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[many games] AdsQL Advertisements System - v1.7.8 - Last Updated 2011-04-02

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    Improved MySQL-based advertisements system with advanced game type and server selection features. Set up and manage your server ads with a web interface.
    Old 02-20-2011 , 22:42   [many games] AdsQL Advertisements System - v1.7.8 - Last Updated 2011-04-02
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    AdsQL Server Advertisements System - Short Description
    Improved MySQL-based advertisements system with advanced game type and server selection features. Set up and manage your server ads with a web interface.

    This plugin is no longer being maintained by its author/maintainer (me). It is a good plugin that works quite well for people who can follow directions, however as some have noted, there are some potential security risks with the Web UI. Unfortunately I am no longer participating in Valve gaming, either as a player or a server operator, as I do not have the time or interest for it any longer.

    Until someone who knows what they're doing is willing to take up maintenance of the plugin and web UI -- since Obsidian apparently found security problems and blabbed them out in public to everyone -- it is recommended that steps be taken to restrict access to the web interface to trusted IP addresses, such as firewall rules, .htaccess files, etc.

    100% of the web UI and plugin source code is attached below, so if you have the time and the inclination, and know what you're doing, knock yourself out.

    The AdsQL advertisements system is a replacement for DJ Tsunami's standalone advertisements plugin, aimed at experienced server operators who wish to store the advertisements used on all of their gameservers running this plugin in a single MySQL database, and use a web interface to create, edit, and manage display of the ads on your servers.

    If you only operate a single gameserver, you do not need to use this plugin and can continue using DJ Tsunami's standalone version, unless you'd just rather use a web interface to manage your ads.

    The AdsQL Advertisements System is a fork of the original MySQL Advertisements plugin and web interface. MySQL Advertisements has been unmaintained for a long time now with multiple bugs, problems and limitations. While a number of posts were made describing fixes, improvements, and even updated/modified versions somebody was working on, nobody ever actually posted one. Since I used this plugin/webui on our setup, and know a lot of other people also use it, I decided it was time to "fork" from what looks rather like an abandoned project and release what I have been working on to the community rather than just keep it for myself.

    Original Work
    Strontium Dog - for the original MySQL Advertisements plugin and web interface this fork project originated from.
    DJ Tsunami - for the original standalone Advertisements plugin

    I do not claim that the code of the plugin or the web interface is 100% mine. The original work by Strontium Dog and DJ Tsunami are still reflected to varying degrees in this plugin and web interface today. A cursory review of the PHP and plugin code will easily confirm this is definitely NOT just a "cheap knockoff" of either, however.

    Other Credits
    Psychonic - for help with the UTF8 charset problems

    The AdsQL Advertisements System retains all of the functionality of the original MySQL ads plugin and includes a multitude of fixes and improvements -- while doing as much as possible to make this system easy for existing sm_adsmysql users to switch to.

    ALL known bugs and HTML coding standards compliance problems with the original web interface have been fixed. The web interface is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer, and the entire updated web interface has been W3C validated to be HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant, except one feature we need for the Server ID's text input box which is not strictly HTML standards-compliant, but is tested to work properly on ALL browsers.

    The web interface, SQL database (as configured by the provided adsql.sql script), and plugin should all be fully UTF8-charset compliant now (as of 1.7.7 release).

    Ad text is defined in essentially the same manner as DJ Tsunami's standalone advertisements plugin, supporting the same syntax, color tags, etc. (dependent upon which colors the games themselves support). But you use a web interface to write/edit the ads instead. And with AdsQL, you can choose multiple game types you want an ad to run on, define Server ID's to limit which servers of the specified type(s) run the ad, and even combine game types with Server ID's if you like.

    Each server running the AdsQL plugin will ONLY load the ads it is supposed to be running from the SQL database, based on how the ads are defined.

    Supported Games
    The AdsQL Advertisements System currently supports defining ads for the following game types:

    Age of Chivalry
    Counterstrike Source
    Counterstrike Source BETA
    Day of Defeat Source
    Half Life 2 Deathmatch (hl2mp)
    Left 4 Dead 1
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Pirates Vikings & Knights II
    Team Fortress 2
    Team Fortress 2 Beta
    Zombie Panic Source

    Another feature I have added to the web interface is "hover over" names for each game type icon - if you hover over a game icon in the Game Type(s) column of the ads list page, the full name of the game will be displayed in a small title box beside it.

    - Patience and ability to follow instructions. This is an advanced plugin and web interface system that needs to be set up correctly, and it will take you at least a few minutes to do it. It is intended to be used by responsible, experienced gameserver operators who pay attention to their server logs, take the time to "RTFM", and know how to maintain their gameserver and sourcemod configurations. Take your time and read the instructions carefully, so you can do it right the first time!

