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[TF2] Powerups Shop

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Team Fortress 2
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    Allows players to buy powerups using points.
    Old 06-02-2016 , 21:16   [TF2] Powerups Shop
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    Complete rewrite of my old Powerups plugin, with some ideas from RTD Revamped!

    This plugin allows players to buy powerups using points that they get by playing on your server!

    How does it works?
    While a player is on your server, he will get points for:
    - Playing (Time)

    - Doing map objectives

    - Killing other players

    *Note: You can disable any of these

    When the player have enough points, he will be able to buy powerups by accessing the shop menu (!powerups)

    sm_powerups or !powerups in the chat to open the shop menu.
    sm_addpoints <player name/steam id> <quantity> - Adds points to a given player account.
    sm_removepoints <player name/steam id> <quantity> - Removes points from a given player account.
    sm_forcepowerup <player name> <powerup> - Forces a powerup to some player. (<powerup> parameter is the powerup number in "ps_powerups.txt").

    Install Instructions
    - Download the .zip at "Attached Files" and extract into "...\addons\sourcemod" folder;
    - Optional: Install Updater to get automatic updates!
    - Done!

    When you run the plugin for the first time, a .cfg named "plugin.powerups_shop" will be generated in your "...\cfg\sourcemod" folder. Modify that file to customize the plugin settings.

    All players informations are stored in "...\addons\sourcemod\data" folder, as a text file named "ps_players".
    All powerups settings are stored in "...\addons\sourcemod\configs" folder as a text file named "ps_powerups".




    Advanced users: Compilation and custom powerups
    Check #template.sp in "...\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\power ups" folder to a tutorial on how to create custom powerups.

    Thanks for choosing my plugin!
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (powerups_shop.sp - 165 views - 32.9 KB)

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    Old 12-03-2016 , 10:36   Re: [TF2] Powerups Shop
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    Can you add an option which will make the points visible on hud?

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    Old 12-03-2016 , 16:26   Re: [TF2] Powerups Shop
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    1. For class and round after the end of the effect is still there
    2.Beggar's Bazooka can not switch weapons with infinite bullets will always shoot
    and yep need add hud
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