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[CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod

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Counter-Strike: GO
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    Finally released to the public, but in need of major work.
    Old 10-23-2016 , 15:48   [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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    This shit is probably broken, as I haven't touched it for 6 months, and 6 months ago it had some bugs, but maybe together we can fix it. This used to be a private plugin, but I'm going public, because I can't maintain it anymore. Valve updates shit more frequently than I have time to work on it. Also, when I started making this I was learning to code to begin with, so if you look you're gonna see some weird shit, deal with it. Things can be fixed.

    I attempted to make a mod somewhat similar to Apple Jack RP on Garry's Mod, it's best to think of this in that way. This is not the same as Dark RP. If you ever played rp_retribution_v2 on GMod and wondered why it was weird, it's because I made it for this RP, not for GMod.

    LN Roleplay is divided into 5 plugins. The class_menu plugin is like the major overarching plugin. Honestly everything else should probably be one-day combined into it, it's the most important. It can be run by itself, but all the other plugins need to see class_menu running or else they crash, except in limited circumstances you could have classes and cars going then turn classes off and cars would still work for a little while. But seriously, forget about that, class_menu is the main thing.

    First-off to talk you gotta use // in front of your message or else only people near you will see your text. Main menu is accessed by saying !rp or sm_rp in console.

    Mod begins and ends with classes. In a config you can set up different teams. First one is ALWAYS government, but server owners can configure their special features. Government can have a mayor/president/bureaucrat or whatever, that guy (or maybe you allow more than 1) gets to send out arrest warrants and fire lower govt employees. You get to config what they're called, and all the ranks. But the basic idea is you got a Mayor and maybe a Police Chief and some Police Officers, and they are all going to be CT. Civilians or gangs or whatever, everyone else is a T, but team functions are specific to the teams you set up (maybe you got rival gangs or whatever) and are NOT specific to the Terrorist team as a whole.

    One thing about the CT team: They can't kill T's with their knife. In default configuration the knife toggles a terrorist between being cuffed and un-cuffed. So like you stab a T and he gets cuffed, then stab him again uncuffed. No damage is done to the terrorist. When cuffed a T loses all his weapons and is set to half movement speed and is tinted red. The weapons disappear permanently, this is to prevent griefing on the part of the cops. Terrorists can stab cops to death however. Guns obviously kill T's or CT's, doesn't matter who's holding the gun.

    If a T has a warrant for his arrest, then if the T gets stabbed by a cop he is teleported into an actual jail cell in the map. That's setup in a config. CT has to go and let him out, or T's can use lockpicks and break into the jail (wherever it is) and release the T prisoners and use cuff-saw to uncuff them.

    I'm a girl, I like to have female characters, so in this plugin there is model_m and model_f for every class. You can just set them to the same thing if you don't have gendered models, but this lets the classes be playable as male or female.

    Classes also handles all money. You get a bank account and you get paid every interval respective to what classes.ini says your class makes. This shit is all figured out in the configs. In CS:S money was set to 65535 max, IDK about CS:GO, but for this mod I think that's still the max. However you have a bank account that stores basically unlimited money. You interact with other players and certain entities (doors, cars, etc) by looking at the player or entity and right clicking. Then a menu pops up, you can for example give cash to other players. ATMs can let you deposit cash or withdraw cash (walk near them a menu appears) or Vending Machines can spawn sodas, etc.

    Classes handles door ownership, including that of cars. Wanna lock a door or unlock a door? This plugin handles that. Door shit is done by right clicking while looking at them.

    A few items are handled by this, they are special to the game. This would be lockpicks and money printers and cuff-saws. Money printers are a contraband item designed to give incentives to gang members to make money and for the cops to bust them. They can also facilitate gang wars -- you can literally steal them or the money inside. Cuff-saw lets T's uncuff eachother. All other items (food, guns, healthpacks, etc) are handled by the second plugin, item_pack.

    Look at an item and press E to put it inventory. Except weapons, just walk on them to pick them up like normal. You get like a menu of shit you're carrying. Leave the server and come back, it will remember your shit. Health packs, guns, grenades, whatever.

    However if stuff isn't in the pack then you lose it if you die. Like for example you have a deagle and you get shot and it falls on the ground. Whoever killed you can take it. If they holster it (sm_holster_p or sm_holster_s for primary and secondary) by using a command and standing still it disappears from their hands and goes into inventory.

