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Potti - a controllable fakeplayer

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Admin Commands        Approver:   v3x (159)
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Old 06-13-2006 , 11:12   Potti - a controllable fakeplayer
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Allows admins to create a bot which can be fully controlled, e.g. move it and handle its menus, etc.

I didn't see many examples of making a bot in these forums, so i decided to make one.
This plugin can also be used for testing purposes, I myself hate asking other people to join my server to test some little stuff, then when I find an error, they have to wait on the server for ages before I get it fixed
Mostly its just for fun though

amx_botadd <name> - create a new bot
amx_botexec <cmd> - execute a command on your bot
amx_botmove <0-2> - make your bot move:
* 0: off
* 1: copy your movements
* 2: same as #1 + aim the same spot when shooting
* 3: look the opposite way and do the opposite moves
amx_botcmds <1/0> - when enabled, all owner commands are sent to his/her bot
amx_botdel - kick your bot from the server

Server cvars:
potti_hudcolor <r g b> - changes the color of the hud message
potti_hudpos <x y> - changes the position of the hud message

When executing commands, only engine cmds will work, so for example cvars cannot be changed.
Also, I recommend you bind a button to "messagemode amx_botexec", it will be more comfortable to use than opening console every time.

To Do:
- nothing really (don't feel like messing with buyzone)

Known bugs:
- (cs) when owner is dead, pressing duck will open the specmenu which is really annoying
- (cs) can't open buymenu via fullcontrol mode if not in buyzone (or dead)

1.00 - Initial release
1.10 - Added full control mode (changing weapons through slot-keys is also possible now)
- Shows money left on a bot when a buymenu is opened
1.20 - Modified so everyone (with access) can have their own bot
- Cstrike-module is no more needed to display money
- After dying, the owner will automatically move to spectating to his/her bot if botmove is on
- Messages printed to a bot (to center and chat) are shown to its owner too
- Fixed bot latency to show as "BOT"
- More efficient msec calculations
- Other little improvements
1.30 - Added support for The Specialists (press 6 to switch to kungfu when in fullcontrol mode)
- Added botmove 3 to make the bot do the opposite of the owner
- Added a hudtext to show player health, weapon, etc.
- Access level changed from "m" to "p" ^_^
- Removed mod specific definitions
1.40 - Changed owner input hooking style, making it possible for bots to walk and use impulses (flashlight, spray, ..)
- A little tweaking here and there

Botman - the source of PODBots helped alot while doing this
Lord of Destruction - aim_at_origin() -function base took from set_client_aiming()
THE_STORM - more efficient msec calculations (from ePODbot)
strelomet - display bot latency as "BOT" (from YaPB)
Orangutanz - thanks for pointing out the few improvements
Karko - thanks for helping with adding support for TS

You need Fakemeta module to run this
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Old 06-13-2006 , 11:13  
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any help on solving the bugs will be greatly appreciated
btw, the plugin is only tested on cs, would be great if someone tested it over on some other mods
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Old 06-13-2006 , 11:38  
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I have a little better whole fix... somehow(not coding terms) make an iframe which just takes all commands and puts them to the bot...

I don't know AMXX Natives completly yet, it has to be possible.
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Old 06-13-2006 , 13:49  
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Instead of redefining the button constants you can include engine_const ;)

Nice job.
What am I doing these days? Well, I run my own Rust server. It's heavily modded. If you'd like to join, the ip is

I also created a website called Rust Tools. It will calculate and tell you the raw amounts of resources needed to craft items.
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Old 06-13-2006 , 15:32  
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updated to v1.10

- added full control mode, you can now change weapons via slot-keys too (this is done through a fakemenu which catches menuselect and so on.. i dont like it but didnt see any other option )
- shows money left on a bot when a buymenu is opened
- and changed the defines to engine_const.inc as suggested

there's a new definition too: MOD_CSTRIKE
im still hoping that somebody could test it on other mods, like dod..
u just need to undefine the above and change the weapon constants above plugin_init()
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Old 06-13-2006 , 16:41  
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Pretty good plugin ^^
Btw, if you can tell me where to get all the CSW Weapon constants for DOD, i could try it ^^
You never know, what will happen the day after tomorrow...

+karma if i helped you!
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Old 06-13-2006 , 17:48  
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csw defines are just the weapon constants for cs,
for dod theyre DODW_* which can be found in dodconst.inc
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Old 06-13-2006 , 20:25  
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fun plugin, i cant wait till your final release
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Old 06-13-2006 , 21:29  
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no crash bugs or anything?
Does the bot appear to be a player? Like ent 1-maxplayers and shows up on scoreboard (TAB)?
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Old 06-13-2006 , 21:41  
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New msec calculation
new Float:msec global_get(glb_frametime, msec) msec *= 1000.0
Place the last 2 lines in your StartFrame_Post function, nothing else is required
Credit: THE_STORM (ePODbot)

Display BOT in scoreboard
set_user_info(id, "*bot", "1")
Credit: strelomet (YaPB)

Also since I have a Bot API in development, that:

I find the part highlighted in bold, does nothing

Instead of this:
new Float:CoreAngles[3] CoreAngles[0] = Radian2Degree(floatatan(DeltaOrigin[2] / Distance2D(DeltaOrigin[0], DeltaOrigin[1]),0)) CoreAngles[1] = Radian2Degree(floatatan(DeltaOrigin[1] / DeltaOrigin[0],0)) if(DeltaOrigin[0] >= 0.0) CoreAngles[1] += 180.0
You can do this:
engfunc(EngFunc_VecToAngles, DeltaOrigin, botangles)
More efficient IMHO
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