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TS Map Voting Fix

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   The Specialists        Category:   General Purpose        Approver:   Geesu (62)
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Old 12-07-2005 , 08:04   TS Map Voting Fix
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TS comes with built-in map voting, but adding AMXX to the server will break this.
-Voting is still possible, but any successful vote will simply go to the next map in the cycle (ie amx_nextmap),
rather than the victorious map.
-This plugin intercepts players' votes and keeps a tally, allowing successful votes to change to the correct map.

This plugin was designed for TS, but there is no reason it will not work on any other mod.

-requires no extra modules, AMXX base only.

-voting is done my players typing "vote map <mapname>" or "votemap <mapname>" into chat.

amx_mapvoting <1|0> When one, ts-style map voting is allowed, when 0, map voting is blocked (1 by default)

I wasn't able to test it as extensively as I would have liked, but I will endeavour to do so ASAP. So, please report any bugs which crop up.
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Old 12-17-2005 , 16:12  
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what's the voting ratio needed so that the map will change?
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Old 12-17-2005 , 21:59  
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50% + 1 vote

If you like, I could add a setting to change it.
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Old 12-19-2005 , 10:23  
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Apprioving, but please fix indentations....
if          {          code()          }

should be

if {          code() }
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Old 12-19-2005 , 21:33  
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That's just my coding style. I find it is more readable when the braces are aligned with the indentation.
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Old 01-27-2006 , 08:58  
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Nice plugin!

Workz great on my server ;)
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Old 10-11-2006 , 12:35   Re: TS Map Voting Fix
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Can you create a menu like Clanmod when a player say /votemap , like admin map menu ?
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Old 10-12-2006 , 06:42   Re: TS Map Voting Fix
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Sorry, but that's not really the purpose of this plugin. All this does is fix a feature of TS that doesn't work with AMXX. I'm sure there are other map voting plugins around that do what you're looking for.
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