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[TF2] Melee Duels

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Team Fortress 2
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    Allows two players to have a melee duel safe from being interrupted.
    Old 11-16-2010 , 19:29   [TF2] Melee Duels
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    Based off the original Melee Dare plugin here, the goal of this plugin is to allow two players to have a melee duel with each other without being killed by an enemy teammate by way of making them invulnerable from all but their dueling partner.

    As in the melee dare plugin, the conditions for which constitute a melee duel are that both players have their melee weapons out, are looking at each other, and are not spies. During the course of a melee duel, if either party changes away from their melee weapon, the duel is automatically ended for both and the immunity effects are removed.

    Version Log:
    • v1.2.2: Fixed a bug with OnTakeDamage giving something other than a client for attacker
    • v1.2.1: Fixed a bug in servers with a large amount of people.
    • v1.2: Added textures above duelers' heads to indicate who to hit. Added Csay text when a duel starts/ends.
    • v1.1: Added colors.inc to make the messages a bit more noticeable.
    • v1.0: Initial release.

    Todo list (help of any sort is greatly appreciated):
    • Hook damage done to buildings to protect them from dueling persons (possible game-breaker, play testing needed)
    • Disable medics from healing/ubering those in a duel

    • SDKHooks
    • colors.inc
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip meleeduel_materials.zip (35.5 KB, 397 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (meleeduel.sp - 235 views - 14.3 KB)
    File Type: smx meleeduel.smx (12.7 KB, 328 views)

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    Old 11-17-2010 , 02:34   Re: [TF2] Melee Duels
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    arr_playerClass[client] = _:TF2_GetPlayerClass(client);
    and preventing kills from another players really work? O.o
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    Old 11-17-2010 , 07:27   Re: [TF2] Melee Duels
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    Sounds like fun. We will try it out
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    Old 11-17-2010 , 23:04   Re: [TF2] Melee Duels
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    Installed the brand new version just now and will be able to test tomorrow. Nice work!
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    Old 11-19-2010 , 06:58   Re: [TF2] Melee Duels
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    I just installed latest version for testing today. Thanks for the quick bug fixes!
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    Old 01-27-2013 , 13:05   Re: [TF2] Melee Duels
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    Soon as I loaded this half the server dropped, then shortly after my game closed instantly. Then after I unloaded the mod. Still nobody could join the server. I had to delete everything and restart the server to get it to be even functional again.

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    Old 08-12-2015 , 21:11   Re: [TF2] Melee Duels
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    Seems to be working find for me on my TF2 servers.
    However, it would be nice to have a CVAR to enable/disable this plug-in.
    Largely because, I'd like to use the cronjobs plug-in to schedule it to be only enabled at certain times, etc.
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