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Super HE Grenades 1.0.2

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   v3x (159)
Dark Killer
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Old 06-01-2006 , 09:24   Super HE Grenades 1.0.2
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Super HE Grenades
By Dark Killer
Version 1.0.2

What is this?
This plugin lets you to buy super HE grenades. Super HE grenades are with higher (1/2 more of the original one!) damage but more expensive (by default).

  • amx_supnades
    Avaliable: 1 or 0 only
    Default: 1
    Turn on (1) or off (0) this plugin
  • amx_suphecost
    Avaliable: Any numbers but not bigger than 16000 or lower than or equal to 0.
    Default: 600
    The cost of a super HE grenade
  • suphe_version
    Avaliable: None
    Default: 1.0.2
    Do not change this. This is a cvar which identifies your Super HE Grenades version.
Client Commands
  • say /showprices
    Shows the cost of a super HE grenade
  • say /buyhe
    Buy a super HE grenade

Known Issues
  1. It is a skull, not a grenade, if you got killed by a super he grenade.
To-do list
  1. Fix the bug.
  2. Use PCvars for faster performance.
  3. More configurable.
  4. A cool new grenade model.

Helped me with the damage, also the block buy after buy time.

1.0.2 - 06-07-2006
Minor update. Just added suphe_version cvar for finding servers which have this plugin easily.
1.0.1 - 07-06-2006
Fixed the buy time bug.
1.0 - 01-06-2006
Initial Release.

See who are using this plugin?

Loved this? Don't forget to +karma!

Downloads +178

It is coming back soon. Version 2.0. A complete rewrite and has a lot new features.
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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (supnades.sma - 10277 views - 6.4 KB)

Last edited by Dark Killer; 07-26-2007 at 10:36. Reason: To inform others the future update of the plugin
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Old 06-01-2006 , 09:39  
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Well, it would make more sence to leave it a skull because if its an HE grenade then people think that this server is rigged or something because their getting hella frags with HE's
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Dark Killer
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Old 06-01-2006 , 09:42  
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but if it is a skull, it mixes players' minds...

in the source of CS:

Orangutanz (T(+)rget) says:
// Kill if health too low.
if (params[2] > 0)
pPlayer->v.health = float(params[2]);

return 1;
well you die by the HE, so if set_user_health is 0 or less than a MDLL_ClientKill is enforced
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Old 06-01-2006 , 09:55  
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why do you always neg my karma when im just mentioning something. its like i said your plugin sucked[which i didnt]
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Old 06-01-2006 , 09:57  
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You can do a check on your own to see if the damage you are going to deal is going to kill him and if so make your own death message and silent kill the user.....

Using VexdUM (Not Engine!!!) to have a HE grenade death message (as you can see, it is a skull if you got killed by a super he grenade)
VexdUM is AMX not AMXX so don't use it. Also when AMXX 1.75 comes out you won't need engine to send your own deathmsg.
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Old 06-01-2006 , 10:56  
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Bugs found

You can buy a super HE grenade after buy time
This can be easily solved. Look at my "Buy a Helmet" plugin's source code. I've used CS standard-like method so in game you wouldn't be able to say wheter it's a plugin's or a game mod's action. ;)
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Old 06-01-2006 , 10:59  
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when i get home ima put this on my server and test it
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Old 06-01-2006 , 11:57  
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Here is a standart kill message:
#include <engine>//engine needed

public Damage_event(id) {
	new wpn, body, attacker = get_user_attacker(id, wpn, body)
	// Its a Grenade
	if(wpn == 4 && hasHE[attacker])
		new Float:hp = float(get_user_health(id))
		new Float:dmg = float(read_data(2))
		dmg *= 0.5

		new Float:damage =hp - dmg

	if (entity_get_float(id,EV_FL_health) <= 0.0){
		if ( attacker ){
			message_begin( MSG_ALL, get_user_msgid("DeathMsg"))
			write_string("name of weapon")// i dont know the name of he grenade, this change the skull icon to another icon

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Old 06-01-2006 , 15:44  
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You not really doing double damage, your just adding 1/2 of the original damage.
dmg *= 0.5
                                new iHealth = get_user_health(victim)         new newDamage = floatround((float(iHealth) - float(read_data(2))))         if(newDamage < 1)         {             user_kill(victim, 1)             set_msg_block(get_user_msgid("DeathMsg"), BLOCK_ONCE)             message_begin(MSG_ALL, get_user_msgid("DeathMsg"), {0, 0, 0}, 0)             write_byte(id)             write_byte(victim)             write_byte(0)                      write_string("hegrenade")             message_end()         } else {             set_user_health(victim, newDamage)         }

cs_get_user_buyzone(id) // for buyzone
HDD fried, failed to backup files. Sorry folks, just don't have free time anymore. This is goodbye.
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Old 06-01-2006 , 19:07  
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isn't it just like my he damage multiplier but only with buy?
- Bye bye!
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