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[DoD:S] Gun Menu

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    Lets players select from a menu of allowed weapons
    Old 08-24-2012 , 18:01   [DoD:S] Gun Menu
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    Hi all!
    Actually i've created this plugin for DeathMatch, but then I found this plugin is very funny at any server and gameplay.
    Plugin is very simple and easy in settings. I hope you like it
    Special thanks to LumiStance.

    Provides a menu to choose weapons. Once choosen the weapons are automatically given at respawn.
    The available weapons are configurable (see configuration below). The menu also provides a choice
    of no gun or random. Bots are given the same items as players and only random guns.
    Since 2.0 update, you can get weapons by saying 'k98' or 'bar' or

    This is really simple to setup & configure a plugin. You need to open config/weapons.ini file.
    You can easily include or exclude separate guns from a menu.
    To disable gun(s) you need to comment classname (//"weapon_")
    You can disable weapons at all. For example, if you dont want to allow players to choose a grenades - just comment all "weapons_" in 'Grenades' section. Same for primary, secondary & melee weapons.
    A note: removed weapons will not be available via say command.
    Translations are also avalible! Just rename menu text ("M1 Garand") to any you want and go!

    dod_guns_enablemenu <1/0> - Whether or not show gun menu at every respawn
    dod_guns_saveweapons <1/0> - Whether or not save preferenced weapons and automatically give them on respawn
    dod_guns_usetriggers <1/0> - Whether or not allow players to say "weapon" and get its weapon by classname

    !guns-----} When enabled, presents player with menus to choose primary, secondary, melee weapons & grenades

    Installation detalis:
    Put weapons.ini to sourcemod/configs folder
    Put dod_gunmenu.sp to sourcemod/scripting folder
    And put dod_gunmenu.smx to sourcemod/plugins folder

    -You can recall gun menu in any time
    -If player have not chosen any gun, he will stay with stock class weapons.
    -This plugin may be not compatible with DoDS Equipment, because GunMenu perform equiment too fast (immediate after respawn without any timers).
    -It requires at least SM 1.5.0

    Servers with this plugin

    Download plugin
    Browse source code

    dodsplugins.com - Plugins and Resources for Day of Defeat

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    Old 09-03-2012 , 23:29   Re: DoD:S GunMenu
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    Good job Root. I use a map config to enable this on the small arena type maps which is heaps of fun. Works like a charm!
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    Old 10-25-2012 , 15:10   Re: [DoD:S] GunMenu
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    An update have been released (1.1)
    -Fixed an issue when melee weapons or grenades wasnt changed after re-calling a gunmenu
    -Fixed an issue when client received a message in a console like "unknown command"
    -Fixed an issue when gunmenu was re-enabled when client is actually disabled it forever
    -Fixed a huge lag on first gunmenu using
    -Some minor improvements and optimizations

    dodsplugins.com - Plugins and Resources for Day of Defeat
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    Old 09-30-2013 , 10:36   Re: [DoD:S] GunMenu
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    Another awesome plugin by Root! Tnc u very much! :-)
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    Old 11-15-2013 , 08:12   Re: [DoD:S] GunMenu (2.0)
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    I've updated plugin to version 2.0 due to request.
    -added option to save preferenced guns between respawns (dod_guns_saveweapons cvar)
    -added option to get weapon by saying its classname. If you will say frag_ger or garand, you will get stick grenade and M1 Garand (dod_guns_usetriggers cvar)
    -slightly optimized and improved plugin

    dodsplugins.com - Plugins and Resources for Day of Defeat
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    Old 05-17-2015 , 06:05   Re: [DoD:S] Gun Menu
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    hello root

    this plugin is awsome, i am telling you. but since we added gungame mod on our server, is it possible to use this on normal maps. cuz we cant use the menu on gungame mod! is there a way to do that by add some cvar on map cfg?. thank you and hope to hear you soon!

    Last edited by nanswery; 05-17-2015 at 06:10.
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    Old 04-01-2018 , 17:13   Re: [DoD:S] Gun Menu
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    Can we get limits per life? Players can keep changing weapons as much as they want to spam nades. Would be nice to limit it to one weapon change per life.
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