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How would I set the group that the extention checks if player is a memeber of

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Old 11-22-2011 , 08:17   How would I set the group that the extention checks if player is a memeber of
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I have this code for example. I basically want to make a plugin that checks the group status of a client and then prints a welcome message depending on their group status.

As you can tell I have no idea what I'm doing and I would really appreciate any help.

#pragma semicolon 1
#include <sourcemod>
#include <steamtools>
#define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0"
public Plugin:myinfo = {
 name        = "SteamTools Tester",
 author      = "",
 description = "A plugin to tell people to join your group",
 version     = PLUGIN_VERSION,
 url         = ""
new ReplySource:Async_GroupStatus_Reply;
new Async_GroupStatus_Client;
public OnPluginStart()
 RegAdminCmd("sm_groupstatus", Command_GroupStatus, ADMFLAG_SLAY, "Requests a client's membership status in a Steam Community Group.");

public Action:Command_GroupStatus(client, args)
 if (args != 2)
  ReplyToCommand(client, "[SM] Usage: sm_groupstatus <client> <group>");
  return Plugin_Handled;
 new String:arg1[32];
 new String:arg2[32];
 GetCmdArg(1, arg1, sizeof(arg1));
 GetCmdArg(2, arg2, sizeof(arg2));
 new String:target_name[MAX_TARGET_LENGTH];
 new target_list[MAXPLAYERS], target_count;
 new bool:tn_is_ml;
 if ((target_count = ProcessTargetString(
   tn_is_ml)) <= 0)
  ReplyToTargetError(client, target_count);
  return Plugin_Handled;
 new bool:didLastRequestWork = false;
 for (new i = 0; i < target_count; i++)
  didLastRequestWork = Steam_RequestGroupStatus(target_list[i], StringToInt(arg2));
 ReplyToCommand(client, "[SM] %s.", didLastRequestWork?"Group status requested":"Error in requesting group status, not connected to Steam");
 Async_GroupStatus_Client = client;
 Async_GroupStatus_Reply = GetCmdReplySource();
 return Plugin_Handled;
public Steam_GroupStatusResult(client, groupAccountID, bool:groupMember, bool:groupOfficer)
 ReplyToCommand(Async_GroupStatus_Client, "[SM] %N is %s in group %d.", client, groupMember?(groupOfficer?"an officer":"a member"):"not a member", groupAccountID);
 Async_GroupStatus_Reply = SM_REPLY_TO_CONSOLE;
 Async_GroupStatus_Client = 0;
if (IsClientConnected(client) && IsClientInGame(client))
  if (groupMember = false)
  CPrintToChat (client, "%T", "Please Join our steam group!", LANG_SERVER, client);
  if (groupOfficer = true)
  CPrintToChat (client, "%T", "Welcome back group officer!", LANG_SERVER, client);
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