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[DoD:S] RoundEvents Extended

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    Plugin switch teams at round start on dod_jagd
    Old 01-21-2012 , 05:10   [DoD:S] RoundEvents Extended
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    I present my RoundEvents Extended plugin! It provides extended functionality for round events (round start and round end).
    Special thanks to Andersso for tips and helping!

    dod_rex_unlockteamwall (1) = Whether or not unlock team wall after round end. Wall will be returned to the original state when new round starts
    dod_rex_blockspectators (1) = Whether or not disable availability to leave to spectators after round end. Useful to prevent losers to avoid humiliation
    dod_rex_togglealltalk (0) = Whether or not disable restrictions for voice chat (enable sv_alltalk) on round end and turn it off when new round starts
    dod_rex_switchafterrounds (4) = Sets the amount ot rounds that required to call a vote or switch teams on next round. Set to 0 to disable those features
    dod_rex_switchafterwins (0) = Unlike dod_rex_switchafterrounds ConVar, this one deremines amount of wins needed to call a vote or switch teams
    dod_rex_callvotebeforswitch (0.60) = If value is specified, always call a switch vote\nValue (1 means 100%) determines number of votes for successful voting
    dod_rex_switchimmunity (0) = Whether or not protect admins from being switched to opposite team after successfull voting when new round starts

    This plugin is also unlocks values of dod_bonusroundtime cvar, so now you can use a extended time for killing losers

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