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[CS:S] Auto Skin v2.0.3 (Updated: 4/14/13)

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Good Little Panda
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Fun Stuff
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Counter-Strike: Source
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    Provides simple functionality for applying skins to players automatically.
    Old 11-14-2010 , 13:32   [CS:S] Auto Skin v2.0.3 (Updated: 4/14/13)
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    • This plugin was originally a paid request by MiracleM4n, who has agreed to its release as there was no alternative to the provided simple functionality.
    • This plugin shouldn't be loaded on the fly; after you load and configure it, you will need to change the map or restart your server.
    • Configure up to six different tiers of skins; 5 groups that can be a flag/override, and 1 group for individuals without access any other group.
    • Skin/Model files that are added to the plugin's configuration file will automatically be per-cached and added to the download table.
    • Auto Skin feature(s) with, defaulting to "!skin, !skins, /skin, /skins". Removing these commands will default to !settings.
    • Users can enable/disable the skin for their appropriate tier, provided the tier's corresponding cvar isn't forcing the skin on the user. Skin changes (turning on / turning off) will be instant, although a cvar is provided to stop this functionality after x seconds.
    • sm_autoskin_enable ~ Enables/disables all features of the plugin.
    • sm_autoskin_bots ~ Default access level for bots. (-1 = Disabled, 0 - 4 = Tiers One through Five)
    • sm_autoskin_default ~ Controls how data is assigned for new players. (0 = Skins start disabled, 1 = Skins start enabled)
    • sm_autoskin_delay ~ Controls how long after a player spawns that their skin is applied.
    • sm_autoskin_commands ~ The commands that can be used to access Auto Skin's menu, separated by \", \", up to 20 commands allowed.
    • sm_autoskin_allowed ~ The number of seconds after the round starts that they're subject to skin changes (be it via sm_autoskin_commands or player_spawn being fired)
    • Note: <level> == "one", "two", "three", "four", "five", "none"
    • sm_autoskin_tier_<level>_flag ~ Flag checked against the client if client does not possess defined override.
    • sm_autoskin_tier_<level>_override ~ Override checked against the client for access to the Tier <level> skin. ("" = Disabled)
    • sm_autoskin_tier_<level>_t ~ Path to player model, access level == sm_autoskin_tier_<level>.
    • sm_autoskin_tier_<level>_ct ~ Path to player model, access level == sm_autoskin_tier_<level>.
    • sm_autoskin_forced_<level> ~ Controls whether or not this tier's skin will be forced upon clients with appropriate access.", FCVAR_NONE, true, 0.0, true, 1.0);
    • MiracleM4n: For allowing the plugin to be released, and paying for the rewrite to begin with.
    • SWAT_88: Used a bit of his code from his download plugin
    • Place sm_autoskin.smx inside of /sourcemod/plugins/
    • Place sm_autoskin.phrases.txt inside of /sourcemod/translations/
    • Configure sm_autoskin.ini and place inside of /sourcemod/configs/
      • To configure, place all files you need downloaded for your skin inside the file, one file per line, similar to the example below.
    Attached Files
    File Type: txt sm_autoskin.phrases.txt (851 Bytes, 3997 views)
    File Type: ini sm_autoskin.ini (18 Bytes, 4416 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_autoskin.sp - 4008 views - 25.8 KB)

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    Good Little Panda
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    Old 11-14-2010 , 13:34   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    example sm_autoskin.ini configuration:
    PHP Code:

    example sm_autoskin.cfg configuration:
    PHP Code:
    //sm_autoskin_tier_one (and two/three/four/five) accept a flag, or multiple flags, for assigning the skin to the player.
    sm_autoskin_tier_one "b"
    sm_autoskin_tier_one_ct "model1, model2, model3"
    sm_autoskin_tier_one_t "model 1"
    sm_autoskin_tier_one_forced "0" 

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    Old 11-15-2010 , 02:06   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    L 11/15/2010 - 07:57:52: [SM] Plugin encountered error 15: Array index is out of bounds
    L 11/15/2010 - 07:57:52: [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "sm_autoskin.smx":
    L 11/15/2010 - 07:57:52: [SM] [0] Line 319, /home/groups/alliedmodders/forums/files/4/1/4/6/7/77308.attach::Void_ProcessModel()
    L 11/15/2010 - 07:57:52: [SM] [1] Line 262, /home/groups/alliedmodders/forums/files/4/1/4/6/7/77308.attach::OnPlayerSpawn()

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    Good Little Panda
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    Old 11-15-2010 , 09:19   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    O.o... That shouldn't be happening >.<, let me do a little debugging.

    v1.0.6 Released ~ Fixed what appears to be a remote case where a players team is not correctly applied. Added sm_autoskin_bots, which allows you to define a tier model for just bots. sm_autoskin_bots 5, for example, will assign all bots to use the sm_autoskin_tier_five model without having to check for appropriate access. Also fixed defaults not being applied properly for models.

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    Old 11-25-2010 , 11:22   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    Properly configure and place sm_autoskin.cfg inside of /cstrike/cfg/sourcemod

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    Old 12-09-2010 , 15:20   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    Hi, your plugin works great. It's exactly what I've been looking for, but I have one tiny request, could you, please, add cvar to control default state of skin (enabled/disabled)? I would like to disable skins by default and admins (or VIPs) should enable them by themselves. That would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS: One more thing, is it possible to save preferences to some sort of text file or database? For example, I'd like to have skins disabled by default, but once somebody enables their skin, it would be turned on until they turn it off again.

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    Old 12-30-2010 , 07:51   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    Cheers panda

    MC & AHNY
    Happy Happy Joy Joy

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    Good Little Panda
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    Old 01-01-2011 , 00:44   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    Sorry, I've been gone for a while. Is this still having problems? (Aside from a cookie issue I"ll be fixing soon)
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    Good Little Panda
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    Old 01-03-2011 , 11:56   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    Version 1.0.7 Released
    • Fixed some bad code using Cookies that may have caused the plugin to not load or save properly data (note: cookies will still only save on map change or something of that nature).
    • Added sm_autoskin_default, which will allow you to determine whether or not clients start with their skin when no preference has been saved (i.e. new player, reset database).
    @Vojtoun, you should be able to accomplish what you want now. Just set sm_autoskin_default to false, and it will save the client's preference should they change their skin setting.
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    Old 01-04-2011 , 07:55   Re: [CS:S] Auto Skin
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    First I could not get this to work but after I installed the updated you released yesterday It does.

    Is there a menu to select which skin tier you want to use.

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