    You can config certain classes to be able to create certain items also. Maybe you make a doctor class, it can be setup so that only they can create health packs. You can configure how much something works too. Like health pack could restore all health, or maybe you make a cheaper one that only restores 10 health.

    Food is also a thing, so like if you don't eat you starve and die, after server-defined interval. Or if no food items are configured then it detects this and disables the hunger mod entirely.

    Yeah now we're getting to the good stuff. Cars actually fucking work in CS:GO, can you believe that? They have a few issues though, but I think some of them can be worked through. Uhh basically you buy a car or maybe someone gives you one, then you can spawn it wherever or you can stow the car back into your "garage" but this is separate from items. If you have a car spawned and you disconnect from server it gets stowed and you can respawn when you return. Cars can be locked or unlocked by you, or lockpicked by thieves. You can set it so a whole team or another player has lock/unlock access to your car. Maybe you're a cop and you have a police car, after spawning you can set it so that all other police can lock/unlock it. If you die and the car is spawned it just stays wherever it was when you died, you gotta go back and get it.

    Cars use gas depending on their config. If there are no gas stations in the map then they have unlimited fuel. If you run out of gas, car won't drive, gotta stow it and go back to gas station and respawn it.

    Passengers worked in CS:S, I didn't quite get it working CS:GO yet, but I think it can be done, I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Crashing into walls real fast can kill you, but the car itself has unlimited health. There's also a dirt bike which is kinda cool.

    Prop Menu
    Doesn't work right now, haven't really ported it to CS:GO fully, but it probably doesn't need much work.

    Someone else made this, I don't see why it wouldn't work, but I gotta port it.

    Where is LN Roleplay at right now in terms of functionality?
    Yeah so the first 3 plugins more or less work.

    Classes, everything's fine, just need more player models for better teams and shit. HUD could use some work. Distance-limited voice chat would be good. We do have distance limited text.

    Items, everything is looking good, maybe drugs would be cool. There was alcohol in the CS:S version, but it could be improved upon.

    Cars, I'd like if you could shoot out the window of your car, of if you were in a car for people to be able to shoot you. I don't think that will ever work in CS:GO. But passengers, I think that can be done, I see no reason why not.

    Props are pointless without Gravity Gun.

    Gravity Gun can probably work I just never tried.

    Commands and Variables:
    sm_door -- Open the door menu
    sm_ent -- Get info about an entity. This is a debug command but I let everyone use it.
    sm_attach (doesn't work right now)
    sm_special -- Open the Special menu
    sm_bank -- Check your bank acct
    sm_banque -- French
    sm_class -- Choose a class. This is really important, probably most important thing in the game.
    sm_classe -- French
    sm_class_info -- Find info about your class. (Name, salary, etc)
    sm_debitcard -- Give money to someone. Or just look at them and right-click and use the menu
    sm_rp_settings -- Player settings menu
    sm_demote -- Kick someone off your team if you're higher rank
    sm_uncuff -- Not needed anymore but still works
    sm_warrant -- Warrant someone to be arrested (or if you see them right click)
    sm_rp -- Best command in the game, RP super menu
    sm_givecash -- Give cash to someone

    Admin shit:
    sm_givedoor -- Gives a door to a player (type their name in)
    sm_takedoor -- Takes door from a player (don't use these two commands they suck)
    rp_info -- Prints plugin info to an admin
    rp_money -- Give a player money
    rp_door_reload -- Reload door config
    rp_door_mode -- This awesome menu lets you configure an entire map using an easy interface
    rp_player_info -- Info about a player
    rp_force_save -- Don't use this, lets you force DB save of a player
    rp_db_save -- Saves entire db, don't use this
    rp_spawn_mode -- Configure spawn locations for a map quickly and easily
    rp_spawn_reload -- Reload spawn config file manually (loaded auto whenever yo change map)

