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[CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)

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    Allows players to become suicide bombers so they can explode and kill nearby players.
    Old 07-22-2015 , 11:05   [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    Suicide Bomber (v1.04)

    By Invex | Byte

    A fun and rather fitting way to play with the the C4 bomb.
    This plugin allows one or more terrorists to use the bomb as a suicide bomb.
    They are able to suicide and detonate the bomb, killing or damaging all surrounding enemies.

    This plugin was originally created for my combat Surf server as we decided we did not want to have any bomb sites on any of the surf maps. I cleaned up the plugin a little and added some extra configuration options before releasing it. The players seem to enjoy it (blowing up other people, not so much being killed by it).

    • Have one or more suicide bombers
    • Give VIP players a higher chance of being selected
    • If friendly fire is on, teammates can be killed/damaged
    • Compatible with common spawn protection plugins
    • Plays explosion sound/scream
    • Can optionally disable bomb sites while this plugin is active.
    • Kills are awarded points by rank systems like gameME.

    The player model render code was taken from cREANy0/Fredd's Spawn Protection plugin:

    1. Compile suicide_bomber.sp (note: this plugin is written in the new SM syntax).
    2. Copy suicide_bomber.smx and all other plugin files to your server.
    3. Configure settings by editing /cfg/sourcemod/suicide_bomber.cfg
    4. In game, when you are picked as the suicide bomber, equip the bomb and press E to go kaboom.
    5. Come back to this thread and make some suggestions.

    sm_suicidebomber_botscanhavebomb "0" //Are bots allowed to be given the bomb (def. 0)
    sm_suicidebomber_enabled "1" //Enable Suicide Bomber Plugin (0 off, 1 on, def. 1)
    sm_suicidebomber_explosion_sound "sound/invex_gaming/misc/wtfboom_scream.mp3" // Explosion sound to play when a suicider bomber suicides. (def. "sound/invex_gaming/misc/wtfboom_scream.mp3")
    sm_suicidebomber_highlight_BLUE "0" // Amount of blue in suicide bomber player colour. (min. 0, max. 255, def. 0)
    sm_suicidebomber_highlight_GREEN "0" // Amount of green in suicide bomber player colour. (min. 0, max. 255, def. 0)
    sm_suicidebomber_highlight_RED "255" // Amount of red in suicide bomber player colour. (min. 0, max. 255, def. 255)
    sm_suicidebomber_killbombsite "1" // Disable bomb sites (0 off, 1 on, def. 1)
    sm_suicidebomber_maxc4num "1" // Maximum number of C4 explosives to distribute (def. 1)
    sm_suicidebomber_sptime "0.0" // Set this to a non-zero value if you use a spawn protection plugin that colours player models. Leave as 0.0 to autodetect some spawn protection plugins. (min. 0.0, def. 0.0)
    sm_suicidebomber_vipenabled" "0", //"Enable VIP features. (def. 0)
    sm_suicidebomber_vipflag "q" // VIP flag to give users a higher chance of receiving the bomb. Single letter, lowercase. (def. 'q')
    sm_suicidebomber_vippickchance "3" // How many entries (total) do VIP players get when picking suicide bombers (min. 1, def. 3)

    ConVar Information
    • Set the RGB values to all 255 if you want suicide bomber to have no particular colour.
    • If you want a custom sound file, simply change sm_suicidebomber_explosion_sound
    • If you use a spawn protection plugin that colours player models, set sm_suicidebomber_sptime to the spawn protection duration. Fredd's Spawn Protection/Easy Spawn Protection plugins are autodetected.
    • Obviously don't set nonsense values or the plugin won't work.
    • Formula for calculating AOE damage is: 200 - (d/2) where d is distance from suicide bomber to target. This seems to be a good formula for calculating the damage.

    Juicy GIF:

    Going in for the kills.

    Two down, two tagged. What a time to be alive.

    If you feel like adding another language to the list, let me know!
    • English

    • N/A


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    File Type: zip csgo-suicide-bomber-plugin-v1.04.zip (107.9 KB, 239 views)
    STEAM: /id/invexbyte | Github: InvexByte | My Community: Invex Gaming
    My Plugins: Click Me!

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    Old 07-22-2015 , 12:55   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.02, 23/07/2015)
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    Sounds funny!
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    Old 08-21-2015 , 06:29   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    Old 08-21-2015 , 12:26   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    can you make it that terorists can disarm / disable bomb, it would be great for jailbreak servers so counter terrorists can ask them to disarm it or drop it.
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    Old 08-24-2015 , 19:36   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    sound doesnt work in csgo ? [Sound] S_StartSound(): Failed to load sound '*invex_gaming\misc\wtfboom_scream.mp3'. Can't create mixer.
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    Old 08-25-2015 , 16:19   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    Great plugin! may i ask you something? could you add a explosion effect when you use the c4? just like the normal c4 explosion effect? because now, it's like, someone suicides and you see almost nothing, also there's no sound when they explode! it would be fun to see a nice explosion when someone uses the c4

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    Old 09-07-2015 , 10:10   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    when u press E just for parachute it spam you dont have c4 you have to be suicede bomber bla bla its so annoying when i delete it from translation file it spam error log file need to fix it its spamming a lot
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    Old 12-11-2015 , 17:06   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    Hey! Amazing plugin, only one question, how do I change the key to explode yourself? Instead of E some key else, so you will be able to plant the bomb aswell..
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    Old 07-25-2016 , 17:19   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    Can't plant the bomb even if killbombsite is enabled.
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    Old 10-04-2016 , 21:44   Re: [CS:GO] Suicide Bomber (v1.04, 30/07/2015)
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    [SM] Exception reported: Invalid index -1 (count: 0)
    [SM] Blaming: suicide_bomber.smx()
    [SM] Call stack trace:
    [SM] [0] RemoveFromArray
    [SM] [1] Line 438, ****\scripting\suicide_bomber.sp::Event_BombD rop()
    [SM] [3] ForcePlayerSuicide
    [SM] [4] Line 590, ****\scripting\suicide_bomber.sp::OnPlayerRun Cmd()
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