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[CS:GO] Anti Team Flash (redux)

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    Allows several options concerning flashbang's flashes, including teammates, dead players, and spectators.
    Old 11-04-2015 , 08:33   [CS:GO] Anti Team Flash (redux)
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    This plugin is a redux for CS:GO of the plugin of thetwistedpanda

    • This plugin creates a queue system (First-In-First-Out) for Flashbang grenades which allows you to prevent them from flashing teammates, their owner, spectators, or dead players.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash ~ Enables/disables all features of this plugin.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_team ~ If disabled, players will be able to team flash their teammates.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_dead ~ If disabled, flashbangs will flash dead players.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_spec ~ If disabled, flashbangs will flash spectators.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_owner ~ If disabled, flashbangs will flash their owners.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_time ~ The number of seconds from round_freeze_end for plugin functionality to end. (0 = Disabled)
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_none~ If enabled, normal functionality of the plugin stops. Flashbangs will not explode, and will be deleted after sm_anti_team_flash_life seconds.
    • csgo_anti_team_flash_life~ If enabled and sm_anti_team_flash_none is enabled, this is the lifetime of the flashbang before it is deleted.
    Configure the convars in the cfg/sourcemod/csgo_anti_team_flash file created.

    • Place csgo_anti_team_flash.smx inside of /sourcemod/plugins/

    Donations (optional):

    If you apreciate my work, you can donate me via paypal or with a trade offer


    Main repository
    Direct download
    Code changes
    Veteran SourceMod Coder -> Activity channel
    Taking some paid jobs and selling some private stuff.
    Contact: Steam, Telegram or discord ( Franc1sco#7876 ).

    You like my work? +Rep in my steam profile comments or donate.

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    Old 11-13-2015 , 22:37   Re: [CS:GO] Anti Team Flash (redux)
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    Thank you, installed.
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    Old 03-26-2017 , 14:31   Re: [CS:GO] Anti Team Flash (redux)
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    Nice plugin!
    Can you add admin flag support?
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    Old 10-01-2017 , 13:22   Re: [CS:GO] Anti Team Flash (redux)
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    Check this one out too -> https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=301429
    has the ringing effect removed.
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