantage Zombies cant build anything except eng turrents
    NF Has no com so has to defend ""main"" CV spot aka zomibe hive (barrack to change class one its lose you are stuck as is)

    BE you got 200 sec or less to have a plan RUSH TANKS and destroy NF CV (only 2 tanks /10 BE player) or MAKE AN amazing base catch ONLY 1/5 BE players CV turrets
    HOWEVER if you die any way / sucide included you will be auto switched to NF (After all you are dead)

    TO active plugin !zombiemod will start a vote any time in game perfer to do it like !tankwars at start of map
    then paly as normal except using !zme for NF (right now you will have to open console and paste emp_sv_debug_reviveself only once and press up arrow ever time you die as bind is disabled. )

    Open console by going to 1) options 2) multiplayer 3) tick enable console 4) press ` same button as ~ (shiftmode)

    [email protected]([email protected]!) = Lazylizard

    Future plans to intergate zombie models only if you love me
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