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Baited Rebellers

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Admin Commands
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Counter-Strike: GO
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    Allows admin to remove a rebels status and gun in the event that the gun they picked up was baited.
    Old 01-13-2018 , 00:12   Baited Rebellers
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    Hi everyone, this is my first public release of a plugin

    This plugin allows admins to use the command sm_baited (or /baited in chat) to remove a players gun and rebel status in the event that the gun they picked up was baited.

    Needs sm_hosties

    sm_baited <name of player>

    Thanks to a few people on the SourceMod Discord for babysitting me thru making this
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    Old 01-13-2018 , 00:25   Re: Baited Rebellers
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    Congratulations on your first plugin post, here's some pointers to keep your plugin away from the unapproved section.

    PHP Code:
    if (true
    is an expression that should never be used. You can remove that if statement entirely without having any effect on your code. In fact, the compiler even tells you it's redundant.
    warning 206: redundant test: constant expression is non-zero
    Also, instead of looping trying to find matching player names use our helpful FindTarget function which should handle targeting for you.

    Last thing, fill out your descriptions!

    Best of luck, if you have any questions I'll be on the SourceMod discord.

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