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Battle Mages Version 1.0.1

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   DS (30)
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Old 05-09-2004 , 18:05   Battle Mages Version 1.0.1
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Battle Mages
Battle Mages introduces magic to our world of guns and roses. Hurl fireballs that explodes, fire lightning at your enemies, cover yourself in illusions that hides you from sight or heal yourself.

Complete storyline in the readme! Available in package and as alone download.

18 new spells!!!
Lots of new spells with great effects which you can have fun with.

View the information in your own language.

Menu System!
Have access to everything except casting the spells with one simple menu.

XP System!
Level up, become a master and access astounding bonuses or even new spells. This version features 30 levels, which can easily be changed.

Spell Upgrade System!
10 levels for each spell. Get 10 points in one spell to gain mastery.

Long term buffs doesn't fade until you die!
Former and new round buffs will not fade until you die.


An elemental mage casting a Fireball

2 Illusionists with the predator spell active

Table of Content
License (GNU General Public License)
Battle Mages Help
Battle Mages School Help
Get Started
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
How to install

License (GNU General Public License)
Battle Mages Counter Strike
Copyright (C) 2004, Martin J. Van der Cal

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

Martin J. Van der Cal, Contact me with email [email protected].

• battlemages.sma
• bmconst.inc
• bmelemental.inc
• bmenergy.inc
• bmgeneralfuncs.inc
• bmgvars.inc
• bmhelp.inc
• bmillusion.inc
• bmlife.inc
• bmxphandler.inc

Battle Mages Help
Battle Mages introduces magic to Counter-Strike. To start, you first need to choose a school. Different schools has different magic’s, a menu in which you can choose a school will appear when it is a new round and if you have yet to choose a school.
Battle Mages also features an xp system and a spell upgrade system.
You can’t upgrade your spells until you get xp, you get xp automatically while playing. When you level up you will be able to put your points at a spell of your choice by using the main menu (Check binds below on how to display it).
When you master a spell, you will receive a nice bonus or a completely new spell.

Now you need to bind a key to be able to cast magic. You do so by typing:
bind key bm_castmagic
in the console. Where key is the button which you will use to cast magic. Example:
bind f bm_castmagic
Now, every time you press the f key, you will cast magic.

Useful commands to bind:
To cast magic:
bind key bm_castmagic
To choose next magic:
bind key bm_nextmagic
To choose previous magic:
bind key bm_prevmagic
To view the main menu from where you can choose to view help, change school and more
bind key bm_menu
To change school (Can also be reached via the main menu):
bind key bm_changeschool

The main menu has several options: Select spell upgrades, change school, reset spell upgrades, this help and help about the school you are currently in.

When you press the bm_changeschool button or selecting it via the main menu, a menu will appear from which you can choose your next school. Although you wont change school until the beginning of next round.

Type bm_schoolhelp after you choose a school to display information about that

Good Luck!
Battle Mages School Help

Elemental Mage
The Elemental Mage is the master of elements

A tool of destruction. The fireball will fly and explode upon impact, causing massive area damage. A spell which Tommho the great elemental mage was first to cast and was also the first spell ever learned.

Ice Implosion
A cold spell slowing the opponents while the ice from the icy gusts inflicts damage. Created during the great hunt to slow the targets, making them easy prey.

Magma Shield
A defensive yet offensive spell. While it melts bullets coming close making the damage lesser towards the elemental mage. It also damages the attackers through
the heat. Created as a defense against the illusionists stealthy tactics.

Enchant Weapon
Enchanting the common weapons with magic, causing the bullets to inflict more damage. Crafted when Life mages arrived with their superior shields.

Enchant Weapon Fire
An upgrade to the usual enchant weapon. With a good shot these enchanted bullets can do damage over time to an opponent. A simple upgrade not long after the initial spell was crafted.

Stone Shield
Creates a shield of stone from the stone and sand nearby. Although it can be razed, it still provides a way to close off an exit, shield the mage from view and offer some small protection versus bullets. Rumor has it that masters of this spell can walk and shoot through the shield as it pleases him. Created by a paranoid mage, time unknown.

Energy Mage
The Energy Mage is the master of the energies that surrounds us all.

Lightning Strike
Pure energy strikes the target of the mage. A simple spell which was the one spell that made the founder of the energy school interested in energy spells.

Chain Lightning
After the first strike, the energy splits up to find things in the proximity. These “things” happens to be other mages. A masterpiece crafted by the founder of the energy school.