    It is assumed that you are experienced/comfortable with creating and maintaining MySQL databases, installing web content on a webserver host, etc. These base needs are beyond the scope of my ability to support the plugin. phpMyAdmin is a nice web interface to your MySQL server and the installation instructions assume you are using it. The included .sql file to set up the tables for the database you create can also be used from the mysql command line interface for those who are comfortable with that.

    - Sourcemod 1.1.x or newer
    The web compiler that builds the adsql.smx file for the Get Plugin link at the bottom of the post will build for a 1.1 series, it should work fine on newer sourcemod versions too (tested!) You can also compile the .sp yourself if you are so inclined, no special extensions or includes are needed.

    - MySQL Server available
    You will need to be able to create a MySQL ads database for the plugin. MySQL v5.0.7 or newer is recommended, but it should work with any MySQL version sourcemod itself supports.

    - Web server with PHP 5.x.x or newer installed on it
    PHP version 5.2.3 or newer is recommended, but any 5.x.x release should work. Make sure it has PHP MySQL support also.

    SECTION A - Web Interface

    For EXISTING users of the unapproved sm_adsmysql plugin who are switching to AdsQL:
    1. My best recommendation is that you "start over" with a fresh database and my adsql.sql script, especially if UTF8 support is important to you. You could copy-paste the *AD TEXT* (only) from the old DB into the new web interface, and take full advantage of the updated character set settings set up for tables, columns, etc. in the adsql.sql file included in the distribution .zip file.

    If you ARE going to start over with a fresh database, just follow the "For New Users" section below.

    If you don't want to start a fresh database, then you will at least need to add a new column to the adsmysql table in your existing ads database - the one defined in the "admintools" section of your sourcemod configs/databases.cfg file. This is required for the server ID feature to work with the plugin and the web interface. Back up your database first if you are concerned about it.

    The column/field name you need to add is 'gamesrvid'. It needs to be a text type field, not NULL, with no default value or extra attributes. You can either point/click your way through this or run this SQL query (making sure you have the correct database selected first):

    ALTER TABLE `adsmysql` ADD `gamesrvid` TEXT NOT NULL AFTER `game` ;
    2. Unzip the adsql-(version).zip file and browse into the unpacked web/adsql folder.

    3. If you will be using your own top logo banners, open the style.css.default file and edit the background "fill" color according to the Top Logo Customization section in the FAQ Post, and save the file in the same adsql/ directory as filename style.css. If you are NOT going to make your own top logos right now and just want to use the sample ones, just copy the style.css.default file to style.css.

    4. If you will be using your own top logo banners, copy them into the unpacked adsql/images/ directory as filenames logo02.jpg and logo03.jpg. See the Top Logo Customization section of the FAQ Post for more details. If you are just going to use the sample ones for now, copy logo02.jpg and logo03.jpg from adsql/images-sample/ into adsql/images/.

    5. Referring to your existing include/config.php file from the old adsmysql web interface on the web host, browse to the unpacked web/adsql/include folder and open up config.php.default with a text editor. Edit the values in config.php.default to match what you have in your old config.php, or if you are starting with a fresh database, make sure you set the right info for the new database in config.php.default. However MAKE SURE you do not mess with the lines related to defining HAVE_ADSQL_CONFIG at the top and bottom of the file. When you are satisfied everything is correct, save the config.php.default file into the same unpacked web/adsql/include directory as filename config.php.

    6. Upload the ENTIRE unpacked adsql folder structure with all subfolders to your web host in the desired location. Since the folder name (adsql) is different, your old adsmysql folder will be left completely intact. You can remove it yourself later after step 5 and you realize you will never need it again.

    7. Try out the web interface wherever you put it on your web host, for example http://www.example.com/adsql

    For NEW users of the AdsQL plugin:
    1. Create a new database on your MySQL server, noting the database name, database username and password, and the database hostname.

    2. Unpack the adsql-(version).zip file, and then browse to the unpacked web/adsql/ folder.

    3. If you will be using your own top logo banners, open the style.css.default file and edit the background "fill" color according to the Top Logo Customization section in the FAQ Post, and save the file in the same adsql/ directory as filename style.css. If you are NOT going to make your own top logos right now and just want to use the sample ones, just copy the style.css.default file to filename style.css.

    4. If you will be using your own top logo banners, copy them into the unpacked adsql/images/ directory as filenames logo02.jpg and logo03.jpg. See the Top Logo Customization section of the FAQ Post for more details. If you are just going to use the sample ones for now, copy logo02.jpg and logo03.jpg from adsql/images-sample/ into adsql/images/.

