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Translation Project

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Hey all,

I was thinking today that not a lot of plugins uses much of the translation system simply because there is no one to translate.
So, I thought: And if we have a group for translating plugins? Just needs the developer to ask and we translate it?
And that is what i'm proposing.

For those who want to join, just post here for what languages you would like to translate and i will be adding it at the main post. Reviewers are also needed.

For those who want to have their plugins translated, post here the .phrases.txt file with the phrases in english. Also, if possible, add some credits on the plugin for the project.

Just to keep it clear: All the translators have their own lifes so the translations will be made as they can. And that is another reason for you to join the project since as many translators as many translations.

For the translators: I don't know if you know but, you can write the text like it is („,Á,etc). You just need to save the translation file as UTF-8. Also, always remember to remove the line "#format" from yours translated files.

Needing translation:
Ultimate Map Chooser Admin Menu 
[en] file
Done: pt,ru,de,lt,ko
Requested: ru,de,nl,fr,lt,pt,es

RankMe [en] file
Done: ru,nl,de,fr,lt,ko
Requested: ko and there is some phrases missing in de, fr, nl, ru
The translated files will be released as:
- yourplugin.phrases.txt with the formats and english version.
- folder_of_language/yourplugin.phrases.txt with the translated version.

		"en"		"Hello World"
		"#format"	"{1:s}"
		"en"		"Hello {1}"
		"pt"		"Ola mundo"
		"pt"		"Ola {1}"
People Translating:
  - Brazilian Portuguese:
    - lokizito
    - away000
  - Dutch:
    - Monkeys
    - Groger
  - German:
    - Dr. Greg House
    - Mainfield
  - French:
    - Monkeys
    - Zirconium
  - Korean:
    - Blowst
  - Lithuanian:
    - MindeLT
    - hleV
  - Russian:
    - ShufflexDD
    - b82a
    - Leonardo
    - neatek1
  - Spanish:
    - Franc1sco
Changes (MM/DD/YY):
06/08/11: Project Started.
06/09/11: Added MindeLT, ShufflexDD, Monkeys and Groger to the project.
              Also removed the reviewers item since i think all the translators
              can review if needed and added how the translations will be
06/14/11: Added b82a to Russian translations, Need translation and Translated.
06/21/11: Added Franc1sco to Spanish Translations.
06/27/11: Added Dr. Greg House to German Translations.
06/29/11: Added away000 to Brazilian Portuguese Translations.
07/18/11: Added neatek1 to Russian Translations.
09/16/11: Added Zirconium to French Translations, Mainfield to German Translations and hleV to Lithuanian Translations.
09/22/11: Added Blowst to Korean Translations.
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Translation Project - Let's make the plugins to be international

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