    rp_class_interval -- Time between when you can choose a new class, in seconds, default 3 mins
    rp_classes_enabled -- If 0 this whole shit doesn't work, default to 1
    rp_default_class -- Default is 4, but you need to set this to like a civilian class. First class is 0.
    rp_default_team -- First team is CT is 0, make sure this corresponds to the above variable
    rp_door_price -- Price to buy a door, default is $75
    rp_door_tax -- Tax (every time you get paid) on door ownership, default $50
    rp_printer_price -- Price to spawn a money printer, default $750
    rp_printer_max -- Max printers you can own, default 3
    rp_vip_printer_max -- Let VIPs//Admins have more printers
    rp_printer_money -- Money a printer makes every pay interval, default $150
    rp_pay_interval -- How long between getting paid. Default 300secs (5 mins)
    rp_spawns_enabled -- Use custom spawns from the map config? Default is 1.
    rp_atm_enabled -- Default 1, lets ATMs on the map work if they are present
    rp_respawn_delay -- After you die you must wait (default 20) seconds before respawning
    rp_team_mode -- I forget how this works, it's some gang shit, team makes most $$ gets bonus
    rp_db_mode -- Default is 0, server DOES NOT WORK on 0, 1 = remote db 2 = sqlite db
    rp_debug_mode -- Set to 1 for it to spam you with fucking shitloads of debug shit

    sm_item -- Open item menu
    sm_inventaire -- French
    sm_holster_p -- Holster primary weapon
    sm_ranger_p -- French
    sm_holster_s -- Holster secondary weapon
    sm_ranger_s -- French
    sm_remove_hat -- Put away your hat. Hats don't fucking work who cares.
    sm_ranger_chapeau -- French

    Admin Shit:
    item_db_save -- don't do this crap

    item_pack_enabled -- Default 1 duh
    item_maxslots -- Default 50, lets people have 50 item slots
    item_save_interval -- 3600 this is how often the server saves data, set high if it never crashes
    item_hunger_interval -- 30 every time this happens your hunger increases
    item_db_mode -- Default 0, server doesn't work, 1 = remote 2 = local sqlite

    sm_car_menu -- Open car menu
    sm_menu_voiture -- French
    sm_car_stow -- Put car away
    sm_ranger_voiture -- French
    sm_car_on -- If car isn't turning on when you get in use this, but normally right click works
    sm_car_exit -- gtfo the car, normally you get out or in by pressing Enter
    sm_car_off -- turn off the car while sitting inside
    sm_siren -- Flashing lights WEEWOOWEEWOO, this is a toggle command
    sm_car_view -- toggle also, lets you see 3rd person
    sm_car_info -- who owns the car, etc
    sm_seat -- doesn't work right now, switch seats in a car though
    sm_car_menu_super -- This was cool but lag means it actually sucked. Don't use it.

    Admin Shit:
    sm_car_register -- don't use this shit
    sm_car_kill -- don't do this
    sm_car_stow_a -- Admin car stow
    car_db_save -- you get the deal don't do this

    RCON shit you don't ever need to ask about or use please fuck off:

    car_menu_enabled -- I hope you guess this right
    car_mode_db -- 0 = crash 1 = remote 2 = local sqlite (protip: use 2)
    car_menu_gas_price -- price in dollars, default 3.00
    car_menu_gas_enabled -- default 1, set to 0 if no gas pumps, or if you hate gas pumps
    car_stow_delay -- default 60 seconds before you can stow a car you spawned, prevents griefing
    car_save_interval -- 3600 seconds between db saves, set lower if you crash your server lots
    car_debug_mode -- 0, set to 1 if you wanna see spam
    car_vip_override -- default 0, 1 means only VIP//Admin can spawn VIP-only cars.

    Sample server.cfg
    PHP Code:
    hostname            "Natalya's CS:GO Test Server"
    rcon_password        "FuckYou"