    5. Browse to the unpacked adsql/include/ folder and open the config.php.default file with a text editor.

    6. Edit config.php.default so that the correct database info you noted in #1 above is set in the file, and also set the email and community name you want to use. MAKE SURE you do not mess with the lines related to defining HAVE_ADSQL_CONFIG at the top and bottom of the file. When you are satisfied everything is correct, save the config.php.default file as filename config.php in the same unpacked adsql/include/ directory.

    7. Upload the entire unpacked adsql folder structure to your web host in the directory you want to access the web interface from.

    8. Using phpMyAdmin, log into your database server and choose the database you created in step 1, then click the Import tab up top, and upload the adsql.sql file from the top-level directory of the unpacked zip. It will set up your database tables and columns for you and includes a few sample ads.

    9. Verify the web interface works - in your web browser type in the URL for your website, adding /adsql to the end (or whatever you set up for this web host) - for example: http://www.example.com/adsql. Log in with user Administrator, password Administrator.

    10. Click the User Management link at the bottom, and create yourself a new user account. The username and password both have to be at least 6 characters.

    11. Once you've created your new user account, you'll see it added to the Users Table Contents. Now use the Update User Level field, typing in the username you just created, and change the access level to 9 and click the Update Level button.

    12. Log out as the Administrator user, then verify you can log in with your new level 9 account.

    13. Once you have verified you can log in with your new level 9 account, go back into the User Management page and delete the Administrator account. This is for security reasons.

    14. Check out the Advertisements page!

    SECTION B - Gameserver Configuration

    1. Add the Database Info to Your databases.cfg file
    Users of the old sm_adsmysql plugin should be able to skip this step unless you elected to set up a fresh database

    In your sourcemod base's configs/ directory (usually [gameserver path]/addons/sourcemod/configs), open your databases.cfg file with a text editor and insert a new section before the final closing curly brace (the "}" character) at the bottom of the file:

                    "driver"        "mysql"
                    "host"          "your-db-hostname"
                    "database"      "your-db-name"
                    "user"          "your-db-username"
                    "pass"          "your-db-password"
                    //"timeout"     "0"
                    //"port"        "0"
    Editing each section in the example above starting with your to the correct information for your setup. You MUST name the section admintools -- if you don't, you will get database SQL_TConnect / invalid handle errors. If your database server is NOT the same host this game is running on, you will need to type the correct database server hostname or numeric IP in the "host" line. Also if your MySQL server is not on localhost and especially if it is not running on the default port (3306), you may need to uncomment the port field and type in the correct port number as well. If the MySQL server *IS* the gameserver host you should be able to use "localhost" in the host field and should not have to uncomment the port field.

    2. Upload/copy the adsql.cfg "autoexec" config file into your cfg/sourcemod/ directory
    There is a copy attached separately at the bottom of this post, and also a copy in the distribution .zip's cfg/sourcemod/ directory. If you want to use a different ads display interval than the default (45 seconds) you'll probably want to edit the adsql.cfg file. CVAR's are described in detail below.

    NOTE: This file will *NOT* be automatically created by the plugin if it doesn't exist, so you have to put one there manually (this is on purpose). The two CVAR's I support being defined in this file are adsql_debug and adsql_interval. Define adsql_serverid in this file at your own risk and peril - I won't support it if you have problems.

    3. OPTIONAL: Set the Server ID
    Setting a server ID is not required for the plugin to function. However if a server does not have a server ID defined, it will ONLY load and display ads that are set to run on All game types, or that are ads defined for this server's game type and have 'All' set (by itself) in the server ID field. If you wish to be able to run certain ads only on SOME servers of a game type, but not have to run the ad on ALL servers of that type, you will need to define a server ID on each server that should run these "special" ads.

    Step A: Decide on a unique server ID string to assign for this server which no part (substring) of the ID is a match for the complete server ID of another server. Do not use spaces, commas, or other non-alphanumeric characters in the server ID you choose. KEEP IT SIMPLE, using alphanumeric (letters and numbers) characters ONLY.

    Good examples, given two CS:S servers: css013 and css001

    Bad examples: css1 and css13 (because "css1" is a substring match for "css13")

    Step B: Create a new directory under the sourcemod base directory's configs/ directory named adsql. For most folks this will be addons/sourcemod/configs/adsql. Then you need to create a file in the adsql directory named serverid.txt with a text editor.

