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[CSGO] [ZR] Burn slow down fix

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    Old 11-05-2014 , 12:42   [CSGO] [ZR] Burn slow down fix
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    Not going to take credits here but i found plugins on the internet that will slow down zombies when they are hit by nalpam / molotov / incendiary grenade in CSGO

    here is the website that i found the plugin at: https://rulesofp.wordpress.com/

    inf_slowdown.sp : Similar to the previous plugin, this one makes inferno-based damage to slowdown. The slowdown is performed with stamina as in the burn slowdown plugin, so the result will not affect either maps nor other plugins.


    zr_inferno_slowdown [DEFAULT : 40.0] – Amount of stamina penalty to apply when being slowed down by inferno damage.
    burn_slowdown.sp : One of the big issues in CS:GO’s zombie gamemodes is that the classic napalm nades don’t slow the zombies down. Some of us believe this is actually good because it means that different alternatives might appear and make the gamemode evolve, but despite our personal thoughts we’re aware that some servers might prefer it. This plugin makes players get slowed down by means of stamina when they are hurt by fire attached to them (that is, when they’re burning). This means that this plugin will be completely compatible with Z:R’s napalm on classes, and the slowdown will not affect the players’ jumping (as it happens with speed-multiplier based fixes). There will not be problems with maps where a velocity multiplier is set, since stamina is completely independent from it.


    sm_stamina_burncost [DEFAULT : 25.0] – Stamina penalty to be applied when you’re burnt.
    sm_napalmonly [DEFAULT : 1] – Whether or not to apply stamina penalty on all kinds of burn damage types. It can make you slowdown on certain maps with env_fire so perhaps it’s not the best idea (since the fix isn’t Z:R specific and humans would be affected too).
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (burn_slowdown.sp - 1186 views - 3.2 KB)

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    Old 12-10-2014 , 10:08   Re: [CSGO] [ZR] Burn slow down fix
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    Thk u very much!
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    Bad Cold Man
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    Old 01-26-2015 , 08:44   Re: [CSGO] [ZR] Burn slow down fix
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    Found an error in the console:

    L 01/26/2015 [SM] [0] Line 72, D:\servercsgo_unlimited\csgo\addons\sourcemod \scripting\inf_slowdown.sp::OnTakeDamagePost( )
    L 01/26/2015 [SM] Native "ZR_IsClientZombie" reported: Plugin owning this native is currently paused.


    Just noticed that the zombies too much scatter in different directions after the explosion of the grenade. If the grenade explodes behind zombies, there is a possibility that one of the zombies can throw into the crowd.

    zr_inferno_slowdown 40.0
    sm_stamina_burncost 50.0
    sm_napalmonly 1

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