Lightning Speed
Manipulates the surrounding energy. Allowing the mage to run faster and making gears weightless. Watching his master with awe, the apprentice of the founder created this spell to be able to do the “meaningless” chores quickly to have time with other things.

Planar Armor
Reaching energies beyond our world, the mage creates a shield sturdier than anything else in the world. Finally the energy mages had the knowledge to reach out further than even the founder thought possible.

Ghost Armor
Not only applying planar energies on the mage, it also partially transports the mage to the other plane.

Reaches into the energies of a close by mage and transfers it to the mage. It was finally discovered that the energies inside a mage could actually be transferred. The mage that crafted this spell also abused it to gain an advantage.

Aura of Leech
A field around the mage which automatically transfer energy to the mage. Crafted thanks to the crafter of the first spell, who “volunteered” to have his energy transferred to others.

Force Field
Lightning energy within a field that damages anyone inside that field. Since the discovery that fields can be set up, a brilliant young mage used that new knowledge together with the simple spell Lightning Strike to create a powerful new spell.

Illusion Mage
The Illusion Mage manipulates how others see reality.

Although doesn’t hide the mage completely, it does make the mage a lot harder to spot. Created by Jazmina who accidentally triggered the spell when she was studying the ancient teachings. She became the youngest master throughout the history and also the leader of the illusionists.

Supreme Invisibility
Grants the user total invisibility. However since it requires a lot of concentration to sustain this illusion, the mage cannot walk as fast as normal and if the mage starts attacking someone, the illusion fades.

Mana Shield
Shielding against most of the damage, decreasing mana instead of life. With the minds in center the illusionists created a way of defense.

Mind Blast
The mage reaches out to opponents in an area and damages them through a psychic attack making it hard for them to see straight. The illusionists finally turned their eyes on other people, devising ways to play with other minds than their own.

Mind Flare
Creates a havoc of agony in the minds of mages in an area. To fire weapons or spells straight with this spell on is nearly impossible.

Self Illusion
The mages takes on the illusion of a predator. Not only changing the looks, but also granting the mage to do massive damage with a knife. Created during the assassination days, when the emperor paid a huge amount of money to get rid of his enemies.

Replenish Mana
Replenishes mana. Crafted since they could no longer upgrade their invisibility and mana shield, and the current form used up a great amount of mana fast.

Mana Regeneration
Creates a field around the head of the illusionist. Soothing the mind of the mage and constantly replenishes mana. Created after spying on the energy mages, learning their secret of fields.

Life Mage
The Life Mage uses the energy of the nature. Asking it to help them.

Heal Self
Simple healing spell. Together with heal other, this was the first spell created by the Life Mages. First discovered by Y'lien healing a burn wound that Tommho, the leader of the elemental school, had accidentally hit him with.

Heal Other
Simple healing spell, but directed towards others.

Full Heal Self
Powerful healing spell that also cures bad effects.

Full Heal Other
Powerful healing spell that also cures bad effects on a friend.

Shield of Y’lien
Increases the life of the mage. Created by Y’lien, the mage calls for the nature to inhabit the body of the mage.

Shield of Y’lienelle
Increases the life of the mage, and also returns a small amount of damage back to the attacker. Created by Y’lienelle the daughter of Y’lien by accident. Y’lien was teaching her his shield spell, but Y’lienelle had her concentration on a beautiful rose and its thorns, which gave the spell some exceptional properties.

Accelerates the normal healing power of the human body. A spell created by Y’lien and his daughter Y’lienelle after their discovery of the rose. By concentrating on some wildlife with good natural regeneration, they were able to add that regeneration on their own bodies.

Powerful spell that allows a mage to take a huge amount of damage for a short period of time. When Y’lienelle was returning home one day, her village was attacked by renegade elemental mages. Possessed with an extremely strong will to save everyone, she triggered one of the most powerful spells of the life mages. Thanks to the quick thinking of her father, who healed her while using the spell to defend her people. Both she and her people survived that day

Get Started
Type bmhelp ingame for help and info (Views the same help as above Battle Mages Help).

Thank you everyone who puts their codes up for people to see, great way to learn how to code.
Tony for the self illusion model Metal Gear Solid:Stealth Camo 2 (http://www.csnation.net/skins/view_skin.php?id=5814).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Can I only use MySQL server to save xp?
I have only tested it with MySQL. I don't know if the query's will work with other database servers.

I get the error bad load when I try to use this plugin, why?
Check so that you have all the necessary modules loaded (cstrike, engine, fun and mysql).

