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[TF2]Merasmus Timer

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Team Fortress 2
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    A fairly basic timer to predict the spawning of Merasmus.
    Old 10-28-2012 , 01:48   [TF2]Merasmus Timer
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    A fairly basic timer to predict the spawning of Merasmus that shows the time until the next time he will spawn


    The times are based off of the
    tf_merasmus_spawn_interval(default 180)
    and tf_merasmus_spawn_interval_variation(default 30) ingame Cvars.

    sm_meras_timer_version "1.0"; Version Cvar.


    counting down: (top left corner)

    Place meras_timer.smx into the addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.


    1.0, Initial release;
    1.1. Fixed an issue with client counts;
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (meras_timer.sp - 920 views - 2.8 KB)

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    Old 10-28-2012 , 02:37   Re: [TF2]Merasmus Timer
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    This is fantastic! Thank you very much! Now everyone knows "exactly" when he's coming

    Last edited by DarthNinja; 10-29-2012 at 01:53. Reason: no need to quote the ENTIRE OP.
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    Old 11-01-2012 , 23:27   Re: [TF2]Merasmus Timer
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    Seems to have a small issue when a round ends. Sometimes the timer will read 0 on both high and low, yet he still doesn't show up for another 20+ seconds

    Usually happens when the timer only has a few seconds left on the low side and the round ends. I'm guessing the actual merasmus timer might not take into account some of the after round stuff possibly?

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    Old 11-05-2012 , 01:00   Re: [TF2]Merasmus Timer
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    Is there another cvar now after the update? Merasmus seems to be spawning almost every 30 seconds after his death. Timer is nowhere near accurate anymore.
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    Old 11-06-2012 , 03:41   Re: [TF2]Merasmus Timer
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    Here are some issues that prevent this from being approved:
    • You declare a number of global variables that are only used in one function.
    • "Timer" is a reserved word; Don't use it as a variable or function name.
    • Your client count is currently hardcoded to 10. However the required number of players can be changed with the cvar tf_merasmus_min_player_count. Also I believe only players on teams are counted.
    • You should use !IsFakeClient instead of !IsClientReplay(i) && !IsClientSourceTV(i).
    • The plugin currently checks the values of tf_merasmus_spawn_interval and tf_merasmus_spawn_interval_variation more often than needed. Use HookConVarChange to cut down on updates and make them happen immediately.
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    Old 11-07-2012 , 00:03   Re: [TF2]Merasmus Timer
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    Also what seems to happen, after beating Merasmus a couple times, he spawns very quickly after being defeated. Like 30 seconds most and he will respawn when around level 5+
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