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Spawnpoint Files

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Old 12-08-2012 , 02:32   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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has anyone made spawn points for nuke_ve or mirage_csgo
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Old 12-21-2012 , 19:12   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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God bro can you make me points for :

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Old 01-04-2013 , 13:37   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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here are some spawn points for:

de_nuke and _se <-- valve's new one
cs/de _kismayo
Attached Files
File Type: txt cs_compound_gc.txt (5.7 KB, 666 views)
File Type: txt de_nuke.txt (3.0 KB, 642 views)
File Type: txt dm_cult_v1.txt (2.6 KB, 641 views)
File Type: txt cs_kismayo.txt (7.8 KB, 656 views)
File Type: txt de_meteora_b1.txt (3.8 KB, 605 views)
File Type: txt de_nuke_se.txt (3.0 KB, 663 views)
File Type: txt de_kismayo.txt (7.8 KB, 672 views)
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Old 05-24-2013 , 17:34   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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I just want to note that you need the nameofmap.txt custom spawn points file to do this.

My deathmatch server runs competitive maps ( _se). I wanted to have random spawn points but I kept getting the following error:

L 05/24/2013 - 05:00:14: [cssdm\dm_preset_spawns.smx] Could not find spawn point file "cfg/cssdm/spawns/csgo/workshop/125488374/de_dust2_se.txt"
L 05/24/2013 - 05:00:14: [cssdm\dm_preset_spawns.smx] Defaulting to map-based spawns!
L 05/24/2013 - 06:503: SourceMod error session started

So....being the genius that I am

1. I went into the cfg/cssdm/spawns/csgo/ folder on my server and created a new folder called workshop. Now it looks like this: cfg/cssdm/spawns/csgo/workshop

2. Went to my Workshop Collection and retrieved the "workshop file name" for each map I wanted to use my spawn files for. For Example: the map de_nuke_se has a workshop file name of 125498553

3. Then I went into the cfg/cssdm/spawns/csgo/workshop folder I just made and created a new folder for each of the maps I want to make random spawn points for, using the workshop file name (number) as the folder name. For Example: cfg/cssdm/spawns/csgo/workshop/125498553 (for de_nuke_se)

4. I then went to the cfg/cssdm/spawns/csgo folder and copied each .txt file to its correct folder. For Example: I copied the file de_nuke_se.txt and placed it in the folder named workshop/125498553

Again, you must have a random spawn file for each map to do this. I just used the ones that came with Bailopan's CSSDM plugin. All this stuff above does is create the correct location in which the CSSDM plugin already searches when dealing with workshop maps. I personally am trying to locate random spawn files for the main workshop releases of de_mill, de_season, de_mirage_go and de_cache -- in the event someone has them already and can hook me up.

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Old 03-15-2014 , 08:11   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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anyone have spawn points for csgo de_ali, de_cache?
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Old 04-02-2014 , 19:05   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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Hi, everytime i put cssdm_spawn_menu i get this message

"this command is not available from the server console"

is there a way to get work the spawn menu? i dont know why i get that message, anyway, if i cant, can anyone erase this spawn from inferno and give it to me? is bad


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Old 11-30-2014 , 07:01   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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Spawn points for...
....if you played cod4 you'll love this nice remake for css...good for 1 on 1 or more. lots of shitty small maps out there but this one is quite good.
Spawn points all hand made couldn't get cssdm spawn points creator to work eh...but their fully tested no stuck ups, has correct angles, etc.
Here's some fun on this map hehe..
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File Type: txt dm_no3_killhouse_v2.txt (626 Bytes, 563 views)

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Old 12-14-2014 , 08:59   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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Can anyone post Spawn points file for de_dust2_unlimited for CS GO?
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Old 01-22-2015 , 07:54   Re: Spawnpoint Files
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Game : CS:S
I need spawnpoint files for:
- de_mirage
- de_cache

Thanks in advance.
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