    Step C: Inside this file, type the unique server ID you wish this server to use as the FIRST and ONLY uncommented line in the file. The plugin will ONLY read the first line from this file which does not start with // - so you don't want a blank line on top of the line you type your server ID in. You don't have to have any comments in the file at all, just make sure that only one line in the file isn't "commented out", and that this line contains the server ID string you want to use.

    A console message will display as the plugin/server starts up to confirm the Server ID the plugin read from the file.

    NOTE: The serverid.txt file is the ONLY place I will support defining the server ID. See the FAQ Post for more details.

    3. Install the plugin
    Place the adsql.smx file in your sourcemod base directory's plugins/ folder. For most folks this will be addons/sourcemod/plugins/. Then either load the plugin from the server console ("sm plugins load adsql.smx"), change the map, or start/restart the server.

    Console/Server Commands
    Ads are automatically reloaded on every map change. If you want to manually reload them before the next map change, you can use this command to do so in any ways described below.

    sm_reloadads can be typed directly into the server console. Also, if you have the Server CVAR's admin flag ("h" by default), you can run this command via rcon from your game client and it will reload the ads from the database. You should also have a Reload Ads item in the Server Commands section of the admin menu, and assuming you have the / key working as a game chat substitute for "sm_", you should also be able to say /reloadads in-game to reload the ads.

    Plugin CVAR's
    adsql_interval - Time interval between ads displayed, in seconds. This is meant to be set in cfg/sourcemod/adsql.cfg for initial plugin load/start configuration. It could also be set/changed in sourcemod.cfg or elsewhere.

    adsql_debug - Default = 0 (off)
    Enable debug-level logging to sourcemod/server logs. 0=off, 1=on
    You don't want to turn this on unless you are having a problem and more detailed logs are needed.
    This can/should be set in cfg/sourcemod/adsql.cfg, where having it on (set to 1) when you need it should make the plugin load and start in debug mode. You can also change its value at any time (temporarily turn it on or off) which will last at least until the next time the plugin is reloaded or the server is restarted.

    adsql_version - public CVAR which shows the plugin version.
    You should be able to see this in HLSW etc. (although possibly only after a map change)

    adsql_serverid - public CVAR showing the Server ID assigned to this server.
    You should be able to see this in HLSW etc. (although possibly only after a map change)

    adsql_serverid defaults to undefined ("") but at plugin startup, it looks for the configs/adsql/serverid.txt file and if the file is found and a server ID can be read from the file, your server ID will be stored in this CVAR.

    If you change the value of adsql_serverid after plugin startup, the plugin will automatically reload the ads 2 seconds later, since changing the ID will likely change which ads the server should be running.

    Note that if you change adsql_serverid via rcon, console, etc., it will NOT automaticially update the serverid.txt file -- so if you want the serverid change to "stick" after a plugin reload or server restart, you will need to update the serverid.txt file as well. Think of the ability to change the cvar while the server is running as a convenient way to change the ID and reload the ads (based on that new ID) without having to restart the server.

    Also be aware that the last modified timestamp on serverid.txt is checked at each map start - if it doesn't change (ie you don't edit the file to set a new server ID in it and save the file), the plugin keeps the last server ID value set as long as the server runs. If you DO update serverid.txt, the plugin will detect this on the next map change and re-read the file, and the ads loaded will be based on the server ID saved in serverid.txt.

    Using The Web Interface

    Admin Levels
    Level 9 admins are the highest access level and have full access to all features. Level 3 admins can create new ads or edit existing ads. Level 4 admins can change the order ads display using the small green up and down buttons on the right end of each row. Only Level 6 and higher have the access to delete ads.

    Creating Ads
    The Ad Text box lets you type in the text of the ad, and you can specify color tags in curly braces such as {LIGHTGREEN} etc. to use one or more game-supported colors in the ad. Tags you can use like these are listed to the right of the text box. You can also use various server CVAR's by typing the CVAR in all caps and enclosing the CVAR in curly braces -- such as {BOT_QUOTA}, {NEXTMAP}, etc. See the demo web interface for examples and a better look.

    Ad Visibility
    Under the Ad Visibility section you can choose to make the ad viewable by All players (default), admins only, or non-admins only. Anyone who has the "a" admin flag (reserved slot) is considered an admin by the plugin.

    Selecting Which Game(s) an Ad Should Run On
    In the Game Type section at the bottom left of the add/edit screen, click the game type you want the ad to run for. If you want the ad to run on ALL game types, select All Games.

    To select multiple game types, Ctrl-click multiple games in the select box. NEVER select "All Games" in combination with specific games.

