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Old 09-24-2005 , 20:48   FlamingBarriers
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An upgraded and much more efficient (though still inefficent) port of my original Flaming Barriers 0.2 plugin for AMX.

Flaming Barriers 0.5b by Avalanche
Place flaming barriers (or walls) anywhere you want on a map to block off access.


You can add flames to a map to block off certain routes or to eliminate certain camping spots, among many other things. Whatever you do with them, they look really cool in quantities.

When you place a flame, you have two and a half seconds to move off of the flame before it comes active. If you have godmode, admin immunity (with flame_immunity set to 1 or 2), admin ban access (with flame_immunity set to 2), or if the flame belongs to your team, you will not be damaged.

You can add flames, remove your flames, toggle your flames on and off, or (if you have ADMIN_IMMUNITY) clear the map of all flames. It is easiest to bind a key to amx_flameadd GROUP and tap the key while you run the path you want to block off.

As of version 0.2 you can give your flames unique groups so that you may do an action on a particular group. You can use amx_flameadd TSpawn for one section of the map, and then amx_flameadd CTSpawn for the other section. Then, to remove a particular section, you can use amx_flameremove TSpawn (or CTSpawn). You can also use amx_flametoggle with a group to toggle a section of your flames on and off. Instead of specifying a group you can use the word ALL to refer to all of your flames, regardless of their group. The second parameter to the amx_flametoggle function is 0/1/2: 0 is off, 1 is on, and 2 is toggle their current status.

As of version 0.3 groups are strings instead of integers, each flame has its own individual damage and team ownership, flames are now trigger_hurt's so they work better, and there is no flame limit.

You can set the damage the flames do when you create them as the second parameter to amx_flameadd. You can actually set this to a negative amount to provide healing orifices. You can also specify a team that the flame belongs to, and it will not damage that team. If you use 0 as a team it damages all teams.

The flames stay posted round after round until they are removed by you or until the map changes. This is why you should be careful when placing flames near a spawn (you'll die before the buy time is even close to over if the players are near enough).

As of version 0.5, you can now create flame lists. For example, you might make some flames at the CT spawn in group "CTSpawn" and some flames at the T spawn in group "TSpawn" for de_dust. If you want this to be loaded automatically, you would use this command to save the list:
amx_flamelist_save "dust_spawn_flames" "CTSpawn" "TSpawn"

Then, in addons/amxmodx/configs/maps/de_dust.cfg, you would put the following:
amx_flamelist_load "dust_spawn_flames"

In order to use flame lists, you must create the following directory on your server:

Commands (requires ADMIN_BAN) access:
amx_flameadd <group> <damage> <team> - places a flame where you are standing, team is a number (-1 for none)
amx_flameremove <group> - removes all placed flames by you in that group, ALL is all
amx_flametoggle <group> <0|1|2> - toggles all placed flames by you in that group (ALL is all) to given status
amx_flameclear - removes all placed flames by everyone (this one requires ADMIN_IMMUNITY)

amx_flamelist_save <file> <group1> [group2, ...] - saves groups of flames to flame list
amx_flamelist_load <file> - loads a saved flame list
amx_flamelist_show - shows a list of all saved flame lists
amx_flamelist_remove <file> - removes a saved flame list

flame_enabled <0|1> - enable/disable the plugin
flame_banimmunity <0|1> - 0: no immunity, 1: ADMIN_IMMUNITY immune, 2: ADMIN_IMMUNITY and ADMIN_BAN immune

To-do list:
- Set flame toggle timers
- Commands to change damage and teams for flames
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No longer around. Thanks your support, everyone! As always:
3000 PTS

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Nice use of a trigger_hurt. Good job man.
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wicked 5/5 ( when and hopefully it gets apporved )
Originally Posted by phorelyph View Post
your retatred
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Old 09-24-2005 , 22:16   Re: FlamingBarriers
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Nj very usefull
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Old 09-27-2005 , 10:38  
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Hoep it gets approved. It's awesome.

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Old 09-27-2005 , 16:18  
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Can you make it so it saves its location so in a map specific file that loads on startup of that map. So you dont have to redo it everymap.
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Old 09-27-2005 , 18:21  
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Good job avalanche! I'm rooting for you (to get it approved)!

oh and i think Sub has a valid point.
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Old 09-27-2005 , 18:29  
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is it possible to boost people over the wall of fire?
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Originally Posted by d4rkst4r
is it possible to boost people over the wall of fire?
yea it is...ive done it on de_rats...like on a ladder too...if they dont touch the fire...they dont get hurt.
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Old 10-03-2005 , 19:17  
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maybe add a flameheight cvar

amx_flameheight (units)
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