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[TF2] Spawn Ammo Packs [1.0.0]

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Admin Commands
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    Spawn ammo packs in full, medium and small flavours!
    Old 11-19-2010 , 02:04   [TF2] Spawn Ammo Packs [1.0.0]
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    [TF2] Spawn Ammo Packs
    Version 1.0.0
    Credit to [NATO]Hunter's TF2 Ammopacks for ammopack spawning code

    Allows admins to spawn small, medium or full ammo packs in front of themselves.

    sm_spawnammo < small / medium / full >
    sm_ammopackspawner_version - Plugin Version

    Install Instructions:
    1. Place SpawnAmmopacks.smx into your addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

    Default admin level is BAN, you may want to override to ROOT

    See Also:
    [TF2] Health Pack Spawner

    • -

    Version History:
    • V1.0.0
      • Initial Release
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (SpawnAmmopacks.sp - 2065 views - 4.5 KB)

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    Old 11-19-2010 , 10:24   Re: [TF2] Spawn Ammo Packs [1.0.0]
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    Yay. Now to find the punkin stuff. They ARE just special ammopacks, if I remember what somebody said in IRC correctly...
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    Old 11-19-2010 , 19:51   Re: [TF2] Spawn Ammo Packs [1.0.0]
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    Originally Posted by DarthNinja View Post
    I'll do an ammopack one soon.
    yay thank you!

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    Old 06-08-2013 , 13:13   Re: [TF2] Spawn Ammo Packs [1.0.0]
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    possible add commande sm_spawnammo < small / medium / full > in file adminmenu_custom.txt ?
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