    Server ID's - Choosing Which Server(s) an Ad Should Run On
    If you wish an ad to run on ALL servers of the selected game type(s), type All in the Server ID's text input box. This is the default value for new ads. Do not remove "All" from the Server ID's text field unless you are going to replace it with specific Server ID's (see below)

    If you wish the ad to only run on SOME servers of a certain type or types, then instead of typing/leaving All in the Server ID's text input box, you will type the Server ID('s) of the specific servers you want to run this ad instead.

    When setting multiple server ID's, separate multiple ID's with commas using no spaces. This is CRITICAL. Also, DO NOT leave All in this field if you are setting specific server ID's.

    Let's say you have 5 CS:S servers, but you only want three of them to run this ad, and that the server ID's you set on these three servers are css01, iceworld, and gungame1. You would select Counterstrike Source as the Game Type, then in the Server ID's text box, you would type this:

    This post is long enough already.. so the changelog has been moved to The Changelog Post

    Support info has been moved to The Support Post. Make sure you read/follow it before posting any support or feature requests.

    There is also a Known Issues / To-Do List Post and a Troubleshooting, FAQ, and Web Banner Customization Post.

    I hope everyone enjoys this plugin. It has been fun to work on, and it's nice to have one that pretty much works like most of us want it to now.


    PS: There will always be a copy of the latest adsql.sp plugin sourcecode as well as a compiled adsql.smx under the addons/sourcemod/ directory inside the .zip file. I do this on purpose so in the event that the Sourcemod forums are unreachable, as long as you have the .zip there is an .smx available. The .smx in the .zip is currently built on a stock 1.3.6 release. I am also trying to keep a mirror of this on our game community forums so there is somewhere else it can be found.

    PPS: The adsql.sp file is posted separately here for review purposes and for the convenient web-based plugin compiler. The "get plugin" link below will compile for sourcemod 1.1 series and the adsql.smx it produces should work on newer releases as well. If you plan to use this plugin, make sure you grab the .ZIP file -- you'll need it for the web interface.
    Attached Files
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    File Type: zip adsql-v1.7.8.zip (157.2 KB, 2828 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (adsql.sp - 1086 views - 32.7 KB)

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    Thanks I'll give this a try later tonight.
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    This is the Changelog post for the AdsQL Advertisements System plugin/web interface.

    Since I have always hated Changelog files that don't really go into any detail about what was actually changed between versions, and since the first post is basically "long enough" already, I've decided to move the changelog to this post instead. We don't really need screenshots of the web interface since I have a demo site up that people can get a better look at everything with anyway.

    As updates are made to the plugin or web interface, I will update the changelog here (and also in the .zip file on the first post).

    WARNING: Existing AdsQL users need to pay careful attention to this post when upgrading from previous versions. Some releases, most notably 1.7.5 and 1.7.7, make substantial changes and there are USER TO-DO items that will be necessary for upgraders to perform as part of the upgrade process. If you upgrade without performing these USER TO-DO items, well, you're probably going to still see the problems.

    AdsQL Changelog

    v1.7.8 - 02 Apr 2011
    - Updated plugin - BUG FIX - move the SET NAMES 'utf8' query into SetupAds so that UTF8 DB session parameters are set before *EVERY* ads load/reload. Fixes issue discovered by Payalnick where ads requiring proper UTF8 charset support do not display properly after ad reload or map change. Thanks to Payalnick for finding and reporting the issue in enough detail to fix it.
    - No changes to Web UI in 1.7.8

    v1.7.7 - 31 Mar 2011
    Release of 1.7.7. All existing users need to carefully read the changelog since version 1.7.6. A lot has changed and there are some things you are going to need to do.

    v1.7.7b4 - 29 Mar 2011
    - Added {OLIVE} color tag support for "Say"/chat-area type messages. Tested/working on CS:S, TF2, and L4D 1/2. If it doesn't work on the (other) game you are trying to use it on, then the engine that game runs on doesn't support it and there is NOTHING I can do (so don't ask!)

    - Added AutoExecConfig support. On plugin *start*, the plugin will look for (game dir)/cfg/sourcemod/adsql.cfg and execute it if it is found.

    The plugin will *NOT* automatically create an adsql.cfg if it is missing, and will *NOT* auto-execute adsql.cfg on map changes at this time.

    Users *MUST* put an adsql.cfg file in cfg/sourcemod/ themselves if they are going to use this feature. A sample adsql.cfg with default values for the CVAR's I will support being defined in this file is included in the .zip file under cfg/sourcemod/. I will *NOT* support defining adsql_serverid in adsql.cfg. See The FAQ Post for details about defining server ID's in a .cfg file.

