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[TF2] No build areas (1.03)

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Team Fortress 2
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    This plugin let you add func_nobuild brushes to a map and the locations gets saved.
    Old 07-23-2017 , 20:42   [TF2] No build areas (1.03)
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    TF2 Nobuild Areas

    Hey everybody!

    After seeing requests and also having my own needs, I created this plugin. It allows you to add func_nobuild brushes everywhere on a map. This is useful with versus saxton hale maps if you don't want to struggle with decompiling maps and such. I put this plugin together with help from the [TF2] autokits plugin, which is based on DarthNinja's Auto Pumpkins. This is also my first released plugin and I am sure the code could be more optimized.

    To spawn a brush, use the command sm_nobuild and then select "Create". After that you get some options on how the area should be configured.
    If you want to delete a nobuild area you also use sm_nobuild and select "Delete Nearest Nobuild Area". It finds the nearest nobuild brush, that is in the range of 600 units.
    You can view all the areas in the map by using the command sm_shownobuild

    The options you have when configuring an area:
    • 128 x 128 x 64
    • 256 x 256 x 64
    • 512 x 512 x 64
    • 128 x 128 x 128
    • 256 x 256 x 128
    • 512 x 512 x 128
    • Both
    • Red
    • Blue
    Buildings to allow
    • Allow none
    • Sentries
    • Dispensers
    • Teleporters
    • Sentries and Dispensers
    • Sentries and Teleporters
    • Dispensers and Teleporters
    Installation guide
    Just download the smx and move it to the plugins folder.

    The nobuilds you add gets saved in the local sqlite database.

    Therefore, you have to add this to your databases.cfg
    	"driver"			"sqlite"
    	"host"				"localhost"
    	"database"			"TF2_Nobuildareas"
    	"user"				"root"
    	"pass"				""
    1.00 Initial release
    1.01 Fixed some areas getting spawned with a vector origin that didn't match the database, which means those areas couldn't be deleted.
    1.02 Added beams on the edges of created areas and added the command !shownobuild to visually show all areas in a map.
    1.03 Added the feature to specify team and what buildings to allow
    Improvements to be added
    • Move from database to cfg (Requested, but could be causing delays Idk)
    • Getting rid of this message: Setting CBaseEntity to non-brush model
    • Beams are not showing in mvm for some reason.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (nobuildareas.sp - 869 views - 21.0 KB)

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    Old 07-24-2017 , 08:24   Re: [TF2] No build areas
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    I found

    Which could help making the brushes visible.

    I just don't know how to use the TE_SetupBeamPoints Function and make the beams on all 12 edges

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    Old 07-28-2017 , 12:20   Re: [TF2] No build areas (1.03)
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    If you experience crashes or errors, please tell me.
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    Old 10-29-2017 , 03:18   Re: [TF2] No build areas
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    Making SM plugins for TF2 for money. PM in Steam.

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    Old 08-26-2023 , 21:35   Unable to see most brushes using sm_shownobuild
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    I know this thread is older than dirt, but this is a really good plugin and the only one I've found that fits my use cases.

    There's an issue I have when using it where sm_shownobuild will only show some of the brushes, and not all of them. It also doesn't stay active for more than ~10 seconds for the brushes it does show. It seems like it's more likely to display large brushes as opposed to smaller ones.

    To mitigate this issue, I've taken to keeping track of where I place brushes in a notepad file. It would be great if this were fixed though.
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