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[CS:GO] Ghost hunter

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Fun Stuff
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Counter-Strike: GO
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    A new "Ghost-hunter" mode for CS:GO.
    Old 10-29-2016 , 03:09   [CS:GO] Ghost hunter
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    Happy Halloween!
    This is my first fully functional plugin to release.

    [Game Play]
    As a "ghost", you can only use your knives, but you have 2 abilities: Stealth and Bullet-proof.
    "Stealth" can keep you invisible until you attack your enemies or take damage from them.
    "Bullet-proof" can keep you safe from all guns but would be neutralized if you took too much damage.

    As a "hunter", you can get your equipment when you spawn, especially a taser which can be fired for 5 times. Tasers can kill a ghost by taking only ONE shot, but don't forget to save your taser energy. Your guns, knives, and HE grenades can damage your enemies , so that they will be visible and slow down. If they took too much damage, you can kill them by using guns. Your flashlight will be turned on when you are walking (holding SHIFT), that will let you see your enemies' shadows.

    Drop (Default: G) ---- Guns Menu, lets you to set your primary and secondly weapons.
    Buyammo2 (Default: Dot) ---- Enable / Disable game tips.

    1.You should run Ghost-hunter under Death-match mode. (+game_type 1 +game_mode 2)
    2.Recommand ConVars:
    mp_dm_bonus_length_max 0
    mp_dm_bonus_length_min 0
    mp_dm_time_between_bonus_min 301//should be bigger than mp_roundtime*60, because bonus weapons are unnecessary.
    ammo_grenade_limit_total 10
    mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 0
    mp_ct_default_secondary ""
    mp_ct_default_primary ""
    mp_t_default_secondary ""
    mp_t_default_primary ""

    KissLick - Colorful hud messages
    Totenfluch - Stealth knives
    And all other friends.

    Sorry for my bad English.
    If you have any advice, please sent me a Private Message, so I can make this plugin better.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (Ghost_english.sp - 532 views - 17.7 KB)

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    Old 10-29-2016 , 05:03   Re: [CS:GO] Ghost hunter
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    something similar to STM , nevertheless, great job
    Add me up HERE if you have inquiries regarding server related stuff!
    Main Website: KAEMINGTAN.COM
    CS:GO Multimod & Jailbreak Servers > I am selling my entire ready to play server, add me up on steam to discuss.

    Hey it's nima again,
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    Old 04-26-2017 , 15:29   Re: [CS:GO] Ghost hunter
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    как убрать пуленепробиваемость у терористов?
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    Old 10-24-2017 , 04:05   Re: [CS:GO] Ghost hunter
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    TS can use guns ...maybe need fix ?
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    Old 12-01-2017 , 21:24   Re: [CS:GO] Ghost hunter
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    any fixes?
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    Old 06-21-2018 , 19:26   Re: [CS:GO] Ghost hunter
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    make to play csSource
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