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[CS:S/CS:GO] iBots

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Counter-Strike: Source
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    Interactive gameplay for Bots vs Humans with reactive bot_quota, bot health, bot_difficulty, and player cash
    Old 10-07-2011 , 17:56   [CS:S/CS:GO] iBots
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    This plugin will dynamically set the HP and quota of bots based on the number of human players and the difference between bots and humans team scores.

    This plugin was based off of the privately released metamod plugin Adaptive Bots by Old and Slow. I did not have access to the sourcecode for that plugin and this plugin was designed off of my experience and memory of playing on a server that had the Adaptive Bots plugin. Credit to the idea goes to Old and Slow - Thank you :)

    It's a fun plugin and I wanted others to enjoy this type of gameplay. This plugin was designed with having the game end when a player (either bot or human) reaches the frag limit score.

    You can use a per-map configuration to set which team the bots will play on and which team the humans will play on (see below for cvars). This plugin has 20 cvars so you can configure it to your liking. If you'd like any additional cvars added, just let me know in this thread.

    I've included ignited hegrenades for VIP players if you want to use those. You can override the flag I set (which was "a") to any flag you want using the command "ibots_vip" and set it to whatever flag you want. I'll be adding a couple more VIP features in subsequent releases.

    I added Super HEGrenades to help when bots start getting a lot of HP, the grenades are somewhat more useful - you can turn this off in the config file. now has a configurable friendly fire manager now has the ability for specified players the ability to take control of bots after they die. Players with admin flag CUSTOM1 or overridden access to "allow_control_bots" have access to the bot takeover.

    Admins for iBots_botcontrol_msg when set to 1 are admins with "b" flag (default) or whatever flag you override with command "ibots_admin"

    People who are allowed to control bots are players with CUSTOM1 flag (default), or whatever flag you override with command "allow_control_bots"

    People who get the special VIP effects (like ignited nade) are players with "a" (default), or whatever flag you override with command "ibots_vip"



    SourceMod 1.5+


    To install, simply place the iBots.smx file in your sourcemod/plugins folder and the ibots.phrases.txt in your translation folder and either restart the server or change the map.

    A configuration file will be created in cstrike/cfg/sourcemod called plugin.iBots.cfg. Open this file and modify to your liking. Pay special attention to not set the same team number to the bots and humans.

    Speaking of bots, make sure your server.cfg or bot.cfg (or similar) does not set the bot_join_team or bot_quota or bot_difficulty - let this plugin do that for you or you may see undesirable results.

    berni for SMLib functions
    Old and Slow for original idea and his Adaptive Bots MetaMod:Source plugin
    Sourcemod and alliedmods community
    My alpha/beta testers

    None that I know of. Unless the configuration file is setup incorrectly or some other plugin is messing with the bot_quota, bot_join_team, bot_difficulty, or health of players, this plugin should work great as a stand alone plugin for bots vs human gameplay.

    If you were planning on running this on deathmatch servers, just be aware that those plugins usually come with a spawn protection that will reset the health of the bots after X seconds back to 100HP.

    If you find an issue, let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.

    To Do List:
    * DONE Add translation file so this plugin is not hard coded in English
    * Add dynamic weapon un/restriction based on score and/or streaks For now, use a separate plugin to achieve this.
    * DONE Add cvar so server admins can specify what team bots are on (per map config compatible)
    * DONE Implement [INC] Colors by exvel for better output of chat and ease of use for translation file
    * DONE Add Updater capability
    * DONE Add ability to update config file with missing CVars

    Change Log

    Might be safe if you backup your old config file, delete (or rename) it, then let the plugin create a new one for you since I've introduced a number of new CVars since If you're upgrading to (or later) make sure you grab the new translation file, just in case.

    As of, this plugin will automatically add new CVars to the config file, so you don't need to worry about backing up your config - just check it for the newly added CVars and set those as you see fit.

    ** To edit your bot names, open up the botprofile.db with notepad or similar and change the names to reflect the difficulty - make sure you back up your original botprofile.db file.
    Attached Files
    File Type: txt ibots.phrases.txt (4.9 KB, 2185 views)
    File Type: smx iBots.smx (37.7 KB, 2031 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (iBots.sp - 1372 views - 81.0 KB)
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    Old 10-07-2011 , 18:53   Re: iBots
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    Great man, maybe will use this on mine servers, can be veru usefull when he crash...
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    Old 10-07-2011 , 22:07   Re: iBots
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    I'm going to work on an new and improved method of dynamically changing the bots team. This way, if an admin types in a command it will switch the humans and bots and the team scores.
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    Old 10-08-2011 , 02:19   Re: iBots
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    I had seta00 make me something very similar to this a while back, good job. I think I'll switch due to the extra advantages.
    Happy Happy Joy Joy

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    Old 10-08-2011 , 03:49   Re: iBots
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    Thanks for releasing this.. I should find a use for it on a few of my servers.
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    Old 10-09-2011 , 14:12   Re: iBots
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    is this plugin only for css?
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    Old 10-09-2011 , 16:36   Re: iBots
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    Originally Posted by Leonardo View Post
    is this plugin only for css?
    it's only been tested on CSS... I don't have any other servers to test it on
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    Old 10-10-2011 , 10:23   Re: iBots
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    I can say that things that adjust the HP of bots probably shouldn't be used on a TF2 (or Fortress Forever?) server, as bots are assigned random classes (which determines their hitpoints).
    Not currently working on SourceMod plugin development.
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    Old 01-14-2012 , 15:28   Re: iBots
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    Hello having some trouble i am tryin to have 4 bots for one human but it keeps giving me two bots. I have ibot_quota set to 4 and also have ibot_quota_min to show 5 bots in when noone is in game but no bots are showing up either can u assist?
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    Old 01-14-2012 , 15:37   Re: iBots
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    I'll be updating this plugin this weekend... I'll have a fix for you by tomorrow.
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