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Emergency Defuse Kit

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Old 05-08-2006 , 03:08   Emergency Defuse Kit
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I noticed many people often forget to buy a defuse kit on bomb/defuse maps, this plugin could be a life saver which only benifits the CT's. They could simply buy a defuse kit without being in the buyzone, but there's a higher price to that, it would cost more than the defuse kit that you would normally buy at the buyzone. So lets say that the bomb has been planted, then spotted the c4, but the T's are gaurding it, by the time you have or your team have eliminated all the T's there might be like around 10 seconds left, that would be the time to use the Emergency Defuse Kit simply by purchasing a defuse kit by saying one of the following commands in the game:
or by console commands:
I suggest binding one of your keys to one of those commands, but if you're going to use the "saying commands", this is how you would normally bind those commands:
(In Console) type:
bind "key" "say buy_defusekit"

You could modify the cost for the emergency defuse kit by either placing this cvar into your server.cfg or amxx.cfg:
amx_kit_cost <COST AMOUNT>
(Keep it above 200, just to keep the game balanced.)

This plugin is works for CT's ONLY.

1.1 - Updated to use Pcvar values.
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Old 05-08-2006 , 03:13  
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You should use this instead of that global crap.
cs_get_user_defuse - Returns 1 if a user has a defuse kit, 0 otherwise.
cs_get_user_defuse ( index )
so they don't pay for something they already bought. Other than that I like the idea.
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Old 05-08-2006 , 03:55  
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Maybe add the normal command to buy it? Like I have my KP_INS key bound to "defuser" so I just press that to buy it in spawn. Adding the default "defuser" command would make people with buy scripts happier (as they wouldn't need to bind another key).

Good idea as well.
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Old 05-08-2006 , 05:29  
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@Suicid3: Alright, I updated it, seems like a better way to check if the user has something that they already have.

@uTg|Jigga: Yeah, but if I do something like that, wouldn't it make it impossible to defuse? because it's still forcing the user to buy a defuse kit it they press the defuse key.
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Old 05-08-2006 , 07:43  
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Hint: use cs_set_user_defuse instead of give_item and then only cstrike will be required.
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Thanks VEN, i never thought of using that, but of course, I updated.
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great plugin idea awesome job
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