    UPDATES: Extensive - Replace entire web interface.
    See the "How To Upgrade My Web Interface" section of The FAQ Post for instructions.

    - (IMPORTANT) Added conditional wrapper at top and bottom of include/config.php, to prevent all the various .php files comprising the webui from trying to "redefine" any of the constant values set in config.php if it was already read previously.

    Existing users of AdsQL need to add a few new lines to their existing config.php because 1) it will make the webserver stop spewing errors about the various constants already being defined and 2) because it seems to speed up the web interface CONSIDERABLY, at least for me. "How to upgrade web interface" docs in FAQ post has been updated with details.

    - All database connections used by the web interface will now set UTF8 session parameters before reading/writing any data. Depending on whether the PHP version and MySQL server version are new enough, the web interface will either use mysql_set_charset (if it can) or use a SET NAMES 'utf8' query if either version is too old to support mysql_set_charset. This has been tested fairly hard and I can't see it having any effect at all on new or existing ads in the database (or their proper display in any of the games we have servers for).

    - Renamed the web/adsql/style.css file to web/adsql/style.css.default in the distribution .zip file, to protect the style.css already present on the web host for existing users who are upgrading their web interface. New users of AdsQL WebUI will need to copy web/adsql/style.css.default to web/adsql/style.css before uploading to their web host, install docs updated to that effect, as well as the "how to upgrade my web interface" section in the FAQ post.

    - Add PHP trim() function to remove any leading and trailing whitespace and other "noise" characters from the server ID input field and the game type listbox when adding or editing ads. Without doing this there will be a LOT of spaces at the end of the field when the gamesrvid input text is written to the database. Not sure this would cause any actual problems, but it does make things look a little weird when the plugin lists the ads it found. Decided to do the same thing with the game type field as well, in case it matters (I have never seen the first problem with it... *shrug*). Both have been pretty well tested with editing existing ads and creating new ones (and then editing those too).

    Due to the possibility that extra whitespace at the end of the Server ID field (and maybe even the Game Types field) in ad database records could cause problems selecting ads based on the server ID values (and possibly even game types), it is strongly recommended that *ALL* existing users of AdsQL use the updated (1.7.7) web interface to edit EACH EXISTING AD. You do not have to actually change anything in the ads -- simply click the Edit (pencil) icon for the ad, then click the Change Advertisement submit button in the bottom right of the ad editor page. This will cause the PHP trim() function fixes in the 1.7.7 WebUI to strip off the extra whitespace from the game types and server ID fields, thus "fixing" these fields to only contain needed data without whitespace, etc. that could affect plugin SELECT's finding the desired ads.

    - Changed display order of ads in ads.php to ascending - this matches the order they are selected and displayed by the plugin. Updated ads_process_data code that is used to swap the SQL record ID to go along with this as well.

    - Delete/Move Up/Move Down existing ads:
    Optimized loop iterations when searching for which ad the user clicked a delete or up/down button for by keeping track of the "low" and "high" SQL record ID numbers per page of ads displayed. This speeds up form submit processing but also ensures we don't miss the ad's SQL ID# in case it happens to be lower/higher than the "count" of ads on the page. So it should also fix any chance there was in previous versions of "missing" an ad a user clicked a delete/move up/move down button for. Everybody be sure to send Gates and Ballmer another bag of Gummi Lighthouses, if IE didn't suck none of this would have been necessary to code around.

    v1.7.7b3 - 16 Mar 2011
    - Changed method of sending "SET NAMES 'utf8';" query to database server to method recommended by Psychonic. It is now performed with an SQL_FastQuery() in the database connector call at plugin startup. Seems to work for me.

    v1.7.7b2 - 16 Mar 2011
    - Added SET NAMES 'utf8' SQL query to plugin code before doing any ads search queries, this sets 3 session parameters with the SQL server that help ensure it uses utf8 when we retrieve ads. Thanks to Psychonic for the help!

    v1.7.7b - 06 Mar 2011
    - Removed timestamp output from "Firing Ad" debug log message - since it is a log message now there will already be a timestamp!

    - Updated plugin source to meet #pragma semicolon 1 code formatting

    16 Mar 2011
    - Replaced adsmysql.sql SQL script (used to set up database tables) with updated script adsql.sql. Necessary for good UTF8 charset support.
    - adsql.sql will alter the database being "set up" to set default charset to UTF8 and charset collation type to utf8_general_ci, as well as set these for other important tables and columns. Since this .sql script is only likely to be used by first-time installers or others starting from scratch it will not affect existing users.

