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[TF2] Double Regen in Spawn (Invisible Hat Fix)

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    This is a fix for equipped items being invisible until second regen.
    Old 04-24-2011 , 05:43   [TF2] Double Regen in Spawn (Invisible Hat Fix)
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    With the Hatless Update valve introduced some changes to the item system. A new bug exists where a players equipped item is invisible until a second regen/respawn. This plugin fixes that by making the player regen a second time if he is in spawn and has just changed his inventory.

    sm_DoubleRegen_delay "0.2" //Delay between the original regen and second.

    sdkhooks2 for hooking the spawn room trigger on touch.

    1.1 - fixed a typo in cvar
    1.0 - release
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    Old 04-24-2011 , 10:22   Re: [TF2] Double Regen in Spawn
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    You could upload compiled plugin (*.smx) also.
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    Old 04-24-2011 , 10:24   Re: [TF2] Double Regen in Spawn
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    Valve does not create bugs, only hats.

    This thread is now about hats.
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    Old 11-04-2011 , 20:26   Re: [TF2] Double Regen in Spawn
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    Approved, although I'm not sure if TF2 still has this bug or not.
    EHG: You may want to consider a more descriptive name for people using the plugin search. It's not immediately clear what this plugin does from the title.
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