    bot_autodifficulty_threshold_high                     0.0    // Value between -20.0 and 20.0 (Amount above  avg human contribution score, above which a bot should lower its  difficulty)
    bot_autodifficulty_threshold_low                     -2.0    // Value between -20.0 and 20.0 (Amount below avg human  contribution score, below which a bot should raise its difficulty)
    bot_chatter                                            off
    bot_defer_to_human_goals                            0
    bot_defer_to_human_items                            1
    bot_difficulty                                        2
    bot_quota                                            0
    bot_quota_mode                                        normal
    bot_join_after_player                                0
    cash_player_bomb_defused                            0
    cash_player_bomb_planted                            0
    cash_player_damage_hostage                            0
    cash_player_interact_with_hostage                    0
    cash_player_killed_enemy_default                    0
    cash_player_killed_enemy_factor                        0
    cash_player_killed_hostage                            0
    cash_player_killed_teammate                            0
    cash_player_rescued_hostage                            0
    cash_team_elimination_bomb_map                        0
    cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_t                    0
    cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_ct                0
    cash_team_hostage_alive                                0
    cash_team_hostage_interaction                        0
    cash_team_loser_bonus                                0
    cash_team_loser_bonus_consecutive_rounds            0
    cash_team_planted_bomb_but_defused                    0
    cash_team_rescued_hostage                            0
    cash_team_terrorist_win_bomb                        0
    cash_team_win_by_defusing_bomb                        0
    cash_team_win_by_hostage_rescue                        0
    cash_team_win_by_time_running_out_bomb                0
    cash_team_win_by_time_running_out_hostage            0
    ff_damage_reduction_bullets                            0.1
    ff_damage_reduction_grenade                            0.4
    ff_damage_reduction_grenade_self                    0
    ff_damage_reduction_other                            0.4
    mp_afterroundmoney                                    0
    mp_autokick                                0
    mp_autoteambalance                                    0
    mp_buytime                                            0
    mp_death_drop_defuser                                0    
    mp_death_drop_grenade                                2            
    // 0=none, 1=best, 2=current or best
    mp_death_drop_gun                                    2            // 0=none, 1=best, 2=current or best
    mp_deathcam_skippable                                0
    mp_defuser_allocation                                0            
    // 0=none, 1=random, 2=everyone
    mp_do_warmup_period            0
    mp_flashlight                                        1
    mp_force_pick_time                                    15
    mp_forcecamera                                        0            
    // Set to 1 for team only spectating
    mp_free_armor                                        1            
    mp_freezetime                                        0
    mp_friendlyfire                                        1
    mp_ggprogressive_round_restart_delay                 15
    mp_ggtr_bomb_defuse_bonus                            0
    mp_ggtr_bomb_detonation_bonus                        0
    mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_flash                            0
    mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_he                                0
    mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_molotov                        0
    mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_upgrade                        0
    mp_ggtr_bomb_respawn_delay                            0
    mp_ggtr_end_round_kill_bonus                        0
    mp_ggtr_halftime_delay                                0.0
    mp_ggtr_last_weapon_kill_ends_half                    0
    mp_respawn_immunitytime                                6
    mp_halftime                                            0
    mp_ignore_round_win_conditions                        1
    mp_limitteams                                        0
    mp_match_can_clinch                                     0            
    // 0=No mercy rule, 1=team  can clinch match win early if they win > 1/2 total rounds
    mp_maxmoney                                            0
    mp_maxrounds                                        0
    mp_molotovusedelay                                    0
    mp_playercashawards                                    0
    mp_roundtime                                        10
    mp_roundtime_hostage                                0
    mp_roundtime_defuse                                    0
    mp_solid_teammates                                    0
    mp_startmoney                                        0
    mp_teamcashawards                                    0
    mp_timelimit                                        10
    mp_warmuptime                                        20
    mp_weapons_allow_zeus                                1
    phys_pushscale                                        50
    spec_freeze_panel_extended_time                        1
    spec_freeze_time                                    2
    sv_allowdownload 1 
    sv_allowupload 1 
    sv_allow_votes                                        1        
    // Voting allowed in this mode
    sv_alltalk                                            1
    sv_arms_race_vote_to_restart_disallowed_after        26
    sv_consistency 0
    sv_deadtalk                                            1
    sv_ignoregrenaderadio                                1
    sv_pure                0
    tv_delay                                            30
    mp_warmup_pausetimer                                0
    mp_halftime_pausetimer                                0
    mp_randomspawn                                        1
    mp_randomspawn_los                                    1
    sv_infinite_ammo                                    2
    ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang                        1
    ammo_grenade_limit_total                            3
    mp_weapons_allow_map_placed                            1
    mp_display_kill_assists                                1

    // Downloader
    sm_downloader_enabled        1
    sm_downloader_normal        0
    sm_downloader_simple        1