    06 Mar 2011
    - PLUGIN UPDATES! No changes to web interface since 1.7.5
    - Ensure AdsQL logs all messages, not just print to console
    - Added additional debug-mode logging to monitor changes to adsql_interval cvar
    - Added code to ensure ad display timer is correctly replaced (and that only one is set up) when adsql_interval is set to non-default value in a .cfg file
    - Reset "current ad being displayed" counter to 0 anytime ads are set up or reloaded!
    - Added timestamp output to debug mode to show when each ad fires, useful if there are still any timer problems.

    v1.7.5 - 04 Mar 2011
    - Corrected *ALL* HTML (4.01 Transitional) standards compliance problems with the ENTIRE web interface, except one non-standard item which we NEED in order to pre-fill a default value for the Server ID's text input field, or in the case of editing ads, to pre-fill the Server ID's text input field with the current value from the database.
    - The web interface is now compatible with Internet Explorer (from 1.7.3 fixes).
    - THE ENTIRE WEB INTERFACE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. Refer to installation instructions for the web interface on Page 1 (original post) - but note that you will need to replace *ALL* existing files and sub-folders in the adsql/ directory on your web host from the web/adsql folder in the unpacked adsql-v1.7.5.zip file. The existing include/config.php file on your web host will be preserved -- the sample config file in the .zip file has a different filename (and will from now on to protect upgraders).
    - Corrected bug in 1.7.3 web interface that would prevent users with more than 25 ads in the database from deleting or changing the order of ads.
    - Added "Easiest way to upgrade my web interface" section to Troubleshooting/FAQ post
    - No changes to the plugin since 1.7.2

    v1.7.3 - 03 Mar 2011

    - Fixed IE problems with deleting ads and moving them up/down on the main ads page (ads.php). Microsoft needs to get with the program and fix their HTML standards compliance issues regarding image type form submission values. Or just admit to the world that they would rather suck on Gummi Lighthouses than follow standards they didn't dream up.
    - Updated files in web interface (these files need to be replaced):
    - Plugin is unchanged from 1.7.2.

    v1.7.2 - 02 Mar 2011

    - Move the SQL_TConnect call to open database connection back to OnPluginStart. With it in OnMapStart multiple DB connections per plugin instance occurred.
    - Bumped version of web interface about.php to 1.6.1a, the version of last actual changes made.
    - Users of versions 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 need to update their plugin to 1.7.2 to avoid leaving lots of idle/sleeping db connections
    - No changes (except 1.6.1a version bump noted above) in web interface

    v1.7.1 - 28 Feb 2011
    - Make plugin check (by newer last modified timestamp) at each map start for an updated serverid.txt and read the new server ID if file has changed.
    - No changes to web interface since 1.6.1a, only the plugin is updated in 1.7.1.

    v1.7.0 - 26 Feb 2011
    - Fixed the "more than one ad displays at a time" / multiple ad display timers running problem. Tested for correct behavior in L4D2 including first map after a server boot, reloading ads, changing maps, and leaving the server (leaving no players) and then coming back. Also tested all of the above with CS:S as a "control" (where I have not seen the problem).
    - Cleaned up/reworked plugin code to run *ALL* ads searches and reloads through one function.
    - Added adsql_debug cvar. Defaults to 0 (no debug logging). Set to 1 if you want lots of debug logging to help trace code flow.
    - Moved the SQL_TConnect() call that opens the database connection from OnPluginStart to OnMapStart. L4D games hibernate after starting up and will call OnMapStart when they wake up. Other games like CS:S, TF2, etc. will call OnMapStart before we need the database to do anything anyway. No need to open a DB connection until we need it.
    - Added (non-debug) log message to show the server ID being used to search for ads when a server ID is defined.
    - No changes to web interface since 1.6.1a, only the plugin is updated in 1.7.0.

    v1.6.2 - 22 Feb 2011
    - Fixed public cvar adsql_version so it actually shows up in utils such as HLSW. Credit goes to the hlstatsx.sp coders for a code example of how to deal with a2s_rules apparently being broken on Linux. This change seemed to help the adsql_version cvar show up on our (Linux) TF2 and CS:S servers when I couldn't get it to show it before.
    - Made adsql_serverid a public cvar so it can be seen in utils like HLSW. This should be useful for server operators with lots of servers to configure ads for. It *MIGHT* take a map change before the public cvars show up in HLSW, not sure why and I'm not sure HLSW is a good proving ground either.
    - No changes to the web interface in this version from 1.6.1a, only the plugin.
    - Interesting discovery -- On a map change, the plugin apparently DOES NOT reset the server ID! The server ID after the map change was still what I had set it to via rcon in the previous map. This could mean that we don't have to define the server ID in a serverid.txt file, but more testing is needed.

