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[TF2] Teleporter Queue and Class Restrictions

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Team Fortress 2
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    Restrict and reorder the priority of classes waiting to go through the engineer teleporter
    Old 02-28-2017 , 08:52   [TF2] Teleporter Queue and Class Restrictions
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    Many understand the need for a priority use order for teleporters but this is not enforced or practiced by many players, and thus slowing down teamwork and gameplay in PvP.

    This plugin enforces an optimal teleporter queuing order. All players waiting on top of a teleporter will be teleported automatically first based on this order, then second by first-in, first-out (FIFO).

    No longer will a bunch of players simply pile on a teleporter and hope they are next. This is now deterministic. Piling on the teleporter will also not introduce delays.

    - This plugin has no dependencies on any extensions but requires SMLIB to compile.
    - ConVar configurations are automatically generated and stored in /tf/cfg/sourcemod/plugin.telequeue.cfg
    sm_telequeue_class (default: engineer medic soldier heavy pyro demoman spy sniper scout)
    - Set this to the desired class priority order. Omitted classes are blocked from using the teleporter.

    sm_telequeue_order (default: 2)
    - Queue mode: 0 - Use TF2's default teleporter order, 1 - FIFO, 2 - Class order then FIFO

    sm_telequeue_max (default: 5)
    - Auto increases player priority after waiting for this many players ahead (so nobody waits forever). Set to 0 to disable.
    - Override this to allow donors higher queue priority
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    Old 04-16-2017 , 20:20   Re: [TF2] Teleporter Queue and Class Restrictions
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    Thx for doing this Fix, Valve is simply to dump
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