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Sequence Recorder

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   General Purpose        Approver:   Xanimos (85)
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Old 02-27-2006 , 21:50   Sequence Recorder
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This plugin is unsupported atm.

This plugin records what you are doing (example: a strat), and then allows you to replay what you did in real time. It spawns a fake player and he runs around doing what you recorded yourself doing. Maximum recording length is 3 minutes.

Commands (requires flag "M"):
amx_seq_record - Record a sequence of target <target name> <record name>
amx_seq_stoprecord - Stop recording current recording sequence
amx_seq_play - Playback a recorded sequence <record name>
amx_seq_list - Lists all the recorded sequences for the current map

seq_playback_quality - quality that the sequence is played back in. Scale from 0(worst) to 40(best) (Default 20)

amx_seq_list pint out example:
[AMXX] Sequences recorded on this map:

Recorded sequences (.seq) will be put into a folder that is created for you. Folder is amxmodx/data/recorded_sequences.

If you want to transfer sequences from 1 server to another:
A. copy all of the .seq files from 1 server to the other
B. open "sequence_names.dat" from the first server (in notepad)
C. copy all of the text from that file.
D. paste all of that text onto the end of the other server's "sequence_names.dat" file.

If you have this plugin installed and you are going to install a new copy / version:
Because of a seemingly unsquashable bug, you must do the following steps to reinstall / install a new version of this plugin if it is already running on your server:
A. take the filename out of plugins.ini
B. upload new version
C. change map / reload server
D. add the filename back into plugins.ini
E. change map / reload server again.
If you do not comply to these steps, your server is guarenteed to crash. (Will auto-fix problem on reboot though).

Notice #1: Playbacks do not appear 100% real, and the lower the quality the more "glitchy" they appear.
Some servers may not be able to handle:
A. more than one playback at a time
B. more than one recording at a time
C. a combination of both
D. playback with several people in the server
E. high-quality play backs. or even
F. this plugin at all
So I suggest seing what you can do without lagging your server. If your server starts to lag, you know it's limits. Try not to crash your server and then come complain
Notice #3: Grenades... don't exxactly... always go in the direction you throw them. They go in the direction you were running towards. Fake grenades thrown by these fake players do not flash or hurt. They do however explode and/or smoke
Notice #4: You cannot "see" what gun the fake playback player has, however you a hud displays his current ammo + weapon.
Notice #5: Sometimes instead of walking... the player appears to be skating (like on ice)

Tips (If your server can handle it):
amx_seq_record player1 strat1-1;amx_seq_record player2 strat1-2;amx_seq_record player3 strat1-3;amx_seq_record player4 strat1-4;amx_seq_record player5 strat1-5
amx_seq_play player1 strat1-1;amx_seq_play player2 strat1-2;amx_seq_play player3 strat1-3;amx_seq_play player4 strat1-4;amx_seq_play player5 strat1-5
To record a strat. Or just record yourself playing 5 different strat postitions.

Most important part:

v3x: is it laggy?
GHW Chronic: not when I tested on a listen at 40 quality
GHW Chronic: but since servers generally have less quality than a listen server
GHW Chronic: I added a quality tool (CVAR)
v3x: notices, more like bugs :P
GHW Chronic: no
GHW Chronic: not really
GHW Chronic: unfixable bugs
GHW Chronic: or
GHW Chronic: fixable with EXTREME LAG
v3x: F. this plugin at all 
v3x: rofl
GHW Chronic: well
GHW Chronic: if u have a $3 / month walmart server
GHW Chronic: or like that one guy
GHW Chronic: who has that 200 mhz ****
GHW Chronic: just quit life
v3x: lol
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Old 02-27-2006 , 22:38  
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nice, this will help me to train my clan ,GJ
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Old 02-27-2006 , 22:58  
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Nice job!
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Approved however make sure people know that it has potential lagging capabilites. (Make the text bigger at that part so it stands out)
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Old 02-27-2006 , 23:10  
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im confused so this is kinda like HLTV but you record a player?

so you can make player demo's? or what? lol
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No the playback happens with a fake client that runs around in game (You get to watch yourself from a third person view kind of) Works good for strats.
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All of the lag could be taken out of this plugin + an increase in quality could occur if you used Array module. Also, it would be a lot simpler.

You store the state of the player at the frame of start recording, IE model, grenades, weapons, everything.

Then, you record the buttons into one array, and the oldbuttons into another, for each and every frame of the player being recorded.

Then, when you stop recording, you've got a very high quality set of controls.

To play the recording, you simply make a fake client with ALL of the same stuff (you recorded it all into an array before), then set all the buttons and old buttons as you read them from the array.

For more info, contact me. i'll show you how to do it. It will probably fix all the bugs you've been having AND speed the damn thing up a whole lot.
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Old 03-03-2006 , 17:52  
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Very Nice Chronic. Origional for sure.
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-Dest Romano

A TSRP Server

Originally Posted by Brad
Don't you go be bringing reality into this.
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