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Testing hlguard

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Old 04-04-2012 , 02:41   Testing hlguard
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I'm running a CS 1.6 server which has hlguard v1.9.n10 installed.
When I tried to test it, I connected to the server, but I didn't get the "agreement" message, although the "hlg_exec addons/hlguard/config/hlg_agreement.cfg" line is not commented in the hlguard.cfg file.

But I decided to test it anyway, and since I'm a wallhack/aimbot/anykind of cheats noob, I stumbled across a (cdhack)cd-d 4.33.4 wallhack. I enabled it and joined my own server. While I was spectating, I got a message saying "cheats enabled", and the wallhack worked, I could see where other people were, but once I joined in on the game, the wallhack stopped working, I couldn't see through walls anymore. Is this due to hlguard, or I just didn't know how to use it?
I'm not asking how to use the wallhack, I just want to know if the hlguard is working.

And then, if I enable cvar checks in hlguard, when certain people join the server, the whole server crashes, I'm guessing hlguard detects something and fails to kick/ban and thus causes the whole hlds to "seg fault"?

Is AMXBANS mandatory for hlguard to work properly? Because I don't have it installed, and frankly kinda don't want to install it. I'd be much more happy if I could get hlguard to ban people using "amx_ban" and/or "amx_banip". Is this possible?

And last thing, is hlguard up to date? Or is there a better similar anti-cheat plugin that doesn't require any client software installs?

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