    v1.6.1a - 22 Feb 2011
    - Fixed the Server ID text field being zero'd out on every add or edit. The Server ID text field will be left alone now even if it does get ignored because the Game Type is set to All Games. A side benefit of this is if you choose to edit the ad later to only apply to some game types, you still have the contents of the Server ID's field in case you want them.
    - Users of 1.6.1 and prior only need the fixed ads_process_data.php from the adsql-v1.6.1a.zip file -- replace this file in the adsql/ folder on your web host
    - No changes to plugin in 1.6.1a

    - Users of 1.6.1 and prior will need to edit their ads to ensure the desired Server ID's are set for those ads (either 'All' or specific server ID's)

    22 Feb 2011
    Changed web compiler setting to build for 1.1 sourcemod series (the compiled .smx works fine on my servers running 1.3.6) - this is another way to help make it easier for folks to try/use this plugin
    21 Feb 2011

    - Changed plugin name from sm_adsql to just adsql
    - Changed sm_adsql_interval CVAR to adsql_interval
    - Changed sm_adsql_serverid CVAR to adsql_serverid
    - Changed sm_adsql_version public CVAR to adsql_version
    - Verified that the Advertisements Manager web interface does not support setting server ID strings containing spaces. This could be a lot of work to try to code support for and I'm not sure it is a good use of my time. Keep the server ID definitions simple -- alphanumeric characters with no spaces and definitely no commas -- and everything will work fine.

    v1.6.0 - 20 Feb 2011
    - Original release on Sourcemod forums as a fork from <eVa>Dog/Strontium Dog's original MySQL Advertisements plugin and web interface, which are no longer being maintained/updated.

    Last edited by PharaohsPaw; 04-06-2011 at 20:34. Reason: Make this the Changelog Page
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    Sir Jake
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    Old 02-21-2011 , 01:17   Re: [Many Supported Games] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #4

    Sounds good, a little much to read all in one post. Maybe if I could get my first post deleted and you could use that.

    Can't wait to test this out should make life easy.
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    Old 02-21-2011 , 07:25   Re: [CS:S TF2 L4D + many more] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #5

    Would it be possible to have spaces in the server ID? I only ask because I already have a server ID set for each of my servers, which I use for a couple of other plugins and it would be useful for me to be able to use the same ID for all plugins rather than have to define another for this plugin.

    Great work on this btw, really good to see someone pick this up and rework it
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    Old 02-21-2011 , 08:43   Re: [CS:S TF2 L4D + many more] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #6

    Yep, it IS a lot to read... going to try to pare this down to "just the facts, m'aam" as much as possible. The first post will e getting a lot of editing work to streamline its content.

    Also, heads up to everyone, I'm going to change the plugin name from "sm_adsql" to simply "adsql", and also change the cvars to simplify them. May want to wait til 1.6.1 is posted to use this, should have it done, tested, and posted shortly.

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    Old 02-21-2011 , 08:54   Re: [CS:S TF2 L4D + many more] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #7

    Hi Nomarky,

    The plugin and web interface *MAY* already work fine with spaces in the Server ID. I know the SQL LIKE queries protect the contents of the search string with ' characters for this purpose. Just not sure everything else that uses the server ID field is going to jive with it. I'll try to test it out sometime and see. If it doesn't work as-is it may take a while to code depending what is wrong.

    Besides, if I allow spaces in the server ID string and it doesn't work as-is, it could get tricky to guess accurately why the user is putting spaces in the Server ID's field of the web interface. I really wouldn't want to have to code for each of those possibilities.

    Does whatever else you're using server ID's with already use your adsmysql database?


    Last edited by PharaohsPaw; 02-22-2011 at 07:12.
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    Old 02-21-2011 , 15:45   Re: [CS:S TF2 L4D + many more] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #8

    The web interface won't store the Server ID if there is a space in it.

    I'm not sure it really makes sense to code support for server ID's that have spaces in the string.
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    Old 02-21-2011 , 16:09   Re: [CS:S TF2 L4D + many more] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #9

    1.6.1 posted, changelog at top of original post. Also note, will be removing a lot of the unecessary text from original post, and adding some other necessary text.

    Note all the cvars and the plugin name changed, it's in the changelog. Promise I won't change 'em again.

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    Old 02-21-2011 , 18:35   Re: [CS:S TF2 L4D + many more] AdsQL Server Advertisements System
    Reply With Quote #10

    man you're my new hero. I've been waiting for this so long, especially the different ads for different servers! It's not fun to change ads on 10 servers all the time using ftp

    I'm gonna try this thanks!
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