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[TF2] Haunted Pumpkin Bombs (2017-12-05)

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Team Fortress 2
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    When your pumpkin bombs need a little more "badda boom".
    Old 11-03-2015 , 06:17   [TF2] Haunted Pumpkin Bombs (2017-12-05)
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    Hooks the spawning of pumpkin bombs, providing a random chance to turn an ordinary one into a haunted pumpkin. Spoooooky. Complete with the unused voice lines for idle and exploding events.

    The haunted bomb uses the "It's a puzzle to me" Unusual particle effect and an existing jack-o'-lantern model that has been resized to reasonably match existing pumpkin bombs. It also supports Pumpkin MIRVs, which use team colored teleporter glow effects in place of the ghost to show their allegiance.

    • sm_hpumpkin_version: Plugin version. Don't modify? Please?
    • sm_hpumpkin_spawn_rate (default 0.1): Probability that a pumpkin bomb will spawn as the plugin's haunted variation, from 0 to 1.
    • sm_hpumpkin_allow_multiple (default 0): Whether or not multiple haunted pumpkins are allowed to spawn.
    • sm_hpumpkin_haunt_teams (default 1): Whether or not team-colored pumpkin bombs can be haunted.
    Things the plugin will clobber:
    The plugin will change the targetname of any pumpkin bombs it affects (on the slim chance that you're doing something with those pumpkins that require that). It will also irreversably change the scale and model of those specific entities, even after being unloaded. Each haunted pumpkin bomb will have its own info_particle_system entity for the attached particle, so be careful about allowing too many of them to exist at the same time.

    Requires SDKTools and SDKHooks, so it's just the standard stuff. Just drop the plugin in and reload; it'll create its own configuration file.

    • 0.4.1 (2016-10-17)
      • Fixed trying to emit sounds to non-client attackers.
      • Made haunting MIRV pumpkins from spells optional.
    • 0.3.1 (2015-11-05)
      • MIRV pumpkin bombs (the ones spawned from spells) now have their own team-colored particle effect and appropriate size.
      • The particles for all Haunted Pumpkin Bombs have been changed in .1 (as this image shows, previously, neutral bombs had the Arcana Unusual effect and team-specific bombs used the "teleporter exit glow"). Might make this externally configurable someday?
    • 0.2.0 (2015-11-04)
      • Plugin now reads ConVar data from a configuration file (sourcemod/plugin.tf_pumpkin_sf2015.cfg)
      • Added check for nonexistent inflictor entity on death event.
    • 0.1.0 (2015-11-03)
      • Initial public release (and commit).
    Plugin Download / Source Code

    Last edited by nosoop; 11-04-2018 at 22:41. Reason: Re-add convar. Might acctually update properly now?
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