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How many slots can my fiber handle?

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Old 04-09-2012 , 01:25   Re: How many slots can my fiber handle?
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It varies by the map and such, but in the middle of a round on cp_follower, our full 30man server is using ~650KB/sec upstream and ~100KB/sec download. I've seen the upstream bandwidth usage spike to 800KB+ occasionally.

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Old 04-09-2012 , 03:09   Re: How many slots can my fiber handle?
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Originally Posted by HisHighnessSajjad View Post
On Steam.com it's been stated:
"1024k uplink = 28 player (19 players for srcds - note 16 players is max for HL2DM)"

Does it mean that I can make a 19 slot server?

This is old as :crab:

You have not even mention what game you are going host.
Of course you can host 19 player server. No one can't deny you for that.
But don't expect it's "lagless" wth 1Mbps upload.

Cs:s taking 15KB/s ~ 25KB/s by one player, x 19 players
around = 285KB/s ~ 475KB/s
in my opinion
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