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[OB] Chat Fixer.

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    Work Around for a Chat bug.
    Old 01-30-2011 , 04:27   [OB] Chat Fixer.
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    Uh, can you elaborate? What is this?
    I'd really not like to, but for you? Ok. The bug is simple, just use the command say (or say_team), or press your favourite say bind, and hold down spacebar until you have 118+ spaces. When this happens, and you press return. Colours will be stripped from chat, and no notification that any other messages have been sent until chat reaches below the 'exploited' line.

    Who cares? I've known about this for ages and haven't done anything about it.
    Welp, shame on you.

    I want Translations, I want different colours! NAO!
    Ugh, this is meant to be temporary until Valve fixes it. Since their main work force is behind keeping clients updated, and secure (lol), it hopefully shouldn't be long.
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    Old 01-31-2011 , 07:35   Re: [OB] Chat Fixer.
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    Hopefully this won't be needed, but better to have it than not. Thanks
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    Old 03-22-2011 , 00:13   Re: [OB] Chat Fixer.
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    Upped version 1.1

    I did something rather silly before. It's fixed now, enjoy :p
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    Old 08-15-2012 , 13:48   Re: [OB] Chat Fixer.
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    Two things I noticed when looking at the code:
    • The documentation in the post mentions 118 spaces, but the source only checks the first 33 characters (0-32).
    • The code treats any multi-byte characters as spaces.

    I was wondering if there was a reason for either of those.
    So long and thanks for all the fish.
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