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Objective Proximity Warning

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   EKS (166)
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Old 07-28-2005 , 22:22   Objective Proximity Warning
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This plugin will show a hudmessage to all players when one or more player(s) is close to the objective for a map.

Most cvars are in units, for reference: players are 72 units high.

-ow_vip_dist (default 1000.0) - Distance from VIP to VIP escape zone to start showing the warning.
-ow_hos_dist (default 1000.0) - Distance from CTs to hostages to start showing the warning.
-ow_bomb_dist (default 1000.0) - Distance from the terrorist with the bomb to the bomb site to start showing the warning and the distance between CTs and the planted bomb.
-ow_escape_dist (default 1000.0) - Distance from terrorists to escape zone (es_ maps) to start showing the warning.

-ow_bomb_warnt (default 1; 1|0) - Set whether or not to show the warning when terrorists are approaching the bomb site.
-ow_bomb_warnct (default 1; 1|0) - Set whether or not to show the warning when CTs are approaching the planted bomb.

To disable a warning all together, set the cvar to 0.0.
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wow nice...

VIP.....that was my idea

o well.....

nice job though...
I can no longer help here......school has started... :/ goodbye everybody :'(
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Good idea.

public do_zomg(player,objective)
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