It just doesn't work! Why?
Perhaps if you provide some information I might just help you solve the problem.

How to install
• Make sure amxmodx version 1.0 or later is installed
• Make sure the modules cstrike, engine, fun and mysql are enabled
• Extract the zip file in your cstrike folder
• Run the server

The self illusion model is quite large (size: 2 400 692 bytes), and every player must download it to use it. If you dont like that, then you can change the cvar bm_usepredator 1, to bm_usepredator 0 and uncomment it in the config file. Battle Mages will then use the old Halflife model for robo instead. Looks like crap, but ok if you dislike large downloads.

Line in battlemages.cfg:
//bm_usepredator 1
Change to
bm_usepredator 0

Version 0.1.0 - Initial Version
• Contains 4 schools, each with one spell
• Cooldown implemented.
• Help and information added.

Version 0.1.1
• Implemented spell cost (MP)
• Added client_connect function
• Added HUD message, player info.
• Implemented Next magic and previous magic commands.
• Added new spell: Elemental Mage, Ice Implosion
• Added new spell: Energy Mage, Lightning Speed
• Added new spell: Illusion Mage, Shaking World
• Added new spell: Life Mage, Heal Other
• Added new spell: Life Mage, Shield of Y'lien
• Updated ingame school information.

Version 0.1.2
• Fixed bug where player could cast a spell and then change school, thus having a spell from another school active
• Fixed bug where a player would do less damage with the fireball, if switched to ice implosion before explosion.
• Fixed bug where a player would get repeted frags if ice implosion was in effect on a dead player.
• Moved some of the code into include files, to separate parts of the code. Makes it easier to read the code.
• Fixed Ice Implosion and Lightning Speed to work properly.

Version 0.1.3
• Changed the use of bm_changeschool, you will now choose a school as soon as you type it, but it wont take effect until the next round.
• Increased fireball damage to a maximum of 75.
• Friendly Fire is now fully implemented.

Version 0.1.4
• Fixed death message, should work properly now for the spells.
• Player info can now be positioned in 3 diffrent places. See the configuration file for details.
• Added new spell: Elemental Mage, Magma Shield
• Added new spell: Energy Mage, Planar Armor
• Added new spell: Illusion Mage, Mind Blast
• Added new spell: Life Mage, Regeneration
• Added a glowing shell to players using Magma Shield, Shield of Y'lien and Planar Armor.

Version 1.0.0
• Fireball now works properly
• Dictionary
• Menu system
• XP system
• Spell Upgrade System
• 18 new spells
• Shaking World changed to Mana Shield
• Long term buffs doesn't fade until you die
• Help updated

Version 1.0.1
• Commented alot of the code
• Fixed some balancing issues
• Added a cvar for those who don't want to save xp

Note: See configs/battlemages/battlemages.cfg for possible cvars to change.

********************************************* **************
* This download link contains everything you need to play
* Battle Mages version 1.0.1.
* Download Battle Mages Version 1.0.1 ! ! ! - Filesize: 2,07 MB
********************************************* **************
Attached Files
File Type: pdf battle_mages_readme.pdf (116.1 KB, 3158 views)

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could this be the next replacement for power mods like SHM or WCIII? heh we'll see will test it out on one of my servers and post back.
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Hmm i cant even compile this, can that be true ?

special_battlemages.sma(302) : error 017: undefined symbol "bm_help"
special_battlemages.sma(304) : error 017: undefined symbol "bm_schoolinfo"
special_battlemages.sma(846) : error 017: undefined symbol "s"

3 Errors.
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Hmm, try change the \n into ^n instead. It's a long shot, but it might just turn out to be true.

Which version of the compiler are you using?

You can also try out the amx file, which lies in the zip file, instead of compiling it again.
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Hmm i see no version info in the compiler anywhere, but anyway it's the one delivered with the latest amx mod x download.

- But anyway, i just tried the precompiled amx-file, but still wanted to inform that the script wasn't compileable
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hmm compiles for me.
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Hmm, dont like the compiler that the amxx mod brings you. I downloaded the newest compiler from smart compilers home:


Btw, a new version is out, Battle Mages v. 0.1.1.
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do u have to have amxx for this?
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nah go ahead try it with adminmod and plz report back how many times ur server crashes.
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If its for amx that you mean, then simply change the include file amxmodx to amxmod and then recompile it, I think thats the only thing needed, not sure though, wasnt really intended for amx when I first began programming on it.

If you should try it out, then I would be delighted if you would post how it went here.

Best Regards
/ Van der Cal
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