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[TF2] Jailbreak - Math Quiz

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    Ask a math question!
    Old 08-29-2017 , 11:50   [TF2] Jailbreak - Math Quiz
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    This Plugin code mainly from [CSGO]MyJailbreak by shanapu, Again
    ~A Plugin for [TF2]Jail , Math quiz plugin.
    ~Idea mainly from [CSGO]MyJailbreak

    Required Plugin:

    Recommand Plugin:
    [Any] Chat-Processor


    Change log:

    Thank you: ... Again!
    Thanks shanapu ~Made the Original Plugin

    1. Click "TF2Jail_MathQuiz.zip" and extract to ./tf/ folder.
    2. Edit wardenmenu.cfg in "\tf\addons\sourcemod\configs\tf2jail\wardenm enu.cfg"
    "sm_open" "Open Cells"
    "sm_close" "Close Cells"
    "sm_wff" "Request Friendly Fire"
    "sm_wcc" "Request Collisions"
    "sm_math" "Start a Math quiz" //<- add this
    3. restart server or "sm plugins reload tf2jail" and "sm plugins refresh"
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (TF2Jail_MathQuiz.sp - 164 views - 12.5 KB)
    File Type: zip TF2Jail_MathQuiz.zip (84.5 KB, 72 views)
    Main Developer in @tf2-sandbox-studio - TF2 Physics Gun
    Windows Game Server Manager - WindowsGSM

    3 years TF2 server owner experience

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    Old 08-29-2017 , 12:43   Re: [TF2] Jailbreak - Math Quiz
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    good work!
    but all credits for this math quiz goes out to Arkarr

    for you both

    edit: maybe mention this also supports simple chat processor ;)
    free software

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