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[CSGO] SM_GunCommands <!ak47,!m4a4.......... more!>

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    Allow and go for gun commands in your server chat!
    Old 04-14-2017 , 10:59   [CSGO] SM_GunCommands <!ak47,!m4a4.......... more!>
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    Gun Commands [CSGO]
    A simple plugin for gun commands in chat!
    Upload .smx file to /plugins/ folder
    Configure configs in /cfg/sm_guncommands_csgo.cfg/

    sm_gc_<gunname>_p <value> - Price for the gun in integer value(Default:Base gun price)
    sm_gc_dropprimary <0/1> - Force the player to drop his/her current primary weapon? 1- Yes 0- No (Default :1)
    sm_gc_dropsecondary <0/1> - Force the player to drop his/her current secondary weapon? 1- Yes 0-No (Default :1)
    sm_gc_givemoney <value> - Amount of money given when client uses sm_moneyg (Default:10000)
    sm_moneygive_flag <flags> - WIP

    Many thanks!
    Shanapu - help with a bunch of things ; timer,boolean
    EasSidezz - help with me understaind convars and the money system!
    Shadowz_au - general sourcemod help and more!

    I humbly thank everyone who've helped me, i will be working on this plugin more as i've yet to finish up the guns!

    - cleanup code
    - more guns/custom models for guns? (not weapon skins)
    - chat triggers in a config file for different gun types
    - convar to remove chat triggers
    - flag for certain commands
    - money give admin command <with specified flag>
    Changelog :
    - removed RDG version (removed grenades except for HE nade)
    - clean up code
    - changed convars for guns to fit above
    - update compile.exe and spcompile.exe for windows 10 compiliation
    - added convar for grenade prices
    - cleaned up folder organisation (plugins folder is not added)
    - added all remaining pistols and convars for price
    - added usp-s,p90 and force conavr for secondaries
    - added all grenades into usage
    - added armor <sm_kev>
    - Launch

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    Old 04-14-2017 , 11:29   Re: [CSGO] Gun Commands <!ak,!awp,!aug etc!>
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    same thing i think?
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    Old 04-14-2017 , 12:02   Re: [CSGO] Gun Commands <!ak,!awp,!aug etc!>
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    Originally Posted by 8guawong View Post
    sure, i guess this is just my version, and it's not as complex as franug's. people starting to learn sourcepawn will be able to understand this a lot better

    you should probably go with his plugin if you want to make it easier though!
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    Old 08-12-2017 , 20:50   Re: [CSGO] SM_GunCommands <!ak47,!m4a4.......... more!>
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    Can add a menu to buy?
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