    // Model Menu
    sm_skinchooser_admingroup            1
    sm_skinchooser_SkinBots            0
    sm_skinchooser_displaytimer            0
    sm_skinchooser_menustarttime        4.0
    sm_skinchooser_autodisplay            0
    sm_skinchooser_adminonly            0
    sm_skinchooser_playerspawntimer        0
    sm_skinchooser_forceplayerskin        0
    sm_skinchooser_commandcountsenabled    0
    sm_skinchooser_commandcounts        99
    sm_skinchooser_closemenutimer        0

    sv_broadcast_ugc_downloads 1
    sv_broadcast_ugc_download_progress_interval 5

    // Role Play
    rp_db_mode                2
    item_db_mode            2
    car_db_mode            2
    rp_debug_mode            1
    rp_default_class            2
    rp_default_team            1
    sv_allow_thirdperson        1 
    Development Shit
    Here's some of the crap you need:
    http://www.lady-natalya.info/downloads/Roleplay.zip <-- Date: 23 Oct 2016
    http://www.lady-natalya.info/downloa...lay-Assets.zip <-- Date: 23 Oct 2016
    http://www.lady-natalya.info/downloa...play-items.zip <-- This has mostly same stuff as above folder, ok to overwrite

    A Map:

    You can use like Dust or whatever, but that would suck. I'm working on the above map, it's in shit shape, but I'll keep working on it, adding more shit. The police station is pretty cool IMO.

    Where to go from here?
    Well this shit is public now, so y'all can do whatever you want with it obviously. I'm willing to work on developing this some more, and I'll try to spend more time on the map and on assets (cars, player models, etc) but like in general I want to open this up to the community. I've done this project solo and the isolation of a solo project run by one person kinda shows in how incomplete this is. I'll need help updating this and getting it back to 100% functionality like it was on CS:S. Lots of loose ends are everywhere, y'all can harp on me for that, and that's cool, but together shit can get modernized and fixed.

    I want to install this on my server right now help!!
    Fucking good-luck.png mon ami. As of this writing this crap kinda works but mostly doesn't work, we gotta fix it first. Get class_menu working, then get item_pack working, then get car_menu working on a server. In that order. Talk to me on Steam, but this mod is fucking big, you need to dl all that shit then like player models and stuff and setup config files and whatnot. It's not happening fast. But together one day this mod can work again. I do have a working test server I can run from my computer.

    Note on Gravity Gun:
    It's this plugin but like heavily modified to not crash an RP server. I haven't tried getting it to work. Who knows, maybe it works without changes? <-- See that was a funny joke right. Anyway I got permission from the guy like 4 years ago or something to use it but who knows if it can be made to work again.

    Available CS:GO Car Models
    Use these:
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (class_menu.sp - 563 views - 223.0 KB)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (item_pack.sp - 667 views - 84.8 KB)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (car_menu.sp - 787 views - 120.8 KB)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (rp_propmenu.sp - 533 views - 18.2 KB)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (GravityGun.sp - 633 views - 18.2 KB)
    Talk to me on Steam: natalyaaf
    See my website for downloads: www.lady-natalya.info

    Natalya: killing someone while they make a plugin
    Natalya: perfect analogy
    Natalya: for the mayan apocalypse

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    Old 10-23-2016 , 16:00   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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    Holy smokes this is a big mod, cool release and really when things go above 10k lines of code then nothing can be perfect.
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    Old 10-23-2016 , 16:30   Re: [CS:GO] LN Roleplay Mod
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    nice release!

    Do the car models from your Ralley Race work with this?
    Notable Projects:
    Event Item Spawner | Scissors, Rock, Paper for ZephStore
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    PLG & GGC - CS:GO Roleplay

    and countless more...

    I can make a helicopter shoot missles if you want me to...
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    Thanks sooo much Natalya! Good post
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    Nice release, I can't wait to test this!

    Please keep in mind, nobody have responsibility to help you, especially who don't try to Google first.
    I only read messages in Chinese and English.

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    Originally Posted by Totenfluch View Post
    nice release!

    Do the car models from your Ralley Race work with this?
    Yeah absolutely, those are what you should use. Try to make sure you're only using CS:GO versions, the CS:S cars work but player models are all glitched.

    I linked three currently working car models at the bottom of OP.
    Talk to me on Steam: natalyaaf
    See my website for downloads: www.lady-natalya.info

    Natalya: killing someone while they make a plugin
    Natalya: perfect analogy
    Natalya: for the mayan apocalypse

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    1 word , beast
    Add me up HERE if you have inquiries regarding server related stuff!
    CS:GO Multimod & Jailbreak Servers > I am selling my entire ready to play server, add me up on steam to discuss.
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    <3 very nice
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    Its nice to see people releasing such big plugins for free.

    Bacon for you ---->

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    Hi Natalya

    Looks sweet, might make a server soon, thanks
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