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[DoD:S] Set Winners

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    Simply sets winners in favor of team which had more tick points.
    Old 07-26-2013 , 17:43   [DoD:S] Set Winners
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    Yet another little plugin.
    This plugin is useful on some maps where both teams cant win during a round, or if you always want to finish a round before mapchange.
    In other words it makes sense of 'tick points' that team received.
    For example Team1 for the whole round has not given any chance to opposite team to left spawn area or capture middle flag.
    When the map ends - usually no team are winning. But this plugin forces dominating team to win.

    There are only one ConVar - dod_setwinners_enabled - Whether or not set winners in favor of team which has more tick points.

    Plugin is automatically sets time to terminate a round right before map ends (usually in 15 seconds before mapchange to perform 'bonus round').
    Plugin disables itself when this plugin is active. So you dont need to setup anything.

    This plugin requires DoD Hooks!

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    dodsplugins.com - Plugins and Resources for Day of Defeat

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