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[INC] DTC - DownloadTableConfig

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Old 04-02-2015 , 15:08   [INC] DTC - DownloadTableConfig
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Ciao guys,

I made this include for my plugins and now I decided to make it public for you all.

With DTC you can easily create download config and give some files prefixes, which highlight that file on config loading (and also can contain some arguments set by server master).
You no more need to create bunch of convars or KeyValue config for settings of your files (like scale of the texture, team for the texture etc.).

More info and downloads in GitHub repository and if you find any bugs, let me know please.

Config example:
PHP Code:
// comment line
# comment line
comment line

[GamePrepare 3]     sound/timeleft/en/unreal/3sec.mp3
[GamePrepare 2]     sound/timeleft/en/unreal/2sec.mp3
[GamePrepare 1]     sound/timeleft/en/unreal/1sec.mp3

[GameEnd RedTeam]   sound/sm_hosties/noscopestart1.mp3
[GameEnd BlueTeam]  sound/sm_hosties/noscopestart1.mp3

[PlayerSkin Redmodels/player/prisoner/prisoner_red_fix.mdl

[PlayerSkin Bluemodels/player/prisoner/prisoner_blue_fix.mdl

[Mark Red 12.0 0.125materials/decals/custom/redstar.vmt

[Mark Blue 12.0 0.125materials/decals/custom/bluestar.vmt
How to use:
  1. Include DTC
    PHP Code:
    #include <dtc> 
  2. Create config (optional)
    PHP Code:
    public OnPluginStart()

    OnCreateConfig(String:sConfigPath[], Handle:hConfigFile)
    WriteFileLine(hConfigFile"// [Mark <team> <scale> <offset>]");
    WriteFileLine(hConfigFile"[Mark Red 0.125 12.0] materials/sprites/laserbeam.vmt");

  3. Load config
    PHP Code:
    public OnPluginStart()

    OnFile(String:sFile[], String:sPrefixName[DTC_MAX_NAME_LEN], Handle:hArgs)
    // Catch file with prefix "Mark"
    if (StrEqual(sPrefixName"Mark")) {

    DTC_GetArg(hArgs1sHelpersizeof(sHelper), "ERROR");

    LogMessage("File = '%s'"sFile);
    LogMessage("Arg1 = '%s'"sHelper);
    LogMessage("Arg2 = '%.3f'"DTC_GetArgFloat(hArgs20.0));
    LogMessage("Arg3 = '%.3f'"DTC_GetArgFloat(hArgs3, -1.0));

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Old 05-01-2015 , 06:34   Re: [INC] DTC - DownloadTableConfig
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works well, I used this.
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Old 05-02-2015 , 18:01   Re: [INC] DTC - DownloadTableConfig
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Thx, any suggestions appreciated.
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