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[TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer

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    Stops TFBots from choosing the Engineer class, fixing the crash bug currently plaguing servers with bots.
    Old 05-17-2011 , 22:13   [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    Stops bots from playing the engineer class. This fixes the current (as of May 17, 2011) crash from having TFBots enabled

    • sm_sbfpe_class - The class which bots who try to spawn as engineer should end up as instead. Default medic.

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    Old 05-17-2011 , 22:33   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    I love you.
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    Old 06-05-2011 , 06:20   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    Great plugin.

    Couple of suggestions:

    Would be nice if instead of changing all engie's to one certain class it randomly selected one of the remaining classes.

    Like this:

    sm_sbfpe_class "random"

    Also how about giving people the option to list a few choices of class instead of just one:

    Like this:

    sm_sbfpe_class "soldier,sniper,spy"
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    Old 07-22-2011 , 11:16   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    Sry, this does not run for me. Got an error on compiling
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    Old 11-17-2011 , 21:40   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    Although I think the crash has been fixed, this can still be used to prevent bots from playing engineer.
    Might be useful if this plugin was updated to restrict other classes as well (maybe also a setting to allow x number of a class rather then just a hard lock).
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    Old 05-26-2012 , 21:29   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    If you want to use

    Originally Posted by Extreme_One View Post
    sm_sbfpe_class "random"
    add the lines

                if (StrEqual(alternateclass, "random", false))
                    static const String:klassen[9][16] = {"scout","soldier","pyro","demoman","heavyweapons","engineer","medic","sniper","spy"};
                    alternateclass = klassen[GetRandomInt(0, 8)];

                GetConVarString(sm_sbfpe_class, alternateclass, sizeof(alternateclass));

                FakeClientCommandEx(client, "joinclass %s", alternateclass);

    One thing. Such output can happen:

    [StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer] Bot tried to go engineer, forcing engineer instead
    But I like it! One and another engi could not be wrong. :-) (Otherwise you can change "engineer" in the klassen string array to "medic" or whatever you like.)
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    Old 04-08-2016 , 17:20   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    This works, but the bots on the red team all turn into medic lol and some on blue as well. (Mainly because the first bot on red is always engineer)
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    Old 10-25-2017 , 12:18   Re: [TF2] StopBotsFromPlayingEngineer
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    After the Jungle Inferno update, the plugin is broken.
    A semi-average TF2 Engineer main, attempting to make contact with the outer world and befriend it... Even though sometimes that doesn't go well.

    Oh yeah, I don't know how make plugins.
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