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[HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.8.00, 2014-6-15)

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Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
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    Roleplay gamemode for half-life 2 deathmatch
    Old 06-15-2014 , 17:53   [HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.8.00, 2014-6-15)
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    Edit: V 0.8 Released (Fixed a LOT of SQL errors)

    Included Dependencies:
    -Sourcemod stock libraries
    -BlueRP Stocks

    I rewrote the horribly written plugin from scratch that even I am responsible for. I did it right this time, optimizing the plugin, removing all unnecessary comments and writing internal documentation to help the server admins edit and manufacture their own representation of Roleplay.

    Internal Documentation:
    My original intent of creating this roleplay mod was to be a simple and compact roleplay mod for Half Life 2: Deathmatch. But rather than that, I wanted to make something that the average server owner could open up and edit to make some great changes to their server mod. Hopefully, nobody takes this for themselves and steals it claiming it as their own. Good luck and have fun.

    • SQLite Database Saving for Items, Players
    • Highscores system in the bank
    • Easily editable CVARs
    • Accessibility to players using the console vs. chat for commands
    • Commentation to identify what a function is supposed to do for newbie scripters
    • Around 32 Commands
    • sm_vmenuselect item binding resistence
    • Robbing
    • Banking
    • NPCs
    • Items
    • Etc. RP Stuff

    Special Thanks:
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip BlueRP Beta v0.2.zip (565.6 KB, 619 views)
    File Type: zip BlueRP 0.7.zip (565.4 KB, 233 views)
    File Type: zip BlueRP 0.8.zip (603.7 KB, 447 views)

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    Old 07-31-2014 , 20:47   Re: [HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.2.33, 2014-6-15)
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    Very good and basic, thumbs up

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    Old 09-23-2014 , 18:47   Re: [HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.2.33, 2014-6-15)
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    Great mod, EasSidezz. Looking forward to your next mods bro.

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    Old 04-23-2015 , 00:23   Re: [HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.2.33, 2014-6-15)
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    Can you please list the commands?
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    Old 12-02-2015 , 00:04   Re: [HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.2.33, 2014-6-15)
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    0.7 Released:
    -Ability to edit MySQL database config tree name from new cvar
    -Added the long-forgotten CreateDirectory(x, x) for new maps
    -SQL Doors tested and working
    -No longer have to specify a SQLite DB (Put mod in and go :>)

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    Old 04-18-2018 , 07:45   Re: [HL2:DM] BlueRP (v0.8.00, 2014-6-15)
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    Still not working properly for linux, i can spawn npc's but not +use to make a menu appear.
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