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[Guide][CS:GO] Server Auto Update

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Old 08-22-2016 , 14:39   [Guide][CS:GO] Server Auto Update
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Hello guys,
I've been searching and google for a while but no good results was comming out of it and after a bit of testing i figured it out to make my server update it's self .
Note: I have tested this method on linux servers but as i can see it could be working on Windows servers too fell free to test and let me know !

Let's Begin!
-In this Guide you'll know how to make your server update it's self.
- Quotes Are Important and should be used!
this is very simple , the first thing you have to do is to make up your run file via VIM or VI and simply format it like this :
after this you'll have to give it permissions to start , you can do it like this :
chmod a+x run.sh
after these steps you can now make a update script that your auto updating system will need it .
simply make a .txt file like "Update.txt" and Put these stuffs in it :
login anonymous
force_install_dir "/home/AccountName/RestOfDirectory/ServerFolder"
app_update 740 validate
Remember To form the file exactly like this cause i got my steamcmd downloading the whole server again cause of the lack of the first "/"
after doing this job you have to add These Things To your Run.sh file :
-autoupdate  -steam_dir   "/home/AccountName/RestOfDirectory/TheFolderThat[steamcmd.sh]IsLocatedInto"  -steamcmd_script   "/home/AccountName/RestIfDirectory/Update.txt"
Now Your run.sh Should be ready to be started!

Apologize for my bad english let me know if you had any problem
Windows Version Can Be Found Here .

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Old 08-22-2016 , 18:42   Re: [Guide][CS:GO] Server Auto Update
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If you are just updating there is no need for the "validate", just "app_update 740". That may be why you downloaded the whole server again.
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Old 09-04-2016 , 14:06   Re: [Guide][CS:GO] Server Auto Update
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is that working?
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Old 10-28-2016 , 03:32   Re: [Guide][CS:GO] Server Auto Update
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this works for Linux Only for windows ... no clue
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